Get herpes from a towel?

Nope, it’s next to impossible that you got it from a towel


Can you get herpes from a towel?  According to the Mayo Clinic, it is all but impossible.

“Because the virus dies quickly outside of the body, it’s nearly impossible to get the infection through contact with toilets, towels or other objects used by an infected person. ”  Besides, soap kills the herpes virus instantly.

The same goes for hot tubs and pools as the chlorine instantly kills the virus.

The experts can not seem to agree that it is impossible.  This is probably because there hasn’t been any cases that can be validated.  Most likely people, usually those in relationships, have tried to blame their HSV on anything but how they actually got it.

Now, should a guy ask another guy to borrow his towel after he gets out of the shower?  Heck no!  It has nothing to do with herpes.  Guys just don’t do that sort of thing.  We would go through a roll of paper towels or use the hand dryer before asking a guy to use his wet towel.

Just use common sense!


The NEW HWerks!

The NEW HWerks

The New and Improved HWerks!


What’s new, you ask?  Everything!  HWerks, has been completely revamped, redone, repainted and has shiny new wheels!  We have upgraded over the years but this is, by far, the biggest renovation we have done!

What did we do?

The inside “Members Area”

The inside “Members area” is all new.  It is must faster, has more features and a better user interface (It’s pretty!).  It is even smartphone friendly.  The groups section also has its own forums.  The biggest change is the activity wall so you can see what is going on!  We also stopped free profiles and went to a low yearly membership vs. a monthly one.  The response has been amazing!

The “Outside”

The outside pages of HWerks also received a much needed facelift!  Since non-members do not have access to the inside, we wanted to focus on information, groups and events for the outside.  The blog will be updated weekly.

This was all made possible by our awesome members!  We hope you like it!