Herpes HSV Vaccine Clinical Trial needs Volunteers,

Herpes HSV Vaccine Clinical Trial needs Volunteers.

Could a cure for Herpes be on its way?  A promising new clinical trial for a HSV2 vaccine  just opened up for human research testing and is looking for volunteers.

  • Genocea Biosciences – Our lead candidate in HSV-2 is GEN-003, a first-in-class, protein subunit, therapeutic T cell vaccine designed to reduce the duration and severity of clinical symptoms associated with moderate-to-severe HSV-2, and to control transmission of the infection. A Phase 1/2a clinical trial is currently underway to evaluate the safety and tolerability of GEN-003. The study will also assess the vaccine’s impact on viral shedding, the process by which the virus can spread between people. Read more about the ongoing clinical trial here.

Their press release goes on to explain it in more detail:

  • Cambridge, MA, August 15, 2012—Genocea Biosciences announced today that it has initiated a Phase 1/2a clinical study with its lead candidate, GEN-003. GEN-003 is an investigational vaccine designed to stimulate T cell and B cell immune responses to potentially reduce the frequency and severity of clinical outbreaks associated with moderate-to-severe Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection.
  • This study is a double-blind, placebo-controlled dose escalation clinical trial enrolling approximately 150 volunteers with moderate-to-severe HSV-2 infection who are otherwise healthy. The study will seek to evaluate the safety and tolerability of GEN-003 and its ability to stimulate the immune system, as well as determine the impact of the vaccine upon viral shedding, which is considered to be a marker of disease recurrence and transmission.
  • Unlike prior investigational vaccines for HSV-2, GEN-003 is designed as a protein subunit vaccine to induce balanced B and T cell immune responses, which may be critical for addressing infections not sufficiently controlled by the B cell, or antibody, arm of the immune system alone. The vaccine is comprised of two proteins, ICP4 and gD2, as well as Matrix M™, a proprietary adjuvant from Isconova AB.
  • There is currently no preventive vaccine or cure for HSV-2, and therapeutic options are limited to daily antiviral medications or suppressive therapy. If approved, GEN-003 would be the first therapeutic vaccine for patients with HSV-2 infection.

We were actually made aware of this by one of our members.  She was doing some investigating and came across this information.  She also found out that one of the testing facilities is close to her in Birmingham, Alabama at the University of Alabama Vaccine Research Unit.  The people doing the research told her that they need more volunteers for the study.  Since it is a double-blind trial, half of the volunteers will receive the vaccine and the other half will receive a placebo.  This is also a paid trial…you get paid for participating.

They are doing testing at the following locations:

University of Alabama Vaccine Research Unit Recruiting
Birmingham, Alabama

Indiana University Infectious Disease Research Recruiting
Indianapolis, Indiana

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Recruiting
Cincinnati, Ohio

Westover Heights Clinic
Portland, Oregon

Center for Clinical Studies – Houston Recruiting
Houston, Texas

Center for Clinical Studies – Clear Lake/Webster Recruiting
Webster, Texas

UW Virology Research Clinic Recruiting
Seattle, Washington

Here is the LINK to all the locations and contact information.  We imagine that they will keep the link up until all the volunteer positions are full.

Now, before you get your hopes up, just know that there have been other attempts at a vaccine or cure for herpes and they have not been successful.  It is nice to know that there are companies still trying.  To date, there is not a cure for herpes.  That being said, don’t wait for a cure.  Go out and live life the way it should be lived!


 ***Update: Genocea Biosciences raises $30 million for research

  1. Bobbie 12 years ago

    We all need a cure! God speed

  2. Emily 12 years ago

    Seriously I hope this works. My life would be wonderful if only I could feel just a little more confident about myself knowing I am not carrying something that can harm the ones I love.

  3. Robin 12 years ago

    I would definantly feel relieved and feel like I can life normally again if a cure is on its way. I’m so depressed and cannot cope with the idea of having a life long disease when I am only 19. PLEASE BE THE CURE!

  4. Brad 12 years ago

    They will make BILLIONS upon BILLIONS if this works. Now is a great time to buy stock.

  5. Tiffa 12 years ago

    Come on guys! Yes it would be great if a cure was found but until then you just have to accept it and deal with it. You have herpes, and guess what… So do 6 in 10 other people. It is very easy to catch, infact many people you know may have it.

    I was diagnosed with Herpes today, but I refuse to let it affect my life. Yes I will have to be super careful in the future, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
    Use this time to change your lifestyle for the better. Take more care of your body by eating correctly and taking supplements to keep flare ups at bay.

    Once you understand the disease and how it effects YOUR body as an individual, you can relax self soothe and wait for the lumps and bumps to disappear.

    Herpes is a disease which is affected by stress and anxiety. So learn to accept and love yourself no matter how bad it gets. If someone doesn’t like you because you have Herpes then they are not the right person for you because a real person who loves you will accept you in sickness AND in health.

    Enjoy your life, and carry on as normal. Having Herpes really isn’t the end if the world. x

  6. RP 12 years ago

    Recently diagnosed. Even though its not the end of the world it is the end of me being so reckless. Really hope that’s all I picked up from that girl. The worst part of this disease is the stigma you put on yourself. Sense they figured out a cure for HPV they can do the same for HSV. Keep your head up and smile life is beautiful.

  7. Eveline 12 years ago

    I certainly don’t know how I caught herpes. I feel like my world is coming to an end. I’m beautiful and smart but all men turn away when I tell them I have herpes. A guy I was just dating said to me that if he gets herpes from me, he can lose his license which I know is a lie and still haven’t told him I have herpes. I’m so scared and about to lose my mind. Please help!!!

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Eveline, you just haven’t met the right guy yet! Many people with herpes go on to date, get married and live normal lives. Herpes is not a death sentence. There are plenty of people in worse conditions that would love to switch places with you. Hopefully, you will find somebody that accepts you for you. Just never give up, they are out there and you are definitely not alone!

  8. mike 12 years ago

    I have had herpes for 4 years now and I still feel like a zombie or a vampire or Somthing I feel like a freak and people say that people with herpes can still go on to live normal and happy lives yes we can only if we find other people with herpes at least that’s how I am I don’t have the heart to date a girl that dosnt have herpes even if she’s ok with it I couldn’t do noone deserves this and I feel its taking a lot out of my life.

  9. Ryan 12 years ago

    I understand how everyone on here feels, I got hsv2 3years ago and I still haven’t been able to have a so called normal life. I’m scared all the time and I can’t wait for this cure to work.

  10. Jabba 12 years ago

    Been living with HSV2 for 5 years now. I’ll be the first to admit, you’re going to have good days and you’re going to have bad days…take multi-vitamins to keep your immune system up so the flare-ups are reduced…see your Dr. to get a medication like Valtrex/Aclovir and take it every day…you may be one of the lucky ones that it actually works for.

    For me, stress is the biggest trigger of an outbreak. Doesn’t matter if I’m on Valtrex or not, if I get stressed out, I WILL have an outbreak. Try to remove people, places and things from your life that stress you out and you will see your outbreaks diminish. And cross your fingers that this “cure” actually just that…or at least leads to the cure. Oh, what a day that will be when it IS discovered. I’d give up everything I have to be Herpes free/immune.

  11. Dan 12 years ago

    Great to read the comments on here, I find most ‘official’ advice well meaning but vacuous – a bit of truth doesn’t hurt now and then.. Also, bring on the cure! And lol Brad, you’re welcome to the billions

  12. Merc 12 years ago

    I hope this “cure” works. It’s not fair to anyone to get infected by people who are too embarrassed to be honest. A cure would be worth anything to me or a time machine so I could not get involved with him in the first place.

  13. AyeJay 12 years ago

    I was just recently diagnosed with hsv-2 and I wish the doctor had put a bullet in my head that night. And then the doctor came back to tell me I was pregnant. It’s almost impossible not to stress and live a happy life when you plagued with the thought of yourself being disease-ridden for the rest of your life. Not to mention the constant worry if your gonna pass it to your unborn and stressing about miscarriage . I try my best to keep my head up , but it’s hard. If this leads to a cure I’d give everything I have to be virus free.

  14. Clev 12 years ago

    The way I see it, this disease is a double-edged sword, yeah to some you’re just a nasty person who messed up big time, but that just makes it easier and less stressful on you to weed out who’s not worth your time-realizing what you have to put up with.. And to those who have the most frequent ob’s, you got my respect. Everyday.
    Bless the ones who have the ability to research and at least attempt to hold a hope/next move for us who’ve acquired this painful and yet, positively life-changing disease.

  15. Kv25 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed about 6 months ago. I have just started dating someone wonderful and had “the talk” last night. I have never felt more like a piece of trash in my life, eventhough the new guy never made me feel that way. I’m trying to figure out the fairness in having to lead a relationship off with the HSV talk, when the coward who gave it to me could not give me the same courtesy. I’d give all my money and possessions for a cure. Prayers that this works!

