National Event FAQ’s

Going to a National Event or even a local event for the first time can be stressful and leave you full of questions.  Hopefully, we can answer them and make you feel more at ease!


Q.  Why should I go to a National Event?

Events are a great way to meet people and make friends from all over…and they are fun!  Events are held at a hotel and many people go for a mini-vacation.  There are activities planned day and night and usually last 3 days.  You just have to show up!

Q.  Do other people know why we are there?

No.  It is also expected to stay that way.  When booking the rooms, the block will be under something like a “Gardening club” or something else. It is never under anything to do with herpes.  As a matter of fact, the word is rarely mentioned all weekend.  The event provides wristbands so everyone in the group knows why you are there but nobody else will.

Q. Are events one big “Hook up” or a sex party?

LOL, this question probably gets asked the most.  The answer is NO.  While at an event, you are expected to be on your best behavior. Some people that go are at an event are there for the first time.  It is also the first time that they have been around so many people in the same boat as they are.  Of course, people do go to an event to meet others.  Some people use an event as an opportunity to meet the person that they have been talking to online.

Q. How much does an event cost?

This varies by the event.  It is usually between $60-$80  for the event fee plus hotel and flight if you don’t live close.  The event fees are used to pay for a banquet, maybe some lunches, meeting room, activities or a DJ.   Each event is different so visit the website of the event.  You really get a lot for the event fee.  Of course, you are responsible for your hotel and travel costs.

Q. Who organizes these events?

These events are not run by HWerks.  They are run by awesome volunteers!  They put in long hours for months to plan these events.  They do all the organizing and planning to make sure everyone has fun.  If you find yourself at an event, make sure to thank the organizers for all of their hard work!

Q. Can anyone go to an event?

Events are open to all with  herpes (HSV) or Human papillomavirus (HPV).  The minimum age requirement is usually 21 and you do not need to belong to any website.  Some people are in a relationship with a non-H partner, still want to attend to see old friends and want to bring them along.  Exceptions have been made but check with the event organizers just in case.

Q. Is there alcohol?  Will I feel out of place if I do not drink?

You will see alcohol and some activities include going to a bar or restaurant that serves it.  Everyone at an event is an adult and on vacation.  If you don’t drink and are ok being around others drinking then you are all good!  You will still have a great time!

Q. Do people look for roommates to cut down on costs?

Absolutely! Some will sleep 4 or 5 to a room just so they can go!  The event organizers usually keep a list of people looking for roommates or you can post on the inside of HWerks that you are looking for one.  With everything going on, you won’t spend too much time in your room, anyway!

Q. I am nervous! I don’t know anyone there!  Will I feel odd?

We can’t tell you how many people were nervous and scared to go to an event!  They then quickly realized that there is nothing to be nervous about!  Unlike walking into a huge crowd of strangers, you are in the club!  The people are very friendly and will introduce themselves.  Still unsure?  Visit the forums inside and make friends before an event or ask questions!