Herpes Information Questions and Answers

 Herpes Information Questions and Answers

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information about herpes on the internet

Herpes Information Questions and Answers – A “Herpes” search on the web will pull up all sorts of results. While some of them are helpful and informative, others can be depressing, scary and downright false. Unfortunately, everything you read on the internet is not true.

At HWerks, we try to sift through the information and present the facts. Our members are also quick to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. That is what makes our community the great place that it is! We are not just a “Herpes Dating site.” We genuinely care about the community and our members.

While we do have a Herpes FAQ page and post information in our Blog, many people have specific questions, concerns or even ways to tell a partner about having herpes. We will post information as it comes across the radar on theses pages but the fastest way to get answers is to ask our members.

The top 3 questions that we get asked:

  • “Is there a cure for herpes?” – No, there is not a herpes cure at this time. While several clinical trials are going on to find a cure, none has been successful. There are many websites out there who are selling a “Herpes Cure” and even look official but the fact remains that there is not a cure at this time. Herpes can be treated to lessen the symptoms but the virus is still there.
  • “Can I still spread herpes if I am not having an outbreak?” – Yes, you can. While being on suppressive medication (Like Valtrex) and wearing a condom can greatly reduce your chances of spreading or contracting herpes, it is not 100%. Since herpes is spread via skin-to-skin contact, condoms are usually not effective. We have many members who have contracted herpes and thought that a condom would protect them.
  • “Do I only have to date others with herpes?” – Not at all! There are lots members who went on to marry a partner who did not have herpes. Many will say that we gave them the confidence and helped them along the way. We love this kind of feedback! Of course, rejection does happen and we are here to pick you up if things don’t go so well. On the other hand, many people choose to just date others with herpes and skip the chance of rejection or Giving the Talk. Thankfully, we have lots of great members who want to meet others!

While we are on the subject, we thought that we would mention something about all the “Herpes pictures” floating around the internet. When people are first diagnosed with herpes or tell a partner about their situation, it is a natural reaction to do an internet search. Not only are some of the pictures horrific and shocking, most are very extreme cases and not typical. One of the reasons that herpes is spread so easily is that sometimes the symptoms are so slight that many people don’t even know they have it.

One of the great things about the HWerks Community is that the members are very knowledgeable and have great advice to give because they have been there.

Of course, we will be updating our blog, regularly, when any news becomes available.

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