  16. Wes 12 years ago

    My name is Wes and I’ve had herpes for 6 years.. While it
    Is hard to deal with and tell people that you care about that
    You have it it’s not the end of the world I’ve been in relationships
    Where it wasn’t an issue and I’ve been told “we’re done here” after
    I said what I have.. But you have to keep your head up and find that
    Person who cares about you regardless of your condition..

  17. Onix 12 years ago

    can someone volunteer even if he or she is not from the United STATES??

  18. Onix 12 years ago

    just been diagnosed with herpes 3hours ago..and gussshhhhhh its killing me….i dont know what to do ryt know…seems like it will be the end of my life,,,can i participate on the research and get paid???i would risk my life ,,i would go for it just to find cure with this kind of problem…..pleaassssssssseee any1………….???????

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Genocea is still looking for volunteers. Just check the locations and see if there is a place near you. It it does get better!

      The clinical trial is a 59 week study so you would have to live in the US. It also looks like they are only doing testing in the US at the moment. As soon as we hear anything, we will post it!

  19. Auja 12 years ago

    I hope everyone realizes that HSV isn’t as bad as people want you to think it is. Money is being made by you feeling depressed, so there’s a medicine for that. Money is being made by you having this disease for life and treating it instead of curing it. Money is being made by having a website for people with HSV to date. Unfortunately, we live in this kind of world but this life is temporary. There is NO such thing as normal. If you want to get married, then GET MARRIED! You don’t have to find people that already have the disease. Stop feeling secluded. Other people have much worse things that you can catch or have to deal with but I guarantee you that they aren’t limiting themselves to others with the same conditions. EVERYONE has something wrong with them. You can still have healthy children, just protect and educate yourself and others. This life is temporary. Don’t stress, stay out of direct sunlight. I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL BE FINE!!! Everyone take care!

  20. Auja 12 years ago

    Not to mention, viruses are everywhere. I have a common cold right now that I got because my brother didn’t cover his mouth in the car while he was sick. So I have another virus. Viruses don’t ever go away. If you’ve ever had a cold or the flu, then you’re not new to viruses. HSV is slightly different because of the stigma. Sex sells and if you have a sexually disease, then (supposedly) things are all bad. Everything happens for a reason. I caught it from my ex and he left me. I could’ve lived my life with a heartless person if this situation hadn’t ever occured. Now I ‘m with someone who doesn’t have it and accepts me. Even if I wasn’t dating, I would be okay because my belief in God. I just pray that everyone is okay and knows that this is most definitely something not kill themselves over or be depressed about.

  21. Lisa 12 years ago

    Hey .. So I have Had herpes for about 1.5 years now and it’s ruining my life or so I’m just thinking its ruining my life. I would do absolutely anything to be cured from this. It breaks my heart everyday knowing that I have it and there in no cure at the moment. It also sucks that I can even tell anyone because people will judge me; ESP my closest friends. You think u can tell your parents everything .. Without them making rude comments back .. But instead I hear comments like ” I better not catch anything from u drinking outta my cup” .. You can only be strong for so long .. The only friend i could tell was my best friend .. and she doesnt judge me … hasnt so far … Some days I feel like ending everything .. Please find a cure. I would do anything .. Thanks

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Lisa!
      This is why HWerks was created! When some people find out they have herpes, they start to feel alone with this huge secret that they cannot tell anybody. Also, try to go to an event. It is nice to be around others in the same boat.

  22. Oneal 12 years ago

    Please find a cure !

  23. Not perfect 12 years ago

    Wish md had a test center hope this is the cure only 20 still trying to deal after 4 months some days get easy others, are tuff just luck to have my husband there

  24. God is Good! 12 years ago

    I have had this going on 8 yrs now and been married with 2 kids. I had that one outbreak that I thought was going to ruin my life. To add to my husband of 6 years and my 2 kids are free from Herpes. So when I say God is Good He is and all the time! You have too look at life this way: It could of been and should be AIDS. But He seen different and said let me just get there attention …I’m still here, too blessed to be stressed!

  25. camesha 12 years ago

    Yesterday, I was told by the doctor that i have herpes. It really took a toll on me because I’m only 20 years but you have to be strong. Just have faith I’m glad that it wasn’t hiv I feel sick can’t eat but my family is here keep yall head up.

  26. hoping 12 years ago

    Is this really happening or is it just spam? And is it a cure or does it just make symptoms less active.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Hoping!
      Yes, this clinical trial is going on now and has some major funding. It is a long process, though. They hope, at the very least, to lesson the symptoms but hope to stop them and the spread. We are getting feedback from people that are participating in the study and things are going well. Again, this will probably take several years to get to market.

  27. hoping 12 years ago

    It can take as long as it needs just need it to work and like I don’t mind the symtoms all that much I made the mistake I don’t really mind suffering physically I really just hope this vacine can stop the spread I can’t imagine having to tell someone I gave you herpes and if you can be so kind can you let me know what the positive feed back is like how its reacting to people and how the virus is reacting to the vacine

    • Dex 12 years ago

      We have not received any negative feedback. This could also be due to the fact that half of the people receive a placebo. Right now, they continue to swab certain areas in the genital area and submit them to the testers.

  28. Mimi 12 years ago

    I have to admit, I felt very “dirty” when I first found out I had genital herpes, worst of all I could’t pin point who because I generally always wore condoms (except for my last and current boyfriend.) Needless to say, after I found out, I made him get tested and come to find out he had it to. We are both in a monogamous relationship, so if anything both of us being diagnosed was a HUGE support system for me. It sounds weird, but it feels good to not feel ashamed and have someone to talk to when I’m going through an outbreak (which I end up having more frequently than him). I’ve learned how to control it better also. I don’t take Valtrex everyday, BUT I’ve learned to understand when my body is giving subtle hints/symptoms that I’m about to start an outbreak or if I’m very stressed, I’ll start taking the meds to catch it before it gets worse.

    All in all, it’s not the end of the world. I just keep thinking if myself or my boyfriend could catch it, anyone can! The biggest difference is WE just deal with symptoms. A lot of people are unaware and will not think to get a blood test to find out!

    This has made me more sexually responsible. Even if my boyfriend and I were to break up, I HAVE to be more responsible now and upfront about the person I’m having sex with. It was definitely a wake up call!!

  29. Mike 12 years ago

    I’ve been told I had it when I had my first outbreak. It pisses me of because no one knows how it feels unless it actually has happened to them. To live the rest of your days knowing you cant enjoy sex with the right person because more then Likely once you have the talk with them it could end. Thank God I have no kids and such right now but it makes me feel alone in all this. I have some friends who are supportive but they dont truly know how it feels. I would love to volunteer if they had a place to go to in central florida where I live. I’m just trying to live the rest of my life out and thats already hard with going to college and looking for stable work. I cant bare the though of having to tell a girl if we start to date that I cant have sex for fear of passing it on to her. Looks as if I’ll be alone for the rest of my days. I would pray and hope that a cure to get rid of herpes for good would come sooner rather then later. I cant even find a site to meet potential partners who already have the illness without having to pay something which is bullshit. God bless one and all and lets hope a cure is found soon.

  30. jaye 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with hsv-2 about 5 years ago, i agree with alot of folks comments and would like to say your not alone stay strong. God Bless

  31. Pinay 12 years ago

    Hello…i just knew that i had “H” last week. Gosh! it seems that it was the end of the world… i cant sleep, it really ruined my life…no one knows that i got it bcoz i dont want to lose my closest friends & i dont want them to hate me and judge me…Im 18 turning 19 next month.I cant believe that i will get this disease…Well, i got a bf last year from Cleveland,Ohio.I just realized that he gave me this sickness… That time i was so innocent.Im always in the bad mood.. i dont know what to do,.i need an advice! i cannot even tell this to my parent, they are so strict and for sure they will throw me out.. huhu, it so hard to live with this illness.. For me, im losing hope.I dont wanna see my BF anymore since i was diagnosed… hope there is a cure . God is Good!

  32. joy 12 years ago

    It has been a little over a year that I was diagnosed. I can relate to everyone’s comments. I had been living a life of celibacy for over 10 years. I was wined and dined and gave in to the advances. When, I first started having symptoms I just knew something was wrong and went to the doctor and she was able to see the outbreak. I have been depressed and suicidal. I think about the guy that affected daily. I’m trying to forgive him for what he has done. It is so hard. I’m praying that I can. The thing that bothers me the most is my age. I’m over sixty.

  33. Jeffrey 12 years ago

    i was just Diagnosed, an i hope that they do find a cure. I know that they’re other people with worse but knowing that i have this makes it hard to be happy.

  34. Rick 12 years ago

    If this miracle works, will it be just available in the U.S or will it go international?

    • Dex 12 years ago

      It will go world wide, I am sure. Like I have been saying, don’t wait for a cure.

