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New York Herpes Dating, HSV Support (HPV, too) – Local Social and Support Groups

New York Herpes Dating and Support

Since 2007, HWerks has been the community site for herpes dating, herpes support and social networking.  It is the members who make this site what it is and they join for many reasons.  Some come for friendship and dating while others come for the support they cannot get anywhere else.  We have a vibrant community made up of people from all over with various backgrounds and their own stories.  We hope to hear yours.  Join HWerks and start meeting people today!

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New York Herpes Groups (Local)

Please Note: These herpes groups (HPV, too) are not run by HWerks. They are run by awesome volunteers! While some groups may focus on support, others may be purely for social and dating. Local groups are just another way to meet people in your area and are a great asset to the community! Not all group members are a member of HWerks and vice versa.  Each group is different so please visit their website for more details. Visit the Local Groups page to learn more about local groups.

New York Quick Facts

Population: 19,849,399
Population Rank: 3rd
State Capital: Albany
Largest Cities: New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Schenectady, Utica
Border States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont
State Size: 27th
Fun Fact: The first American chess tournament was held in New York in 1843.

Group Websites:

Love Profound

From their Website:

This group is for anyone and everyone.
Anyone who has ever struggled with shame. Anyone who is struggling with a diagnosis and wants other human beings to communicate with. Anyone who is looking for peace, freedom and encouragement to be brave and #liveoutloud

I started this group because when I tested positive for herpes I felt absolutely alone. With time I got to a place where I wanted to find these “1 in 6” people.

We’ll chat and snack, and laugh, and maybe cry. We’ll drink wine, and have meaningful conversations. We’ll connect. Love will be present at all times.

Not feeling ready to join the meetup publicly? You are who we’re here for.

Secret Herpes Facebook Groups:

Local Secret Herpes Facebook Groups (HPV, too) are popular among the herpes community.  Acting as its own container, only group members can see within the group.  At HWerks,  we have our own secret Facebook Group for our members. They have access to these groups and many others. Learn more about Secret Herpes Facebook Groups and how they work.

*For privacy, Facebook Group names have been omitted.

Secret New York Facebook Group #1

A regional group for people of  New York.

Secret New York Facebook Group #2

A regional group for people of Long Island, NY.

Secret New York Facebook Group #3

A regional group for the Albany, Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga area.

Secret New York Facebook Group #4

A regional group for the Lake Erie area.

Secret New York Facebook Group #5

A regional group for the New York/ New Jersey area.

Secret New York Facebook Group #6

A regional group for People of Color (POC) in New York.

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Legacy Groups:

While most groups have a secret Facebook Group, some still maintain an internet presence on older mediums, such as Yahoo Groups.  This is usually only for a point of contact.  Feel free to reach out to these groups but your mileage may vary.

New York City Friends

From their Website:

WELCOME TO NYC Friends II. We are a group of volunteers who set up social events in the NYC area for people with “H” and offer each other support and friendship.Please help support the group by attending events – they’re lots of fun and a great way to meet people, plus it boosts everyone’s morale. Introduce yourself to other members or even just say hi to another member, especially one that you don’t know. Initiate a chat session, volunteer to help with events (organizing, special projects), give suggestions, and share and help other members with any questions they might have.

Let’s all work together to make this a fun and interesting board.

Buffalo and Western New York H Friends 437737

From their Website:

Diagnosed/living with oral or Genital Herpes or HPV? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We invite you to join Buffalo Herpes Friends for friendship and support. There IS life after herpes and hpv! Many of us are from Western NY and surrounding areas.

Social event listings (both local and national) are offered along with a link to a very active support group.

Herpes Information New York (HINY)

From their Website:

Welcome to Herpes New York. A place for people with herpes (HSV) and HPV to meet and greet, connect and get support. Make new NYC friends and NY State friends! Get out and have some fun with us! Or stay home and chat with us online. We will keep you up to date on events and support group meetings in and around New York State. If you have questions, answers, information, news to share, or just want to say hello, you are always welcome to join us and post your messages.

Hudson Valley Friends

From their Website:

We are a social group based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State for members of the “HSV” (Herpes Simplex Virus) community.

Our mission is to build a network of friends, in which people can socialize in a fun, comfortable environment.

The activities we plan are for going out, having fun, and making new friends. We do not talk about health or support issues out in public (please keep those topics here in the message board), nor do we identify the nature of the group in any way. We all share the same concerns about discretion. Coming to a social event is just like going out with any other extended group of friends, except here we all share a similar history.

We rely on ordinary members LIKE YOU to volunteer to organize events, such as Hikes, Dinners, Brunches, Happy Hours, Speed-Dating, Camping, Picnics, BBQ’s, Holiday Parties, Ski Trips, Bike Rides, Dancing, Ball Games, Surfing, Movies, Bowling, Billiards, Wine-Tasting, Museum trips, Concerts, Comedy or Theatre trips, and YOU NAME IT! We encourage all members to plan events!

Upstate New York Friends

From their Website:

This is the interactive hub for Upstate NY Friends. We’re glad you’ve found us! Please feel free to open a discussion, tell a story, post an announcement, ask questions on the message boards; use the chat room; post your photos; and upload files of interest to the members.
All social events in our region, as well as updates for USNY Friends, will be posted here, so check back often!
We’re very excited about the coming year – again, welcome!

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