World of HWerks

We just opened a secret Facebook group!  Facebook has become wildly popular for their groups and especially for people with herpes.  There is an entire network of secret herpes Facebook groups already out there with 1000’s of members.  Some focus on support while others are regional, by state and even event related. Just to clarify, […] Read More

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The new look of HWerks

  A New Look and a Bonus!! –  Big things have been happening over here at HWerks!  Today, we updated the “Outside pages” of the site.  After a couple of years, the design was getting kind of tired and a little stale.  The new design is (We think!) more user friendly to the reader who […] Read More

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Social Networking made easy on HWerks

  Whether you join a dating site for people with herpes or one of the huge commercial dating sites, the results can be the same. Either there is nobody in your area or the competition is huge. So, what do you do to get noticed or pass the time until that perfect one joins? This […] Read More

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NationalHClub Has moved to HWerks

  For years, we ran and focused on listing HSV & HPV events and local groups across the country and Canada.  Instead of updating 2 sites, we are condensing!  Now, people only need to go to one place for the event and group information.  Nationalhclub now points to the events section here. The events […] Read More

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The NEW HWerks

  What’s new, you ask?  Everything!  HWerks, has been completely revamped, redone, repainted and has shiny new wheels!  We have upgraded over the years but this is, by far, the biggest renovation we have done! What did we do? The inside “Members Area” The inside “Members area” is all new.  It is must faster, has […] Read More

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