  35. dedx 12 years ago

    Please test in the Philadelphia area!! And to everyone who is depressed there is hope I have had this for 5 years my boyfriend of 3 years a accepted that there was a chance he may catch it but so far so good! I just wish I could wear my bathing suit comfortably again I miss the backless shirts 🙁 one day I wont be covered in bumps till then its something I must live with because I made the wrong choices as a teenager. I’m just really sorry for anyone I infected.

  36. bdmd 12 years ago

    No es justo que este infectada por alguien que no fue honesto. No soy de las que se acuesta la primera noche con alguien me tomo mi tiempo para conoser a la persona y pense que abiha encontrado el amor de nuevo. Despues de estar casada por 11 anos y tener dos hijos adorables no entiendo por que me paso esto a mi no es justo.
    Desde que me diagnosticaron no puedo ser feliz me siento que ya no quiero estar en este mundo que mi vida ya no sirbe estoy muy deprimida y siento odio con migo misma por estupida. Hojala que encuentren una cura aunque lo dudo se que estoy muy negativa pero no acepto esto y solo quiero desaparecer. Que ago con mi vida si ya no sirbo como mujer?

  37. Shell 12 years ago

    I got diagnosed with the virus about 9 months ago now, I got it from a guy who didn’t tell me anything about it. I was devastated I was 18 years old. At first I didn’t think I would ever get with a guy again, the idea of having to tell a partner or a partner catching it from me just ruined me! I find it hard to look at myself the same now, but it is what it is. I know this now and am just looking forward to meeting that the one who I know who I can trust but I won’t be messing about in the mean time. It’s really helped me looking at all these comment from all you people in the same boat. please people dont get so down over this that you stop living, there is more to life, everyone gets sick in one way or another. If a cure is found there will be more of us all over the world who reap the benefits than any of us even no. Bring on the cure I believe it’s close 🙂 god bless you all!!

  38. Kellie 12 years ago

    I’m 22 and I was diagnosed with HSV-2 when I was 20. I can so relate to all the comments here, I thought that was the end of my sex life and was really down about it. It does get easier to live with but it’s always in the back of my mind when I start seeing someone, like “don’t get your hopes up, they could run a mile when you tell them.” I’ve told about 4 guys so far and only one of them seemed to mind, but he came back later when he had obviously researched it a bit. The hardest part is having to have “the talk”, but afterwards, it’s such a weight off your shoulders. As much as I would love to be H-free, it kind of has helped weed out the jerks, as I now wait longer and get to know someone better (not that I just jumped into bed with them before I had HSV-2) but it has stopped me sleeping with at least a couple people I may have regretted. Anyway, like someone said earlier, you have good days and you have bad days, but you have to learn to accept it yourself, cause if you don’t, how will the person you start dating?! Always helps to read these things and not feel so alone 🙂

  39. Less 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed at 16 the one and only guy I’ve been with passed this to me and I still haven’t confronted him about it I sometimes wonder how someone can know and not say anything I don’t hate him at all for some reason I have no anger towards him. Yes it is very hard being so young and having this but the way I look at this everything happens for a reason I try not to think about it but its nearly impossible every time someone flirts with me I just wish they wouldn’t. Two of my friends know and they don’t see me differently at all but whenever I talk about how cute a guy is they just kinda look at me weird they don’t realize that I notice but I just let it go. As of now there’s nothing I can do about it a cure would mean so much to me hopefully the end is near god bless

  40. Kris 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed almost two years ago. I was depressed, wanted to kill myself and then fixated on the thought, “well if I have herpes I must have HIV.” Proceeded to get tested all the time and doubting the negative HIV tests because of my herpes diagnosis. I was turned away by a guy I liked a lot and who liked me until I told him my diagnosis. He said condoms aren’t conducive to his lifestyle. Karma got him in the end, had sex with a girl cheating on her boyfriend and got her pregnant. Herpes may (hopefully not soon) last a life time but a child is for 18 years but 100x more expensive.

    After being hurt, I thought I would only be able to be with someone who had herpes as well. Went on std dating sites. Found it to be therapeutic to actually talk to others who had it. It made me realize I wasn’t alone. It is so common. I don’t deserve to limit myself in the dating pool just because of a mistake I may have made two years ago.

    It is possible to live a normal and unashamed life living with herpes. The last five guys I have gone on a date with I have told (before meeting) and they accepted it. Things didn’t work out for other reasons. A cure would be nice for my comfort so I wouldn’t have to deal with outbreaks but its not necessary. I love myself. The man I find and marry will love me for everything, my curves and my herp!

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Awesome attitude, Kris! You are absolutely right. We see new members every day that feel relieved when they see they are not alone. It really does help to chat with others who also have herpes. Hopefully, some will feel better after reading these excellent replies!

  41. Cam 12 years ago

    We require a cure for everything, lets hope this works because I see symptoms on myself but not too sure as my blood tests have always come back negative, as I feel more aware to be extra careful in the future not to rush into certain situations, bless everyone with love and light;/

  42. Vicky 12 years ago

    I live with this everyday. My thoughts are are about me and now I have to use protection but I don’t tell the person I have sex with I use protection. I then stress what if I gave it to them then I am scared for my life.

  43. Marcus 12 years ago

    My two boys are only 2 and 8 years old. I don’t want them to carry this for the rest of their life. They are just too young to have it. Just because of me and they have to suffer. My heart hurts every time my youngest complain the pain in his mouth. Please speed up the cure.

  44. Maria 12 years ago

    I feel everyone who commented on this post. Ive been living with HSV for 2 years now. When I was first diagnosed I was devastated, crying uncontrollably. I had just started dating someone new and the thought of telling him I was recently diagnosed with HSV was beyond embarrassing.The thing is he accepted me for me. He was already infatuated and interested in learning more about me. To him it was a hiccup not a death sentence. I also contacted guys I had recently dated prior and let them know. It was one of the hardest things Ive ever had to do in my life but again they thanked me for my honesty and were supportive. Me and my boyfriend were together for two years and have recently broken up for other reasons. What has always bothered me more than anything is giving my condition to someone else. When you care about welfare of other people outside yourself it becomes a real burden. In my relationship I stressed about that quite a bit. My ex use to comfort me saying if he wasnt worried about I shouldnt be either. I dont want to feel scared to date someone new and I dont want to stay with someone simply because they accept me as well as also share my condition. The thought of dating anew if my ex and I dont get back together has me thrown a little because of the stigma and the ignorant jokes people make in real life and in the media from lack of education. It not only makes me sad at times but angry. What has helped me is staying prayerful and maintaining a healthy low stress lifestyle. Im hopeful that Ill meet other people like my ex. I know its not the end of the world and as long as I stay positive, healthy, confident and spiritual I can have a healthy normal life with a family Ive always wanted and deserve. Im glad these trials are getting such great response. I wish there was a testing center in Michigan. Ill be praying their success ultimately results in a cure. I would certainly volunteer if the Ohio site were closer. Are there any more testing sites being added in the US, specifically the Midwest?

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Maria!

      The testing sites listed are the only ones that we know of so far. Since you are in Michigan, Check out the Motor City Friends group. They are having a huge party next month near Detroit. They are a great bunch and very nice people.

  45. amit bokadia 12 years ago

    Pls make a cure guys

  46. Chris 12 years ago

    How many more testing stages follow in a clinical trial after this one? When can we expect a cure? How expensive would this treatment once approved for use?

  47. Nikki 12 years ago

    Hi my name is Nikki, I haven’t been diagnosed but I feel like I may have HSV, well I’m a sophomore in college and I met this guy , and I instantly fell in love with him I have been talking to him for over a year now, early this year he told me he had HSV-2, and I was frozen , I was in a trance.. Now I’m hurt because I feel like I let love ruin my life basically, Monday I set a Dr. Appointment to be sure. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I am positive maybe I deserved this disease and maybe I just need to love myself more. But there are a lot of people who have this disease I found out recently a friend of mines have it. But I do have faith in the lord and I believe he has a reason behind everything he does, keep your heads up and pray love of and for the most high is unconditional.

  48. Leola Lewis 12 years ago

    I would like to take place in the clinical trial. I currently live two hours from Birmingham,Al. It warms my heart to know someone is trying to find a cure. I feel like I’m living in constant fear of infecting my love ones. My life has been one big secret. It keeps me from avoiding sex with my husband and showing affections to others. Please help me!! Lord I pray that the cure works.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Leola!
      They are desperately still looking for volunteers! One volunteer lives an hour away and bought a car fridge to keep her samples cold. They are swabs, actually. If you call, please be kind to the people that answer the phone. They have been getting a lot of hangups from people asking, “Is this a cure?” They can’t, at this point, label it as a “Cure.” It is referred to as a “Therapeutic vaccination.” We will post another blog about this next week. The bottom line is that they still badly need volunteers.

  49. Henry 12 years ago

    Where do I sign up? This is destroying any opportunity of finding someone that I can have a life with.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Henry!
      Just click the link in the blog post for the locations. Also, check out the membership area of HWerks. There are lots of people with herpes that are also looking to date!

