I have herpes. Now what?

If you just found out you have herpes, there is probably a whole lot going on inside your head.  The common reactions usually include panic, depression or you are just plain freaking out.  Most of all, there is a lot of uncertainty and questions.  Well, we are here to tell you that it is probably not as bad as you think it is going to be.

The good news is that you are going be just fine.  It may not seem like that right now but you will be in time.  Tomorrow, you will get up, get dressed and go about your day just like any other.  The only thing that will change is that now you have herpes and your life may or may not change at all.  It is all up to you.

The first thing you will need to do is to admit, “I have herpes.”  The ship has sailed, you can’t give it back and this isn’t some horrible dream. The sooner you can do this, the sooner you can move forward.  No, it isn’t easy and many struggle with this but it is necessary to get you back on track.  The worst thing you can do is ignore it, altogether.  Not only do you put others at risk but it will come up sooner or later and you’ll want to be prepared when it does.

Stop looking for a herpes cure. At least for now

One of the first things people do, who are newly diagnosed with herpes, is search the internet for a herpes cure.  Sure, there are a lot of false claims of a cure out there and some even look scientific with great reviews but they just that, false claims.  The fact remains that there is no cure for herpes at the moment.  Over the last few years, we have seen some promising clinical herpes studies for a cure but unfortunately, they just didn’t pan out.  Most likely a herpes vaccination will happen before a cure.  A vaccination would prevent the transmission of the herpes virus but not cure those who already have it.  There is hope, however.  A vaccination was successful in all but eradicating Polio and the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine has shown great success.  Just don’t expect anything soon and definitely don’t wait for a herpes cure to start living your life the way it was supposed to be lived.  Trust us, if or when a cure for herpes happens you’ll know because it will be all over the news.  Tens of millions of others are also waiting for it, too.

Talk to a medical professional

The truth is that most in the medical field are nonchalant when it comes to this sort of thing.  “It’s just herpes” seems to be the typical reaction as they view it as a minor inconvenience compared to what they see daily. Ok, it may be a bit embarrassing at the reception desk when you are asked why you want to see the doctor and you mumble “I have herpes.” Don’t worry, they have heard it before.  In either case, you may need a prescription for antiviral medication.  In the first year, outbreaks tend to occur more often and they can be painful.  The antivirals can help so you may want a prescription just in case.  After a while, the outbreaks usually subside and your body will let know when one is coming.  Many people don’t have any symptoms at all or haven’t had an outbreak in years.

Educate yourself about herpes

Other than a pamphlet and maybe the phone number to the county health department you probably won’t get the answers you are looking for at the doctor’s office.  You will have to educate yourself but be cautious as there is a LOT of misinformation on the web. You may find yourself only reading the information that you want to hear.  Some herpes cure and relief sites are disguised as an informational one.  If you do decide to join our site, Hw Hello, you can get real answers from real people who know a lot about herpes and are more than happy to help.

Make a choice…right now.

Right now, you have a very important choice to make.  Do you want to move forward or let the thought of having herpes consume every part of you?  That choice will determine how long it will take to get back on your feet and return to the previous and happy YOU.  You will move forward, eventually but it is up to you to decide how long that journey is going to take.

Get back to being you

You have herpes but you are NOT herpes and it does not define who you are as a person.  You are a mom, dad, student, best friend or just a great all-around individual.  Whoever you were before herpes, you are still that same person.  Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get back to doing what you are really good at…being YOU.  Sure, you may take some hits along the way but who doesn’t?  What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger, right?  Well, herpes definitely isn’t going to kill you.

Realize that you are not alone

While the exact number is unknown, 1 out of 4 is generally the accepted number of people with herpes.  That is a LOT of people.  Too bad we all don’t get a secret pin or something so we can recognize others with this.  It would make dating life MUCH easier.

Put yourself out there

If you are single and want to date, then go out and date!  You don’t only have to date others with herpes.  Just be sure to inform any potential partner that you do have it.  This isn’t always easy but it is necessary.  Even without an active outbreak, you can still expose them to the virus so you want to give them that choice.  It is a choice that most of us with herpes was not given.  Don’t be that person to put someone else through what you are going through now.

Not ready to disclose quite yet?  Then the internet and social media is your friend!  Sites like HWerks help others with herpes to connect for dating and seek support and advice.  For most people, it is a huge relief just to see that regular people also have herpes.  Sure we charge a small fee but only because we need basic things like electricity and running water to continue doing what we do.

There are, of course, other options that are totally free.  Luckily, social media exists today.  20 years age, it wasn’t so easy for so many.  Today, there are secret Facebook herpes groups out there that are full of great people who also have herpes.  Meetup.com is another great option.  Many of these groups are local with exceptional people in your area.  Secret Facebook groups are harder to get into as you must be invited by a member of that group.  HWerks members have our secret group where we can make that introduction and assist members to get them into a local group in their area.  With a little digging, you should be able to find one on your own.  We just make it a little easier.


If you are reading this then you are already on your way to getting back to the person you love and know the best…YOU.  You are going to be OK and do just fine. If you stumble along the way and you probably will, just get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward…Always forward.  If things get hard, our members would love to meet you, lend an ear and help you get back on your feet.  Who knows?  You might just meet someone who is as awesome as yourself along the way.

Until next time, stay awesome!

Team HWerks

  1. Jay 4 years ago

    Thank you for this article also. It’s hard not to feel shameful.. and the thought of telling anyone I want to date fills me with utter dread.

  2. Author
    Team HWerks 4 years ago

    Hi Jay!

    No reason to feel shameful! You had sex like millions of other people. As far as telling someone, it’s best to do it early.

  3. Logan 4 years ago

    🙁 I have herpes and I don’t know what to do. I’m only 14 and I asked ma dad what they are. he Said that Its when your lips get too cold or hot and it just happens. it happens every year and its really just Terrifying to see all those stuff on the internet that Ill die or something and thank you for telling more about them. they are torture but I am wo I am. thanks

  4. Rachel M Isreal 4 years ago

    Omg I have this

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