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Herpes Support isn't always easy to find. Talking to others who have been there can help tremendously.

Herpes Support - Three Words Can Change Your Life

“You have herpes.”  The minute the medical professional uncomfortably utters those three words, you are pretty much on your own.  They will write you a prescription in silence and may even provide a pamphlet before you are released into the world, alone.  Sure, there are worse things in life than a herpes diagnosis but none come to mind at that moment.  The world, as you know it, is instantly turned upside-down. Grief, regret and panic hit hard and fast.  Your mind is racing as you desperately try to comprehend what just happened. For most, this all happens before reaching the exit doors of the medical office.

Breathe.  I Got This...I Think. OMG...

Once the initial shock of a herpes diagnosis dissipates, reality slowly sets in.  You can’t exactly pick up the phone and tell your friends or post it as your Facebook status. More times than not, the stigma of herpes is worse than actually having the virus. The fear and anxiety set in as you try to ponder what life with herpes will be like.  Who are you going to tell?  Who is going to find out? Will others treat you differently if they found out you have herpes?  These are all very credible concerns and can overwhelm even the toughest of the bunch.  It is times like these where a little support can go a long way.  

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Relax. It Gets So Much Better. We Would Know.

Like your broken heart in high school or that hangover you had in college, the initial shock of a herpes diagnosis will pass. Time has a funny way of repairing the curve balls life throws your way.  All of the fears and scenarios you imagined probably never came to fruition.  The next day, you will still get out of bed get dressed and go about your daily life.  As each day passes, you’ll realize that herpes isn’t the end of the line.  You have so much more to do in life and herpes is not going to get in the way.  You may not believe it right now but it really does get better.  

Not everyone needs herpes support.
Don't let a herpes diagnosis get you down. Sometimes, just a little support is needed to get you where you need to be.

Herpes Support - Yes, We Are Talking To You.

The first steps to getting herpes support is admitting that you actually need herpes support.  You are definitely not alone and you don’t have to do it by yourself.  It doesn’t make you weak, it just means that you are human.  The HWerks community is full of people who all share our unique situation.  Our members range from, “OMG! I just got herpes!!” to those who are living life and are just happy. Either way, you will find a great mixture of people with a wealth of knowledge who can answer any questions you may have and make you feel better than you probably do right now.  Knowing our members, they’ll probably make you laugh, too.

Where Find Support For Herpes

Unless you live near a major city, finding a face-to-face herpes support group can be challenging. Most of the support has moved online and by phone.  The CDC maintains a National STD Hotline and they can be reached at 1-800-227-8922.  You may try contacting a medical professional if there is a physical herpes support group in your area. This brings us to our next topic, herpes groups.

Local Herpes Support Groups By Real People

Local Herpes Support may be found in herpes groups that are run by volunteers throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Most of the time, they are social and activity groups but some do offer some type of herpes support.  Our Local Herpes Groups page lists a large number of groups.  A support group usually has the word “HELP” in their name.  There may or may not be a medical professional available but they are real people living with herpes.   Sometimes, a good listener is all that is needed to get you through the rough part and on the right track.  Almost all herpes groups have a secret Facebook group. Even if they are a social group, support questions are usually welcome.  Yes, people in the community actually want to help.

Herpes Support Groups
Herpes Support can be found in different forms. Join HWerks today and we can show you how.

Get To A Local Or National Event

If you want to meet a really great bunch of people who also share our “Gift” then check out an event.  Local groups usually have a monthly get-together.  There are also National Herpes Events where people fly in from all over to attend.  Events are more of a social setting rather than support but you will definitely see that you are not alone.  Many first-time event goers will tell you that events make a huge impact. For most, this will be the first time they are around so many great people who also have herpes.  People have made lifelong friends from all over the world at national events.  We highly recommend them.

Join US - We Have Helped 1000's

Having somebody to talk to is a good thing but having many people, who know what you are going through, is a GREAT thing!  Time and time again, we often hear “I wish I would have found this place sooner!” from our members. They never imagined that a place like this existed. Having such a supportive and positive experience is definitely easier than trying to cope on your own.

Going from being totally freaked out from a herpes diagnosis to acceptance and being happy is definitely a journey. We can help shorten that trip and probably make you smile along the way!

We Hope to see you on the inside,

-Team Werks

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