  50. Jane 12 years ago

    I have had this for two years now and it is so uncomfortable. I work in an environment where I am around a large quantity of people. It is so embarrassing and I wish I lived in the US so I could go for clinical trials. Any idea if they will be doing any in the UK?
    Alone and desperate 🙁

  51. Chris 12 years ago

    Where do I sign up?!

  52. Chell 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with HSV2 on Halloween of this year and I hate every last second of it. I received my first outbreak this week and it sucks! The guy who gave it to me won’t even respond to me so I sent him a kind of mean letter to let him know what he’s done, he’s a coward and I’m glad this happened to me because now it has opened my eyes to avoid more jerks like him. I’m really skeptical about starting a new relationship because the fact that I have to tell them.. My life may never be the same because I’m only 19, but I won’t let this stop me from living. I honestly do hope there will be a cure one day and if not hopefully there will be some type of vaccine preventing others from contracting it.

  53. brian 12 years ago

    ‘go ahead and leave a comment! its painless and kinda fun!’
    am I the only one who read that and thought… kinda the complete opposite to herpes then lmao :L
    no but seriously guys come on will some of you listen to yourselves!!!!
    I’ve been suffering with herpes now for the past 4 years now don’t get me wrong I hate the virus and when I found out I just wanted to chop off my penis but then decided against the idea as I thought it mite hurt a little… the point I’m trying to make to everyone is there are people out there dieing!!!! we DON’T have a life sentence so y should we act like we do and just cease 2 have a life!!! since I was diagnosed I’ve had a beautiful daughter (who’s herpes free may I add)… what have any of you guys done besides mope around all depressed an feelin sorry for yourself?
    the point is you all need to take your lives back!!! and as many people have already said there IS someone out there for everyone but the moment you stop living and stop looking is the moment they’ll walk strait past you… so for god sake people dust yourselves off id guess that at least 60 percent of the worlds population have it and half of them don’t even no it yet!


  54. anon 12 years ago

    Most of you need to seriously relax. Take one of the suppressant meds like valtrex everyday and live your life. I thought my life was over too, but I got out of that rut and started dating again and that was nearly 20 years ago… Eventually the outbreaks go away entirely… I’ve gone well over a year without one so long as I don’t have some serious stress and I keep taking the meds. That does suck, but for $20/month with my insurance it isn’t so bad. A cure would be great of course, but it may take 20 or 30 more years before we see one. Give some serious thought about who you tell – people can be assholes and tell others and treat you differently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found out about others because the rumor is just so juicy. And your partner may always hang it over your head whether you give it to them or not. Over 10 years in a relationship, no problem with kids, and didn’t pass it to anyone else either, but oh the shit that I get because they know. I never tried one of those dating sites, but maybe that would take the stress and the sting out of it… less stress is so key to this equation, people… and the more you worry about what other think or what might happen… the worse off you’re going to be mentally and physically… and the more likely you are to have an outbreak and have to be celibate for a whole 30 days. Sometimes I like to look at the bright side – this made me waaaay more safe and cautious but I still have fun and I won’t be getting HIV because it getting a nuisance std like herpes has slowed my roll. Slowed, not stopped. Go enjoy life. Sex is still fun. Being alone and feeling sorry for yourself is not, and it is just plain silly. Herpes has been with us as long as living memory and longer and it is just some shit that happens to half the population… too bad recent culture has made it such a big deal and scarier that it has to be.

  55. Jimmy 12 years ago

    Just got diagnosed a day ago…I, definitely wouldnt mind trying to be a candidate for this. Does anyone have any direct info on becoming a test candidate? I feel like I have nothing to live for anymore., please help me before I lose the little sanity I, have left….please

  56. crystal 12 years ago

    I hope this work.. I FEEL depress everyday with this inside me.

  57. graceee 12 years ago

    First hsv2 outbreak and it hurts…… burns to pee and on top of the bacterial vaginosis. Please help just found out yesterday and the Valtrex pill is huge!!! I cant swallow.

    I feel hopeless

  58. meka 12 years ago

    I have never had a worst pain in my life this stuff is so unfair i caught it from my bf and he still haven’t admit his wrong doing…….Please O God let this be it. I can’t think of moving any forward……i had my first outbreak and it was HELL. HOW DO YOU GUYS KEEP THE PAIN TO A MINIMUM ????…….If i keep experiencing outbreaks like i would rather not live…

  59. Michelle 12 years ago

    I don’t know where to start….. When I found out my world crumbled.. I haven’t yet experienced an outbreak I’m hoping I dont. Don’t know where I got it from but soon after I married my at the time boyfriend. He was heaven sent I am so thankful for him. My husband doesn’t have it but I would be so happy if a cure is found…

  60. jen 12 years ago

    Hello,i was recently diagonised with cmv and ebv…herpes family…i am in Toronto,do you guys have a research centre there?and if so…do you still need volunteers?i am so sick of being sick,with this herpes…i havent dated for 1 year ever since i was told.I wouldnt even wish this on my enemies…its very difficult,i am always stressed…Please God let it be a cure…i would give up anything to be cured….

  61. Runaway 12 years ago

    Dex can you tell me if there are any groups in Denver? Please keep me informed of this cure its very important.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Runaway!
      ColoradoHFriends is a great group. Give them a try! We also have members in Colorado that don’t frequent the local groups. Just subscribe to our blog. We update it a few times a month.

  62. meka 12 years ago

    Its so embarrassing to have genital herpes because every second you are thinking about having another outbreak. If this what hell is than i can’t wait til to get to Heaven. My God let there be a final cure. In the mighty name of Jesus, don’t stop until you guys find one. I am feared for my life being that i done had brain surgery now this O God i feel hopeless….I know it doesn’t take 50years to find a cure. You ppl should put your brains together and get it done….i think we all will be satisfied to live again. I’m 19 i don’t want be 30 or 49 when cure is finalized PLEASE HELP US PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANGELS EAST ANGELS WEST , NORTH OR SOUTH JUST DO YOUR BEST!!!!!!!

  63. st 12 years ago

    I’m 24 and have had herpes since I was 20. My first outbreak was horrible I cried and had to clench my teeth down on a shirt to pee. Was so bad. My suggestion is pee in a tub of warm water. It goes away and the next ones aren’t as bad. By the time I went to the doctor she couldn’t tell what it was she tested and was negative. Blood test aren’t always 100% either. I knew I had it but finally had a doctor lance a bump and test it and yep was herpes. Life goes on I didn’t have to take any meds while I was pregnant twice. I didn’t have breakouts the whole time and if I did they would have gave me meds or did a c section. So please tell ur obgyn you have it if your pregnant. My kids are 2 and 4 now and healthy. I’m not sure if I gave it to my husband or if he gave it to me. But we both get bumps ocassionally which we put creams on to help them heal quicker. Most of the time its a bump or two nd go away in a week. And u may be mad at whoever gave it to u but chances are they didn’t even know. Cuz we didn’t. Hope this cure works cuz the bumps are a nusiance and we don’t ge intimiate when one has a bump cuz it can irritate the other person and cause a breakout. I have one now probably from stress. I get on or two a year but nothing I can’t manage

  64. meka 12 years ago

    Hey….st. I have a question, I read that use a cream for your bumps is it only for #1 that you use it for or do you have remedy for hsv2????…how often do the outbreaks usually occur?? Is it true that as time goes by the outbreaks are less severe???

  65. M.A.C. 12 years ago

    Some of you people saying that this isn’t anything that major or severe, haven’t really researched it out that thoroughly. HSV puts you at a greater risk for many other diseases, as well as ailments as bad as Meningitis. Then if you’re a female, wanting to have children, you have to be careful, because passing it on to children can be FATAL to the baby coming out of the womb. This isn’t just something that we can be non-chalant about. This is a serious disease, and if there is a cure to be found, then this is HUGE. The stigma and psychological damage is hard enough, then you have to deal with the hard cold fact that it can so easily be passed on to the ones you love.

    I’m 29 years old, and I’m not diagnosed from any doctor. I just have the symptoms, so I chalked it up as having HSV-2. I got it earlier this year in February 2012, from a woman who didn’t tell me she had it. I’m still perplexed if she passed it on to me through oral sex (maybe she had a cold sore) or if it was through vaginal intercourse.

    I can’t say that this has ruined my life, but I have recently found the woman I want to marry, and she is disease free. The very first month of us talking, I felt the need to tell her what I had. She’s been very supportive, and says she will never find a guy like me. She even said she is willing to take on the disease if she ever gets infected, but I can’t bring myself to ever passing it on to her. I told her I would use a condom every time we make love. But for those out there that believe their dating life is over, I’m here to say that you have hope. There are good men and women out there, who will accept you for who you are. Just keep praying to God that He sends you the right mate. If there is a cure, then I pray we all are able to receive it soon.

