Herpes Support

Herpes Support

Getting herpes support can be difficult and a lonely journey. Join others who also know what you are going through!

Herpes Support – Once you hear those 3 words of “You have herpes” from you doctor, you are pretty much on your own. Sure, you may receive a pamphlet explaining what herpes is but where do you go for support? Of course, there are a lot worse things than a herpes diagnosis but you may not be able to think of any at that very moment. The range of emotions can be huge and overwhelming at the same time. Usually, the first thoughts are anger and the thought that you may never date again.

Once past the initial reactions, isolation can set in. Who are you going to talk to? What if people find out? Your “Secret” can build up presser over time and cause anxiety or even depression. That feeling of being alone is quite common.

Just when you are feeling as low as you possibly can, you then search the web for herpes. The sad stories and horrific pictures you may come across will ruin anybody’s day.

This is where a little support can go a long way and why HWerks helps so many. Having somebody to talk to is a good thing but having many people, who know what you are going through, is a GREAT thing!

We have all types of people who range from, “OMG! I just got herpes!!” to those who are comfortable with their life and are just happy people. Either way, you will find a great bunch of people with a wealth of knowledge who can answer any questions you may have.

Time and time again, we often here “I wish I would have found this place sooner!” from our members. They never imagined that a place like this existed. Having such a supportive and positive experience is definitely easier than trying to cope on your own.

Going from being totally freaked out about a herpes diagnosis to being comfortable is definitely a journey. We can help shorten that journey and you will probably have a lot more smiles along the way!



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