Secret Facebook Herpes Groups
There are Secret Facebook Herpes Groups that are local for social and support.

There Are Secret Facebook Herpes Groups (HPV, too!)

Facebook has Herpes. Ok, let us rephrase that.  There are 100’s of Secret Facebook herpes groups that have 1000’s of members. Each group is different and run by different people.  The bulk of these HSV Facebook groups (HPV, too!) are geographical or location based. Some groups focus on activities, such as events or similar interests where location is not a factor. Other groups focus purely on herpes support and helping people who need it.

Facebook herpes groups are run by real people who volunteer their time and effort to support the group.  They almost always have herpes or are very close to someone who does. Groups are run independently of HWerks.   We just make it easier to find and join them.  Most local groups also run a secret FB group so it is a way to meet even more people in our unique situation.

At HWerks, we run two Facebook groups for members and another for non-members.  The more, the merrier!

Before joining any Facebook HSV group, it is important to know the distinction between the three types of groups and how your privacy is affected

Secret Facebook Groups

Secret Facebook Groups have the most privacy of all the available FB groups and the type that most FB herpes groups use. Secret groups only exist to the members of the group.  They are not searchable nor show up anywhere for others to find.  They are not even accessible via direct link.

Secret groups act as their own container within Facebook.  Nothing posted in the group is accessible outside of the group.  In other words, your regular friends will not see any of your activity within the group.  They will not even know you are a member unless they are also.

Access to a secret HSV Facebook group is by referral, only.  A member of the group must add you to the group.  The member must be on your friends list to do this.  Depending on the group, an administrator must approve any new members.  For these reasons, secret Facebook groups are the most difficult to join.

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Closed Facebook Groups

A closed FB group is not as restrictive as a secret group. Like a secret group,  a closed group also acts as its own container within Facebook.  The information and activity within a closed group stay within the group.  The difference lies in accessibility.

In a closed Facebook group, the group is searchable and other FB users are able to join without a referral. Potential members will still need to be approved by an admin or another member. The group’s description, as well as the admins and moderators, are viewable by other Facebook members.

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Public Facebook Groups

As the name implies, public Facebook groups are open to everyone.  Anyone with a FB account can join without approval, view the member list and group posts.  For Facebook herpes groups, the public group option is probably not a good fit for most due to privacy concerns.

How To Gain Access To Secret Facebook Herpes Groups

So, how does one join a secret herpes FB group if they do not know anyone who is currently a member?  There are several ways.

There are many ways to join a secret HSV Facebook group but it may require patience and some diligence.

Contact the group directly

Our Groups page lists all of the herpes groups that we are aware of. Some groups use Meetup or even a Yahoo group that they maintain for contact. It is possible that the Yahoo group has been abandoned while the group still exists so your mileage may vary with them. Several attempts may be necessary.

Join a "Closed" Facebook herpes group

There may be a member of a closed Facebook herpes group that is also a member of the group you are trying to access.  By posting that you are looking for a particular group, someone may be able to get you into that group or direct you to someone who can.  Sign up for our newsletter for access information to our very own closed Facebook HSV Group for non-members.

Join HWerks For Access to Groups

Of course, this is the obvious answer!  HWerks maintains a secret FB herpes group of its own for our members.  People are very comfortable helping others to join groups knowing that they are verified by our membership.  

Facebook Herpes Group etiquette

When joining a Facebook herpes group, it is very important to realize that the members are real people using their real Facebook page.  Due to the nature of the group, a certain etiquette is expected unless otherwise expressed in the group’s description.

Some of the most common expectations are:

Respect the privacy of others

Most members use their real profiles in a Facebook herpes group.  Some groups will not even approve potential members with very few friends or no activity on their profiles.  Discretion and the respect of privacy for others is mandatory.

Be nice

Bullying, being very distracting or just plain annoying are not usually tolerated.

Know the context of the group

Not all groups revolve around dating.  People may seek out groups for a particular reason such as HSV support or event information, for example.  Others are there because they are newly diagnosed and it helps them to know they are not alone. It is important to realize in what capacity the group operates.

No politics

Politics is a very personal expression that is not usually tolerated in the groups.  If you would like to discuss politics, there are several secret FB groups for that, too.

To Do list Before Joining A Herpes Facebook Group

Joining a secret Facebook herpes group for the first time may seem scary at first and rightfully so.  We always recommend joining one of our groups first just to get your feet wet.  Once you are confident, you will be able to venture into the other groups much more easily.

Most groups have a zero tolerance policy and very rarely have issues but incidents have happened.  Before joining any HSV Facebook group, we recommend changing the following security settings in your account.  These changes will just add an extra layer of protection and are a good idea to have in place, anyway…regardless of herpes.

Restrict your posts to friends only

It is never a good idea to make your life public for the world to see.  If you post personal information on Facebook, restrict access to friends only.

Review what you are tagged in

Make sure that approval is required for anything you are tagged in before it is posted on your wall.  You may not want that embarrassing pic of you at a party years ago ending up on your wall when your friend tags you.  Or you just might.  We don’t judge…

Check your friend's list

Change your “Who can see my friend’s list” settings to “Only me.” Mutual friends will still be able to see each other on your list but nobody else.

Of course, these are only suggestions.  Facebook herpes groups are very popular and people are comfortable and really do enjoy them.  This list was not meant to deter anyone from joining one.  Many people are new to Facebook groups in general so we figured we had to at least mention these suggestions.

Until next time, stay awesome…


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