  66. meka 12 years ago

    M.A.C yes you are so right. I am 19 and I too feel restless I do wish they finalize a cure but any pain is unbearable. Every since i found out I had it which was a week ago scared me to death. The outbreaks is what scare us women, because it burns to urine and the pain is very harmful. Its been over 30yrs and they act like it takes 100 to actually find a cure. I honestly think they are being a bit greedy because they are making money off of people that’s infected to buy these treatments which i think is dam selfish ppl are suffering.

    • Chell 12 years ago

      Omg M.A.C you took the words right out of my mouth. I honestly don’t want to continue living my life with this virus and yes women do have it worse @meka because not only does the pain suck, but when we get on our cycle and mine is every month we’ll have to worry about getting an OB then which is tragic. And if you’ve ever had your cycle and an OB at the same time. Let me be the first to say its a horrible experience! Hurry up and find a cure. Please and thank you. I’d go to the place myself if I could.

  67. Rightious 12 years ago

    I would…. If I could afford the travel
    I wouldn’t mind getting tested on
    For the better of everyone, & myself

  68. meka 12 years ago

    @Chell that’s right. I had my first outbreak and now im worried about how the next one is gonna be.On top of that the pills makes you constipated not only do have pain in the front now you have to take something to prevent you from being constipated and its hard…….The most ignorant thing I have read on the internet was “People that have Hiv/Aids should be rewarded a cure before herpes and any other virus”……..I disagree they need to find a cure for all viruses.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Meka!
      The first outbreak is usually the worst. Usually, after the first few outbreaks, they are not nearly as bad. Many of the members report, in the forums, that they don’t take any medication to allow the body to fight the virus on its own. Others say that they only take something when the feel an outbreak coming. Some do take medicine daily but when some get off of it, they say that the outbreaks are worse than the first. It helps a lot to stay stress free. Stress can bring on an outbreak.

  69. meka 12 years ago

    Hey Dex! Yes you are right about being stress free…………………Is there anybody having problems with constipation taking Acyclovir400mg??? If so whats the best thing to take to keep that to a minimum ????

  70. Ebony 12 years ago

    Going through the same situation hope they come out with a vaccine for herpes

  71. meka 12 years ago

    Correct me if im wrong, I read the updated blog and from my understanding there will no actually cure for herpes in the near 2016 just a released of another treatment???

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Meka!
      From my understanding, the word “Treatment” is a technical term that has to be used for the FDA instead of “Cure.” For example, there is no cure for Chicken Pox. After the initial infection, the virus lays dormant in the body. If they can isolate the HSV2 virus and treat it then the chances of spreading can be greatly reduced as well as the symptoms. So, if this can stop you from transmitting the virus and also block your partner from receiving it then that is half of the battle. This clinical trial just got off animal testing and is still in its infancy so the results are not in yet. The fact that they did get past animal testing and received $30m in funding makes this look promising. If they can’t maintain at least a 75% efficacy in phase 2, then it will go back to the drawing board. Just don’t put yourself on hold waiting for a cure.

  72. meka 12 years ago

    So basically this treatment will put the virus to rest but you will have it still ???

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Meka!
      We won’t know anything until they get further along in the trials. Usually, a virus can only treated or vaccinated against but not killed. This is why you don’t hear much about Polio because the vaccinations are so widespread. The 3 bad things about herpes is 1) The outbreaks 2) Able to transmit the virus 3) The stigma associated with it. So, if a treatment were able to stop the outbreaks or greatly reduce them and stop others from getting it then that would be almost as effective as a cure. The stigma would also be lifted if people can no longer be infected.

  73. meka 12 years ago

    Okay. Anything that lessen outbreaks and transmission would be great….I think that what makes it horrible the most is the outbreaks. Women already have to go through a monthly period.Outbreaks for us women are unbareable

  74. zoro 12 years ago

    after reading all the comments i do have a question
    do you have to be living by those locations to volunteer or u can drive back and forth to where you live ? how often do they need you ? and how many tests you need to go through ?

  75. Robb 12 years ago

    I am a 59yo gay male and have had viral outbreaks since 1980 when I was diagnosed with an outbreak that was the size of a dime. Over the years I have found nothing specific that curbs or prevents my outbreaks. At first I thought caffeine brought it on, however, it doesn’t. Then I thought it flared up when I was going through a particular trauma, however, I have gone through many life changing events without any outbreak. I have been in 2 close, loving relationships and have never transmitted the virus to my partners so I consider it nothing short of a miracle given the time span. I sometimes go months and years without an outbreak. Then, when it rears it’s ugly head and I feel that itching then the blisters I know I am in for another ride. As a reasonable individual I find myself shocked that I think about – but don’t act on – irrational ways to stop the constant itching, heat, and pain caused by these blisters. When the blisters are active I am not rational about what to do to make them go away. During the early years of infection my pharmacist gave me a topical cream but decades later nobody seems to know what I am talking about. It must have been a clinical trail of sorts. I still take my acyclovir and my outbreaks can end in 6 days or 3 weeks. Ihave tried natural products and they work for a short period of time then the don’t. The blisters have grown in size and taken up more ‘real estate’ but they don’t rule my life as much as they did at the beginning. I have long given up hope there will be a cure for herpes in my lifetime but until then I will keep using ice packs and bags of frozen peas on the blisters to at least calm them down.

  76. meka 12 years ago

    how’s the testing going so far??

  77. Mr.Paul 12 years ago

    Well Im reading all these comments of people who have exactly what I have. Even though I know its the most common std sometimes I feel alone like I’m the only person who has this. I caught GH back in 05 I believe. To be honest I was in a relationship and I was cheating on my girlfriend who I was with for several years. So when I caught GH I told her right away and I knew I did not want to pass it to her or anyone else. I immediately went to the doctor to get treated. Some of you may say what a selfish bastard to be cheating but I knew i wasn’t gonna be to selfish or scandalous to pass it to someone who didn’t deserve to catch it. Ive been taking Acyclovir for about 7 years now and i rarely get breakouts even when I not taking it like I should and my breakouts are minor thank god. Well me and my girlfriend at the time were still together after I was diagnosed with GH. I told her that maybe she should stay away from me. I wasn’t trying to beg her to stay, because I felt like I didn’t deserve her. But she chose to stay on her own will. We continued to have sex with condoms and at times with out. But I always made sure I had no breakouts before we had sex. I always check myself, everyday I do, for the smallest little dot. Yes I know that there is a chance of it spreading even if there is no sign of a breakout. But she never caught it and I’m happy she never did. I’m not gonna be like some of you out there that have breakouts and still continue to have unprotected sex and pass it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Well now Ive met someone and right before we were gonna have sex I was honest with her. It kinda surprised her. Now she had caught a std before but that was curable, lucky her right? lol…anyways I mean I didn’t have to tell her, I could of just got what I wanted and she never would of known and plus I had no breakout and I would of wore a condom. But we never got to that level because she was afraid. There was a few times she was gonna just say lets do it but she always hesitated. I told her take your time with this I understand its not that easy. Sometimes I think maybe i should get with someone who has GH too. But Is that the solution? What about if I want to have a kid and she already has GH? They say that GH virus doesn’t run in the semen. Well I just hope that there is a cure for this. I know my life isn’t over because I have GH but none of us can lie that we would love to have this virus out of us. Please lord give me this one last chance to feel how i felt 8 years ago, free of any disease.

  78. meka 12 years ago

    @Mr.Paul Oh My God! You are an angel. I love your post you are very honest and I salute you, because its plenty of assholes that walking around just poking everything and won’t be truthful. Im 19,with hsv2 I feel worthless ,but I to wish for a cure. I was diagnosed 3wks ago and the first outbreak felt like i was dying. I still haven’t accept the fact that this has happen to me. I just keep praying i am one of the few with less outbreaks ,and i don’t have that pain whenever i experience another one.

  79. Helena 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed about two weeks ago I don’t know how long I’ve had the disease or honestly where I got it from I’m afraid and I feel hopeless but at least I see I’m not alone I can’t sleep I can hardly eat I have a daughter and I’m afraid I won’t live to see her grow I’m so ignoran. About the disease hopefully there is hope

  80. Helena 12 years ago

    I have yet to have an outbreak I was tested for the disease at a clinic

  81. Ceci 12 years ago

    I found out today that I have GH and words can’t explain how I feel. I’ve always been the one to make sure I was std free. I had a breakout before but it wasn’t GH it turned out to be an minor irritation du to yeast. So I decided 3 weeks ago I would get tested just to make sure I was cool anyways. Here it is I don’t even have an outbreak or anything and I go to the clinic to ask for my results and BOOM I tested positive. I almost fell out the chair. I cried but I can’t let this get me down. I am in an serious relationship and I never cheated on my man non what so ever. I ask him have he stepped out on me and he said no. I’m waiting for him to be tested to see what his results will be. I just don’t see how this happened. I don’t sleep around and I have confidence in knowing that my man don’t as well. Who gave it to who? He told me that He loves me and that we will get through this together and no matter what he will not leave me for nothing in the world. After that I felt better but I am still shocked…my son is o.k. Thank God…but I will overcome this saddened feeling very soon…Life goes on and this could have been worse. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH

  82. Chad 12 years ago

    Its been about 4 years now since I’ve been diagnosed. Cant wait for a cure. But it does get better people. Since then i have gotten married and had a healthy baby. So you can have a full life. Im still a bit self-conscious about the whole thing just be safe and protect your loved ones. Be open and honest and pray theres a cure coming soon

  83. nicole 12 years ago

    Does this mean there will be a cure sometime in the future?

