Herpes Dating

Herpes Dating is easy on HWerks

Don’t let herpes hold you back from dating. We can help make it easier and a lot more fun!

Herpes Dating – For many, a herpes diagnosis may seem like the end to their dating life or a huge “Speed bump” at the very least. There are many valid reasons for this and that is why HWerks works for so many!

Dating with herpes may seem difficult for the following reasons:

The fear of rejection – You end up meeting that great guy or girl, everything is going great and then…the anxiety sets in. Eventually, you will have to tell them that you have herpes but when? We refer to this as giving “The Talk.” This is the point where many will simply bow out. They figure they will just be rejected anyway. This fear can be so strong that too many people will just stop dating, altogether. Remember, herpes does not define who you are as a person.

Being judged – We have all heard the herpes jokes or conversations of “So & So has herpes!” Although usually unintentional, these conversations can be cruel. You definitely don’t want to be looked at differently. Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma that comes along with herpes. Once inside of HWerks, you will soon realize that you are not alone. There are 1000’s of members, from all walks of life, who are also in the same boat. Herpes does not discriminate and it is not just a certain “Type” of person who gets infected.

Giving your partner herpes – Although the risk can be greatly reduced, There is no “Safe” time to have sex when one partner has herpes. Because of this, many people with herpes make an effort to only date others who also have herpes.

Having herpes and dating is not all doom and gloom so stay positive! Many people will go on with their lives as usual. Eventually, they will find a partner who accepts them for who they are and herpes will not matter. We have a lot of members who have done this very thing. We like to think that we played a part in this from our very supportive community.

Whatever you decide to do, do not give up! We are not saying that everything will go smoothly and that there won’t be any bumps along the way. It will just take some effort, on your part, and things can definitely go a lot easier.

While we can’t guarantee that you will meet someone and fall in love, we can show you that you are not alone and make you feel better about the possibilities. We have new people joining every day so you never know if that special someone is just waiting for you to show up!



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