Use Social Networking to go from a profile to a personality

Social Networking made easy on HWerks

Social Networking made easy on HWerks


Whether you join a dating site for people with herpes or one of the huge commercial dating sites, the results can be the same. Either there is nobody in your area or the competition is huge. So, what do you do to get noticed or pass the time until that perfect one joins? This is where the social networking comes in.

Social networking is basically interacting with other members in various ways and having fun doing it. Look at it this way, Facebook is not a dating site but they are probably up there, in terms of dates, as the big guys are. You have friends, wall posts, games..etc. In other words, you are now a personality instead of just a profile.

How does this help you? In a perfect world, you would go online, click a profile and find that perfect person that lives around the corner from you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Having herpes and/or HPV doesn’t make it any easier. What social networking does is it opens your search radius and that of others. You may catch the eye of that perfect one, who came across your profile, and lives an only hour away. We know this happens and have the marriages to prove it! We have also had quite a few that spanned several states.

So, how do you get in on this whole social networking thing? We make it simple with the forums and chat. What we did not expect was how popular our groups have become. We first noticed that our main forums were slowing down and that had us stumped. We realized this was due to to the groups exploding. Groups are created by members for people that share a similar interest.

Here are some of the more popular groups within HWerks:

Words With HWerksWords with Werks
Anybody else addicted to Words With Friends®? Why not play it with other members on HWerks? Here is a great article about how 2 people got married playing Words With Friends!

What's up with Her?What’s up with HER?
Hey guys, need a woman’s ear? Want some female advice? Be careful what you ask for! Hear opinions from a wide variety of women. Open to men AND women!


Frugal for lifeFrugal for life
We can all save a buck or two and cut costs here and there — especially in this economy. This is a group for those seeking information about stretching a dollar to the max and for the frugal-minded to share tips they’ve learned.

Back Yard GrillingBackyard Grilling
Everybody loves a cookout! Whether you are a novice on the grill or an expert, it doesn’t matter as long as you like to grill! You can learn or share your recipes or techniques to the perfect BBQ!

Don’t worry, there are a lot of different groups that cover everything from gardening to photography.  You are also free to open your own group if none sparks an interest!

So, don’t be shy, jump in and happy networking!


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