  84. Charles 12 years ago

    I was 21 in 1979 when the dark day of HSV 2 diagnosis came in, so 33 years is a really long time. Back then nobody really knew much about HSV 1 or HSV 2, and there were really no meds until the mid-80’s. You folks recently diagnosed really don’t know how psychologically challenging this is without any meds for supression. It was HELL Now 55, I can say on one hand I have adapted to it, but on the other hand can say it has ruined my life. No marriage. No kids. Two things I always wanted, yet my pool of potential partners dwindled severely by virtue of this over the years, and prolonged periods or lonlieness, no relationships, no sex, persist 33 years later. The social stigma is horrible and I blame the drug companies for this…a cure could of been developed at least a decade ago, but they made more money on the supression meds and only recently are seeing $$$$ signs since an expensive vaccine/cure might make them more money. Be safe, pray for cure, friends.

  85. Nat 12 years ago

    I was diagnoised with HSV-2 in 2009, my bf @ the time gave it to me, claimed he didn’t know he had it. We used condoms & I still caught it, but a doctor told me, if you come in contact with any part of infected skin, you’ll catch it even with a condom because it doesn’t cover male balls or scrotum. My 1st outbreak was really bad, a lot of burning, itching & discharge; 3 years later and I’ve only had 1 other outbreak & it was just a small bump inside my vaginal lips. I guess I don’t have a lot of outbreaks because I take 1000 mg of L-lysene every day with 2 Garlic capsules & 2 Red Marine Algae capsules. It keeps the virus in a dormant state for longer periods of time. I researched the virus online and found out the best supplements to buy and take, so the virus will stay dormant as long as possible. Stabilized liquid oxygen drops help too but i think it’s the Red Marine Algae that has helped my case. I use to have chills & burning down my arms & spine; all that has disappeared and i’m slowing learning to deal with this STD. God bless those who have it & I pray that we’ll get ta cure very soon.

  86. meka 12 years ago

    @Nat Thank You for your comment. I log on here everyday looking for peace ,because it is very hard for me. I had only one outbreak since Nov when I was diagnosed. My fears are only the recurrence of outbreaks. I may try your method to keep the virus dormant if my second outbreak to see where the pain stands.

  87. Nicole 12 years ago

    Ok let me start off by sayin I don’t have herpes but I get cold sores frequently and they aren’t pleasent but here is why I am here a guy has told me he has the virus and I am not sure how.
    To proceed he is super nice but I love sex I just want to proceed with caution

    • Charles 12 years ago


      You do have herpes. Cold sores are the result of HSV 1, and that is one form or herpes…the most common type. Your guy may have HSV 1, or may have HSV 2, so you may end-up with both of them if not careful. You can treat your cold sores with Acyclovir, available through your doctor.

  88. shannon 12 years ago

    Hi.my name is Shannon. I’ve had herpes for 4 years now. I never had unprotected sex and my boyfriend led me to believe we’d be together forever so we stopped using condoms. My boyfriend cheated on me 2 years into our relationship and it rips me to think such a smart, beautiful,nice person like me ended up with a life long disease I didn’t deserve. Now, I won’t even date a guy our talk to one because there isn’t any point. Because lets be honest, I wouldn’t and you wouldn’t want to ruin some one elses life with herpes. I’ll never find love with this thing holding me back. So that’s my story. Thanks for listening.

  89. ray 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with hsv2 about a year after I got married. I found out later that my last girlfriend had it. I’ve since divorced and had one girlfriend since who accepted my having hsv2. She never caught it from me nor did my ex wife. I no longer have a girlfriend and it’s hard for me to ask someone out, knowing we have to have “the talk”. I had “the talk” with one person since I split with my girlfriend, and that didn’t last very long.

    I hope this cure works because like so many others, I don’t want to give “the gift” that lasts a lifetime, and keeps on giving, to anyone else.

  90. renee 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with HSV2 in July my entire mental state has went down. Only reason I keep moving forward is bc I have an eight month . I would love for a vaccine for herpes bc that means wed be a step closer to a cure . I have an ob almost every week and I’m miserable is love to wake up and turn the tv on and a vaccine or cure be made. I’d be first in line I’d love to do the volunteer . but I have school and my Lil one . I’m appreciate the scientist research and pray they will find the cure soon . Thank you all so much.. I still have hood

  91. Bobby 12 years ago

    This is actually not the first company to have developed a therapeutic vaccine. Coridon (coridon.com) has been around for quite some time and has been in the clinical trial phase of their research as well. They were also the ones who developed the Gardisil vaccine for HPV. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have enough trust for the American medical community to ever have them inject anything in me. I’ll wait for Coridon to announce the production of their vaccine.

  92. Bryan 12 years ago

    I just got the news that I have it and It is the worst thing I have ever gone through my new girlfriend being a nurse told me we can deal with this but I can not do hear I sit left her a note telling her that I will not put her through this I think I am doing the right thing we have used protection every time I love her and can not and will not ask her to go through this with me she is too good of a person she derserve better am I doing the right thing I hope I am. Because I am so lost I am mad at the person that gave it me and I would not want to put her at risk

  93. Ann 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with herpes in June of 2012. It has changed my life on so many levels none of which are good. I am heart broken, shattered disappointed, distraught, angry at the guy, and angry at myself. I caught it from the guy I’m dating a guy who supposedly loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I’m not sure if I feel the same way about him but how do I move forward now that Ik have this awful capacitating and debilitating disease?! I’ve never slept around and was always cautious. I come from a very strict family and this type of disease is just unheard of…it just is not allowed for one to have. I always had such strict morals and values never fooled around never harmed anyone or got into trouble. I’m educated and successful recently graduated college and was climbing up the career and success ladder and then I am diagnosed with hsv2. My life will never be the same…I will never be the same. This disease takes a toll on ones physical, mental, and emotional states in such a negative way you wonder if you will ever be the same again or accept yourself as a normal person again. I pray every day now that a cure will be found.

  94. tevin 12 years ago

    Hi I got herpes last month I am scared and mad.And I pray there is cure soon.I guess it is a good thing my immune system is healthy

  95. alongtime 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with GH in 1982. I married the man that gave it to me because I knew I was damaged. 10 yrs later, we divorced, he committed suicide then one of my children committed suicide. No one wants to be with me when I tell them I have GH. I feel alone, damaged, rejected, and worthless. I wish most of the time I was dead but I have another child that still needs me. It’s so hard to live half in and half out of life. An cure would really help me.

  96. tgd 12 years ago

    You may want to consider checking out the petition at http://www.petition2congress.com. Go the the website, search for herpes, and sign the petition asking Congress for increased funding for herpes research. It is something positive we can all do if we don’t live near a clinical study or are hesitant to participate in one. If you have shared your diagnoses with loved ones, you may want them to sign as well. With so many people infected, we should be able to make the number of signatures soar.

    Be well and have a good holiday season.

  97. Jace 12 years ago

    I’m the same as everybody here. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. Felt like a bomb dropped. I’d give anything to lose this virus. I’d say I’d like a time machine so I could stop myself from getting with this girl but then again, my life may have played out differently. And aside from the herpes, I love how my life turned out. But whenever I have an outbreak, it feels like the end of the world.
    I’m keeping. My head up at bests, and trying to push forward. When the cure or high treatment finally comes out whether it be this company or not, I’ll be ready for it. For worked for me

  98. ELIZABETH 12 years ago

    I`m very happy that I found this site. It gives me hope and I pray they find a cure soon..I caught GH 2 years ago and it was quite devastating.. I met a wonderful guy this year and the moment I saw him I fell in love with him–the connection bet. us from the beg. was absolutely amazing but I knew that I had to tell him sooner than later (I was very scared to tell him and felt that if I told him from the beg. he would have rejected me cuz I have exp. rejection in the past)..The biggest mistake I made was telling him after we had sex-I take my suppressive medications daily so a big part of me felt confident that we were ok… Ofcourse, after I told him he turned completely cold and said that this was the last thing he expect to hear from such an awesome girl like me and said that he never want to see me again..Even though I take this medication everyday this disease makes me feel like I`m worth absolutely nothing and suicidal. I just wish I could hear from him but after what I did why should he. Pray for me Plz

