NationalHClub has moved to HWerks

NationalHClub Has moved to HWerks

NationalHClub has moved!


For years, we ran and focused on listing HSV & HPV events and local groups across the country and Canada.  Instead of updating 2 sites, we are condensing!  Now, people only need to go to one place for the event and group information.  Nationalhclub now points to the events section here.

The events listed here are not the only ones happening!  Besides the larger national ones, local groups have gatherings all the time so check a group in your area.  Many  local events are also posted in the member’s section.  Traveling to a new city?  Look up their group to see what’s happening.  You can also post that you are visiting in the forums inside HWerks.

People visited Chicago all the time and would let the group know.  We usually tried to get a few people together and meet up with them.  That’s a great thing about this community!  Ok, in all fairness, we pretty much looked for any excuse to get out of the house!

If your group is having an event or get-together, let us know!



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