Changing the Herpes Dating Game!


The new look of HWerks

Herpes Dating really did get easier…and cheaper, too!

A New Look and a Bonus!! –  Big things have been happening over here at HWerks! 

Today, we updated the “Outside pages” of the site.  After a couple of years, the design was getting kind of tired and a little stale.  The new design is (We think!) more user friendly to the reader who is here looking for information.  While herpes dating is part of who we are, we also want to be a resource for those looking for answers.  There is a LOT of bad information out on the internet and we would like to steer then in the right direction.  We have already seen a rise in the comment sections on the blogs.

Membership is also up!  Sure, it does slow down a bit in the summer but since the temperature has started to drop we have been picking up.  It is always great to see the new members!

Speaking of membership, we can’t thank our members enough.  They really are the ones who make this place great.  Without them, we would just be website and not the awesome community that we are.

So, with the new look also comes a nice change.  Over the last 7 years, we have seen members come and go…and come back again.  We realized that people sometimes just take a break for various reasons.  It could be that they were in a relationship, busy with work or life just got in the way.  When they return, they realize that their membership expired.  We love our members and don’t want to see that happen anymore!

Today, we are doing something different.  First, we have done away with the yearly membership.  Secondly, we have dropped the lifetime membership to a new LOW price!  See, we want people to be able to pop in and out without them having to worry that their membership will run out.

There is another reason for the membership change…location!  There are a few states out there where one would swear that nobody is having sex.  One of these states is Montana (If you are from Montana, we would love to have you!)  Well, years ago, we offered a monthly membership. At the time, we had a member who lived in Bozman, MT and the choices were limited.  When her membership ran out, she removed her profile.  It wasn’t 2 or 3 weeks later than a gentleman joined from her same town.  They could have been the perfect match!  Had she had a lifetime membership, that wouldn’t have happened.  We don’t want to see that happen again!

If you are reading this and want to join, just head over to the Membership area for more information!

We will be doing more updates over the next several months so stay tuned and keep smiling!



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  • Createss Galore

    October 4, 2015, 11:16 pm

    Glad to see that the site has attentive admins who are updating it. Love the idea of the lifetime membership. I do plan to join soon. Features sound great!

  • Dex

    October 5, 2015, 12:19 pm

    Thanks Createss Galore!

    Yes, we are here and constantly trying to spruce up the place.

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