  99. jesus huezo 12 years ago

    comment i no have herpes for 5 years

  100. Positive 12 years ago

    Let’s try to be more positive. Do not let this virus take over. I have read so many negative posts. Folks life is too short to be brought down by a skin condition… We have to change the way we feel. The stigma attached to this virus can change. We can change it. However if you feel horrific because of this annoying virus then we continue the vicious cycle… Break the stigma and be positive. Live life and enjoy it… Peace & Love

  101. MF 12 years ago

    I hope Scientist and Medical researchers find a cure soon. IJNA

  102. Jorge 12 years ago

    Hello everyone,

    I was diagnosed with hsv-2 about 3 years ago, and let me tell you. I was absolutely devistated. It’s that feeling that you get when a loved one passes away, that feeling that you can’t shake off, I’m a grown ass man at 25 years old and trust me till this day I shed tears to my self, I don’t know how I could have been so stupid or wreckless and let my guard down, but I did and I have no one to blame but me. I can’t tell how shitty it is to meet some one and always have that instant feeling of anticipation and the temporary let down of your guard because your about to have the talk and you hope that because you are open and honest with them that you will be somehow understood and accepted, only to be rejected or be ridiculed or even worse be the victim of someone’s amusement at the expense or you pride and feelings. It the lowest of the low, you truly feel dirty and so little inside. People say it’s not the end of the world and you know what? It’s really not, but you don’t walk in my shoes, it sucks to go out and see someone checking you out and you wanting to go talk to them and reciprocate to them that you are in to them too, and not doing what you want to do which is talk to them and flirt and have that sexy little moment that makes you feel enlightened and gives you a rush of heart racing adrenaline ….. Because you have herpes and instead of getting hurt its best to save face and slam on the brakes. I feel your pain but let me also tell you that herpes CAN be over come its all about a great support system, you knowing your self, and keeping your head up. I personally was depressed for sometime after I found out. like, why me ? I didn’t want to talk to anyone, my confidence was at an all time low. That’s is the worse feeling of all. As I read more and more I can feel and I read of how all you out there are feeling and the message is clear guys, I’m not tryin to rant and rave but I just felt like saying don’t feel alone many of us are here and on the same boat as alot of you. I wish people with herpes like me were more open with ourselves it seems like its impossible to meet someone in the same situation as me, just to talk to and vent to or to listen to them vent. I hope I added some hope to your story or atleast that you take something positive away. I hope a cure comes out for all of us, even if it doesn’t life still goes on so we have to make the best of it. 🙂

  103. annieb 12 years ago

    I was diagnosed with herpes 2 December 13, 2012 by having two different doctors looking at my outbreaks. I have not recieved the results but now I wonder did I give it to my son. I wake up everyday with paranoid of every little bump, blister, pimple that may appear on my body then I would have a breakdown. I sent my son away because I feel so depressed and seeing him makes me wonder did I give it to him? When will he start to break out? Do I get him tested? It is depressing to know my freedom has been taking away, this is why I’ve wondered can you sue someone for giving you herpes or even get them locked up? I really hope they do find a vaccine or better yet I hope the results are wrong.

    I do feel for some of you on here. Its comic relief and I hope all of you the best.

  104. Dave 12 years ago

    I never see a cure for this crap sorry for being negative just have had it too long thanks to my exwife

  105. Chanel 12 years ago

    Hi. I was diagnosed with hsv2 two years ago when i was 19. My first reaction was a shitty feeling in my stomach and I had to tell the guy I was sleeping with. Luckily he didn’t have it. I got it from a guy I only slept with once. At first I was mad at him but it was my responsibility to keep myself safe. I can only blame myself. The first outbreak was kinda bad but I took valtrex and has not been very bad since. My new boyfriend of two years doesn’t Care at all. We don’t even use condoms and he has never caught it. Also my parents have been married 22 years and my dad has it but my mom has never contracted it. He has not had an outbreak in years.
    I don’t let it affect my life negatively at all. I don’t even Care i have it anymore. Honestly its not that big of a deal and a lot of you guys are being big babies about it. You have it; get over it. Its not the end of the world. A cure would be awesome of course but not necessary. I know there is a stigma with this disease but it’s no different from a cold for example or chicken pox. Once u catch a cold or pox (a form of herpes virus actually) it’s in your body for life also. You wouldn’t let that ruin your life. Sure some partners might run away after you tell them but forget them. There are plenty others out there. Being depressed and suicidal over herpes. Lol dont be such a pussy. Its sooo common that 1:4 people have it. Far worse things could happen to you. Accept the things you can not change and live your life happily and quit being whiney babies. Its really not that bad. Knowledge is power educate yourself and others on it and everyone can see its really not the end of the world. Your life is not ruined!!!

    • tgd 12 years ago

      My money is on the positives. Life goes on and you go with it. Do not buy in to stigmatizing this very common virus.

      But do take the time to go to http://www.petition2congress.com, search for herpes, and sign the petition to Congress for increased funding. It’s something you can do and it may make you feel better.

      Be well and enjoy the holidays.

  106. Just Saying 12 years ago

    Live your life regularly. Use condoms in your relationships. If you get into a serious relationship and your partner is asking to take the condom off, then have the talk when they care about you. No sense kicking off meeting a new person by telling them you get a red rash from time to time. Just go to the pharmacist, get the acyclovoir and watch that stuff go down. I use condoms with my girlfriend always now (originally I thought she had given it to me, but when we were both tested, she didn’t have it! I was faithful with her for a year straight, and then this stuff popped up.). Condoms are cool, I use Magnum thins and they feel fine. And if you’re out and on the singles scene, dating multiple people, you really won’t know who gave you what when you’re at the doctor’s office.

    They’ll tell you that HSV-2 can be dormant in you for years before you show symptoms. Some people carry HSV-2 and never show symptoms, and can live there life and never even know they have it! They’re out fuc*** around. What’s the difference between them and you? Just use a condom, HSV-2 is harmless anyways. Thank the Lord it is not AIDS!

    The first outbreak was bad, then they get progressively smaller. The first year is supposed to be the worst. I had maybe 6 “outbreaks” over the past 10 months. My most recent was a little pimple at the side of my dick. Big deal. I am not sure, but I think making an effort to consume less alcohol and try to follow a clean diet has resulted in smaller outbreaks.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      @Just Saying,
      While wearing a condom may improve your chances of getting or passing herpes, it is not something you would want to gamble on. We have seen many members (Both male and female) that also used condoms and were still infected. We have also seen married couples who stopped using condoms where only one was infected and the partner still has not gotten herpes. That is the problem with this virus. It can be invisible yet easily spread.

  107. Jimmy Chou 12 years ago

    hiya, i have to agree with everyone on here to a certain extent and yes it can lay dormant because I would claim to say that I only had sex with trusted individuals and yes I’m happy it is not Aids but at the same time it makes you feel bad some days and expecting the outbreaks is bad…I would say that I believe valtrex suppresses unlike acyclovir which is not the same so people please ask doctor for supplemental free samples indulge in lysine and the likes find soap with zinc…I would like to chat with people on here from time to time for it eases my mind somewhat…

  108. Another One 12 years ago

    There are just so many positive people out there! It is life-changing and I dont think people understand all your fears if you dont have the virus.
    There can still be supportive people though.
    I contracted the H-virus very early in my sexual career (17-18). The guy never told me, I was devestated and can really sympathise with others going through it so young. I never tested to which type and managed in secret. ( it was the only way I could cope). I stayed in this very harmful relationship until I met a man when I was twenty, who I told before we had sex. It was the last thing he cared about – we started out using condoms but eventually moved to nothing. He never got the disease downstairs after 20years of being together but he had always suffered cold sores as a child, this may of contributed to his ammunity. (Secretly I cant help feel ashamed that I may of been responsible for his contraction)
    I was given a chance of a normal life through his generosity and in my own time healed and emotionally grew through the disease. I have never taken medication but eventually my body has only one attack a year or none. I have two healthly children and thank god. ( I want a stress free life for them) My first was born by C-section and the other natural – I hope one of the greatest gifts to them would be my anti-bodies. My son had a small dose of shingles this year that healed very quickly, my alarm bells rang, am I responsible for this? – probably not but still that fear is close.
    My 20yr relationship broke down and guilt consumed me for 3years. Even as we moved through the nastiness I am still very grateful to him for my life adventures. The greatest improvement in my health and growth as a person was alot of personal drama which resulted in disclosure of the disease to family and chosen friends, through this release I become more at peace, the funny thing is I havent had an OB since.
    I have yet to try another relationship and as with most sufferers dont wish to pass it on and it seems impossible. I have had a blessed life as a H -virus sufferer, it breaks my heart and I often cry when I read about the devestation in other lives and yet comforting at the same time.
    An effective treatment would be wonderful!!!

