Membership Only

Members Only

Only upgraded members can access the inside. This is just another layer of privacy for our members!

Membership Only – Privacy is just as important to us as it is our members. This is also the major reason that we only allow members inside. Once upon a time, we used to allow “Free” profiles but we found that they really did not benefit the members. Since then, we have deleted our entire database and started from scratch with members only.

The benefits of a membership only site:

  • Extra layer of privacy – Nobody wants someone just “Popping in” to see who is here.
  • People feel more at ease posting photos.
  • Encourages more site participation.
  • No spam – Spammers cannot get in.
  • More “Real” people – People don’t usually join a site to create a fake profile.
  • Our members prefer it.
  • Lifetime Membership

Through our experience, we feel that there are several reasons why “Free to join” and “Free memberships” do not benefit you or the community.

Why “Free profiles” do not benefit the community:

  • Spam – If there is a way to get into a site, spammers will find it.
  • Fake Profiles – Usually, spammers are forced to create a profile to “Join for free.” The reality is that many sites rely on these “Profiles” to inflate their membership numbers. Those “Profiles” can make up a large percentage of their membership base. We do not feel this is right.
  • Dead profiles – Some people will create a free profile, never upgrade and never return while their profile remains.
  • Anonymous profiles make members uncomfortable.

By no means are we trying to exclude anybody from joining with our membership only policy! We made our membership extremely affordable to join and just want to make sure those who join belong here.

Lifetime Membership – Our membership is a low one-time fee for full access. No monthly fees and nothing more to upgrade. Now you can take your time and look around. There is a lot going on within the site. Not a lot of people in your area, yet? No problem! People join every day so you will not have to worry about your membership expiring!


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