Google Voice – A great tool for online dating

If you are going to date online, you may want to look at getting Google Voice.  The best part is that it is almost free!  They made me put $10 in my account and it is still there after 2 years. It is free to call from the US and Canada and their rates for international calling are very low.

What is it?  Google Voice (GV) is a free service by Google if you are signed up with their email, Gmail (Also free).  It gives you a phone number that works like any other but better.

You call from that number with your cell phone after downloading the app.  The app also combines your regular cell’s voicemail and gives you a visual voicemail just like the iPhone.  It will then transcribe it and email it to you if you don’t want to listen.

On a regular dating site, people want someone who lives in the same town and anything over 10 minutes away is considered a long distance relationship.  On a herpes dating site, people are more willing to venture out farther than the norm to meet somebody.  This may mean that they will spend more time on the phone.  If you don’t have the same carrier or an unlimited package, this can get expensive.  This is where GV comes in…it is also free to call and receive calls because it uses your cell’s data package.

You can set the screening to only accept calls in your address book, block certain numbers or send certain callers straight to voicemail.  You can even set up a specific voicemail for certain people.

This also protects you from someone, you met online, from blowing up your phone if that first date didn’t go so well.


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