Now Live! Our Secret Herpes Facebook Group

testfbWe just opened a secret Facebook group!  Facebook has become wildly popular for their groups and especially for people with herpes.  There is an entire network of secret herpes Facebook groups already out there with 1000’s of members.  Some focus on support while others are regional, by state and even event related.

Just to clarify, once you are a member it is totally up to you if you want to join our Facebook group.  It was simply created as an option and the same rules of conduct of the site also apply in the group.  If you are still interested, read on!

You may be asking yourself why we would ever open up our own group when we already have an awesome community.  Just off the top of our heads, we came up with the four biggest ones.

Our Members – They asked for it and we delivered!  We really appreciate our members and listen to their wishes.  This gives them another line of communication with other members and access to other secret groups.  Since Facebook is so easily accessible, it is much easier to check your account at work with worrying about the IT guy seeing that you visited HWerks.  Many also prefer Facebook over the forums.  That brings us to our next point…

The Forums – Our forums were once the greatest thing since the twist off bottle top.  In the time that HWerks has been around, there have easily been over 250k posts in our forums.  When Facebook came along, forums everywhere took a hit and not just us.  We have even seen software companies open up groups for support and a place for members to help others.  So, it only seemed logical that we have our own group in the Facebook arena.  Don’t worry about our forums, they still get plenty of action and many people now use both.

Events – This is a big one since local and national events are so popular.  Back in the day, events would throw up a website to promote their event and take signups.  Well, that has slowly been changing and many events are just opting to open a secret Facebook group to advertise.  While a few events still use a website, many more are hidden in secret groups.  Now, our members will have access to these events.  Not familiar with events?  Check out our event page!

Groups – Many moons ago, state and local groups would create a Yahoo group.  This was when Yahoo was still relevant and it worked fine for what it was.  The downside was that you had to have a Yahoo email address to join.  Eventually, these too fell by the wayside in favor of secret Facebook groups.  Just about every state and major city now has a secret group. Our members will have the ability to join these groups.   Local groups are a very important part of the community and we are huge fans of them which brings us to our final point…

Accessibility – While secret Facebook groups are popular and fun, there is a huge downside…How do you access them? Since they are “Secret” they do not show up in searches nor do you know who is in the group.  To get into one, you have to be invited by someone who is currently a member of that group.  For that reason, people have difficulty getting into them or don’t even know they exist.  We have taken care of that problem with our group.  Now, our members have access to the large network of secret groups available.

What, exactly, are “Secret” Facebook groups? Here’s the scoop.  There are 3 types of groups on Facebook:

Open – Anyone can see the group, its members and their posts.

Closed – Anyone can find the group and see the members in that group.  Only members can see the posts.  If you do a search on Facebook for “Herpes groups” you will find several.  These groups are “Closed” groups and are very different than “Secret” groups.

Secret – This is the most private type of group.  Think of it as its own container on Facebook.  Only members can find the group, see the other members and the posts in the group. To answer the most asked question…Can my friends see??  The answer is “No!”  YOU will see activity from the group on YOUR wall but your friends will be none the wiser that you are a member unless they also happen to be one.  For example, if you comment, get tagged or even post a picture in the group, it stays within the group.  Your other friends will not see it, period. Rarely does a group even have the word “Herpes” in their name, anyway.  Fair warning, when joining a group, turn off the notifications of the group.  Otherwise, you will get a ton!

One of the biggest concerns people have about joining a secret Facebook group is privacy.  Your first thought is probably going to be, “OMG!  I don’t want a bunch of strangers looking at MY Facebook page!”  Not only is that a rational reaction but one that we totally understand.  Just by having herpes or HPV, many of us are just used to living online in anonymity to protect our little secret and joining a secret Facebook group will be a huge leap.  Well, most people in the groups feel the exact same way!  Sure, it may be scary at first but after a few minutes, the nerves do settle down.  You know others are there for the same reason you are and they respect their privacy as much as you do yours.  We hope to see you on the inside!

If you are not already a member of HWerks, you now have another reason to join! Not only is our membership a low, one-time fee, you now have access to an entire network of secret Facebook groups and events!

Enjoy your day and live well!



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  • amy

    June 7, 2016, 12:33 pm

    I was a part of Coloradohclub just moved to Westernny looking for meetings or outings. Possibly a secret facebook group thanks.

  • aspring

    July 5, 2016, 4:44 pm

    Hello everyone I a will call myself aspring I just found out that I have contracted herpes Friday July 1st 2016 a day I will never forget now I have to walk around with this terrible secret I really was expecting for the doctor to call me and tell me I was ok and they didn’t find anything but it didn’t turn out that way I cried and called the doctor back telling him know one will want me now and I would never get married I am scared because I don’t know anything about herpes I don’t know anyone with it nor can I let anyone know I have contracted it I feel so lost and scared I found this site and I am hoping to find someone to talk to I am raising my 9yr old grandson I wk two jobs also I am talking care of my mentally challenged son and daughter-n-law I thought I had found a good man at first around a year and a few months ago until I caught him cheating with a youngster women but I was still sleeping with him off and on until he said something one day to make me think about getting checked out and I had just met a real nice gentleman thank God I hadn’t slept with him and I don’t see no way of ever telling him I haven’t answered his calls I just have to move on he is the type that would never understand but it seems like when things get better in my life something always bring me back down and I don’t know why when all I do is work to help others. WHY ME

  • Anonymous

    October 25, 2016, 1:46 pm

    I most likely have herpes :'( I was sexually assaulted and caught that.. I’m scared afraid and feel like my life is over I am 22 I just wanna die. I feel like no one will ever want me I don’t wanna pas this virus on to people I just wanna live a happy normal life and find someone who won’t look at me like I’m disgusting and accept me for who I am.. I get tested tomorrow but they’ve told me that I most likely have them since I have all the symptoms. I feel like if I join this group I’ll feel much better about myself and hope to find someone around my age with the same problem to support each other and hopefully find the one

  • Dex

    October 25, 2016, 2:50 pm

    Hi Anonymous!

    At 22 yrs old, your life is just beginning! Of course, what you are feeling now is completely normal and that is what we are here for. Once you see that average, everyday people like yourself also have herpes you will see that you are definitely not alone.

    Check back and let us know how the test went.


  • Anonymous

    October 26, 2016, 12:32 pm

    Thanks Dex. Im trying to stay positive but it’s hard :'( I get my results in 7-10bussiness days they said I had some sort of infection it had a weird name but they also mentioned that they think I do have herpes that theirs 95% chance I do & a 5% chance I don’t. I have faith and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like for you and anyone else who reads my comments pray for me please 🙁 I know I don’t have my name on this but I’m sure god will know who you guys refer too ..
    but i will let you know what my test results are. I want to join this group but I wanna be sure of my results first.

  • Angi

    June 18, 2017, 2:21 am

    Hi. How can I join the FB page? I’ve had herpes for 24 years. I feel I can offer a lot of support.

  • Dex

    June 18, 2017, 8:24 pm

    Hi Angi!

    You have to be a member to join our secret FB group. It is for the protection of our members. We have been tossing around the idea of opening a private FB group. Subscribe to our blog and we will post it when it goes live.

  • Dex

    December 30, 2017, 1:05 pm

    Hi Samantha!
    You can contact one of the PA groups HERE and it may take a bit for them to respond. Most groups have moved to a secret FB group. We can get you into one close to you and they would have more information. Directions to join our group are on the Home page of our member’s area.

Go ahead and leave a comment! It’s painless and kinda fun!