San Francisco Herpes Study

Herpes study needs participants now – The good folks with the Research Unit at the San Francisco Department of Public Health contacted us to get the word out about their upcoming herpes study.  This is a paid study ($50 per visit.).  In this two- year study, the researchers want to learn more about the HSV virus and the impact it has on the ones living with it.  While this study isn’t seeking a herpes cure at the moment, any research is a good thing!  They did promise to keep us updated and we will post those updates as they become available.

The quick info:

When: Now and for the next two months.

Where: San Francisco, Bay Area.

How: Go to their Website and click “Studies for people living with genital herpes” to fill out the form.

Please spread the word to help fill up the spots for this!


Until next time, stay awesome!

-Team HWerks


Official Press Release:


The research study on genital herpes will be taking place in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. We are seeking folks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please go to: 
Once you are on the website look for “Studies for people living with genital herpes”. At the end of the summary, you can fill out a brief form to let us know you’d like to learn if you’d be eligible for the study.

Study Description
Bridge HIV is looking for people living with genital herpes (HSV-2) in the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in an epidemiological study to help better understand the disease. The research study will look at the patterns, causes and effects of HSV-2, such as the frequency and severity of lesions, different symptoms and how long they last, and the impact of the disease on a person’s quality of life. Information from the study may help inform future vaccines against the virus.

Participation will include: 

  • Self-swabbing lesions during a recurrence/outbreak.
  • Giving a blood sample.
  • Downloading a mobile app e-Diary to complete health surveys and a short daily check-in.
  • Being available for routine check-in phone calls every 3 months for 2 years.


You may be eligible if: 

  • You are 18 years or older.
  • Are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed with genital herpes.
  • Have had at least one outbreak of a HSV-2 lesion within the past year.
  • Are HIV negative.

Eligible participants will receive up to $50 per visit for their time and travel.




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