  109. JP 11 years ago

    Hey…I got this BS from a lying B!tch! I really don’t know how people can do this to other people. I couldn’t think about doing this to anyone. I hope that there is a special place in hell for such people. Well I’m reading a lot about a vaccine. Vaccines are to prevent infection, so I think if you have it you f’ed! Anyways I don’t trust the US medical field. I don’t know why they would want to cure this cash cow! I think the cure will come from Europe or Asian…they actually don’t profit on the sick as much…

    On a personal note….if you are beautiful and slim, I’m looking for some girl in the same boat as me 🙂

  110. Lost 11 years ago

    Herpes is an emotional yo-yo in my life. I’ve had HSV-2 on my nose for 13 years. I have no idea how I contracted it there. I can only remember A few Ob a year when I went with out meds Oddly enough it has surfaced on my buttocks and thigh but never on my genital area. Why is this? Also my first initial ob was on my nose. Which is the only place it has occured in many years. Is it possible the virus is floating all over my body and now I can even pass it on thru saliva or other body fluids. During these trying years I’ve been in two long relationships. One I was blessed w a son , he’s 11 now. Both relationships ended horrible and they both made degrading comments about my condition. I had lots of un protected sex w them and didn’t pass hsv2 on to them. I’m a very nice, young and handsome man and after recent events I’ve decided I too will live a life alone. I can’t bare another rejection. I dated a girl and shortly told her then four days later she dumped, treated me like a lepor. Sadly enough she was even a doctor thought she would understand. Even worse thought she was the one, she was very special. Unfortantley not she gave me an excuse that she couldn’t handle my dog. Wish I would have made better choices in my life which would have ended up with a beautiful wife.
    If it weren’t for my son I would literally evacuate to my own island. This disease HSV is literally driving me mad. Why can’t this end? I’ve remained relatively strong for thirteen years. It’s time for a cure! Sorry so depressing … On a positive note at the end of each day I may go home alone but it’s made me look back and hopefully now forward on my life. Self evaluating every decision trying to be a better .

  111. Lost 11 years ago

    On a quick note. Yes guys are having a harder time with HSV. Think about ladies if you tell a guy you have HSV he still wants to get laid. If a man tells a women she is obviously more reluctant to accept this condition. A simple fact a girl can always get laid,but a guy will always have more challenges. Since the beginning of time and before HSV. Telling a girl you have HSV sounds just like HIV. Telling a guy you have HSV reminds him to wrap it.

  112. steve 11 years ago

    I have HSV 1 and 2. Was given to me by some troll girl I was dating. Never said anything to me. One day I went down on her and could feel scabs. I was like what is that she said she wasnt sure. Had sex with her like a week before. Two weeks later had HSV on my genitals and face. I live in BC Canada. Im good looking and fit. Any lady who wishes to write me feel free. Would love to find a women with same disease so I do not have to worry about infecting her. Misery likes company and I would gladly love some company.

  113. frank 11 years ago

    Eveline I understand how you feel I meet someone new 6mos ago and we recently had sex and i have not told her that I have herpes. I am on Valaciclovir 500 mg I have to take one everyday. I do have any signs of the virus on gentiles. I check myself every time I used the bath room. I have not had an out break in years and I had the virus for over 12 years. I try not to get stress out at all but have fun and eat good food stay away from the beer. I was with my ex girl for 10 years and she never was infect with the virus, and we have a lot of unprotected sex. She has cold sore on her lips only when she gets sick with a cold. I was wondering if because she has the type 1 in her body is that why she don’t have it down there. Need answers to questions.

  114. frank 11 years ago

    Lost I I have a son too from my ex he is a blessing. I met a nice young lady who I was talking too . I have to tell her tomorrow about my condition. Dont know how to tell her. But i cant sleep at night anymore. I I know I will lose her I think I finally met the love of my life. I have being searching the interest for cures. I know someone has a cure I would pay hundredths for it.

  115. frank 11 years ago

    Jimmy Chou
    I am on Valaciclovir 500 mg I have to take one everyday it works for me. I don’t see any out breaks down there, sometime I feel a burning on my butt area. I don’t know if that’s the virus or something else. I have had two operations this year one was getting circumsized. I am 36 year old and living with herpes for a long time now I need a cure I am looking up Herb-able cures as well. I pray every day that there is a cure out there.

  116. jay 11 years ago

    God bless for a cure to come soon.

  117. Jen 11 years ago

    Hey guys, i just want you to know that my boyfriend has hsv2 and i do not. I am more than accepting of his situation and reassure that he is ok any chance i get. If i can be accepting then im sure there are plenty of other girls out there who are too 🙂 same goes for girls looking for a guy. My boyfriend and i are both 18, i understand how frustrating it can be, but we just have to keep hope and stay happy. Good luck to all!

    • Chell 11 years ago

      I’m a female. I found out i had HSV2 and you know what it really isn’t the end of the world. Yeah we are now able to get many other diseases easier than others, but this kinda made me slow down and think about my life. Herpes isn’t so bad minus the OB, but life gets easier and things will change in your life. I gurantee herpes will be the last thing on your mind once you’ve established that you have the disease and it doesn’t have you. Herpes doesn’t have to ruin your life and i agree with Jen that there will be people willing to accept you just the way you are. Trust me i am a living witness. My boyfriend accepted me the day i told him and still doesnt care. He also doesnt have it and we do have unprotected sex.. Dont let this ruin your life.

      • Frank 11 years ago

        I pray every day that a cure is on the way. We all have to keep the faith I have being living with H2 for over 12 years. I never used to worry about it before until I started dating again Now I worry alot now. I am on suppression Meds.

        • jp 11 years ago

          This is a nightmare! 26 day and counting and still outbreaking down there! will this ever end?!

          • frank80 11 years ago

            Hi I have being on Valtrex 500 mg for years and it help me then the heath insure put me on Valaciclovir 500mg I have to take one every day. I do have any pain on my genitals. I don’t see any sores warts or anything, I check my self every day. I ate heath food and now I drink a lot of water. With out the insurance the Valaciclovir 500mg is $198.00 with the insurance $35. I was with My ex for 12 years and she don’t have it thank god and we had lots of unprotected sex. I am thinking the virus doesn’t infect everyone maybe it has something to do with the person immune system that’s what I am thinking. I have being doing a lot of research of finding way on boosting up the immune system.

    • Frank 11 years ago

      Jen, my ex girl do not have the HV2 and we was together for a lot time and having lots of unprotected sex. I check my self all the time

  118. hurtful feeling 11 years ago

    As of today I just got my test results back! I’m truely hurt but I have lost weight and cried I don’t know how many times. After reading yall comments I feel a lil better. I thank the lord that it’s nothing worse like HIV. I’m 21 years old with 2 kids.I haven’t told anyone but the my boyfriend who I been with for years! I haven’t cheated on him or anything just don’t understand why but I have accepted it. I PRAY that a cure is comming soon! Alot of times I just wish it could go away!

  119. Wondering 11 years ago


    Any good news on progress with the trials?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Not yet. They are all just turning their swabs on a weekly basis at this point. It will be a while before we hear any news.

      Have you been to the doctor? They will probably prescribe you Valtrex which should help. The first outbreak is usually always the worse. Some recommend taking an oatmeal bath. Aveeno makes one or you can make your own with the recipe HERE.

      • jp 11 years ago

        Yes, been to doc, been on meds, trying HP therepy…nothing works…..one area heals, then it spread to another site…its madness. I got kill this chic that gave it to me!

        • Dex 11 years ago

          It is quite possible that she did not realize she had herpes. Some people do not show signs. It also goes to show that you don’t need to be having an outbreak to spread herpes. If she was having an outbreak, she probably wouldn’t be having sex because of the pain. I know it is difficult to imagine, especially now, but you will have to get past the blame. I have seen way too many people that miss out on life by blaming their partner for herpes. I also know it sucks when you are newly diagnosed and I won’t sugar coat that fact. At one time, I was in the exact same boat as you are now and I certainly didn’t believe people when they told me what I am telling you now. I thought they were all crazy nut-jobs. It gets better. There is another STD dating site where people wish ALL they had was herpes. They have HIV and are everyday people like all of us here. They were not drug users, live in big cities…etc. They just had sex with someone that did not know they were infected or didn’t bother to disclose it.

          • jp 11 years ago

            Oh she know she had it…it all makes sense to me, I asked about stds, she was only concerned about HIV…..when i ask about the other std’s, shes said she should be concerned about the one that kills us. and she saw asking funny during sex…..anyways this intial outbreak will go how long?

  120. frank80 11 years ago

    I just spoke a lady that works in the Medical field who proscribes Meds to patent. She told me you only can transfer the virus if there are active blisters and sores in the genital area or the skin. I have being on meds everyday for over 12 years. So ask your doctor if he can proscribe Valaciclovir 500mg to you. If everyone has any questions feel free to email me {Address removed} or reply to my comments I am will to help in anyway if i can.

    • jp 11 years ago

      yeah?! Well your “medical Field” Lady doesn’t know sh**….I got it, and the girl had no sores.

      • fank80 11 years ago

        Was your friend on meds when you got infected ?

        • jp 11 years ago

          no she was not on meds….i dont think she cares….shes selfess

  121. Imafilipina 11 years ago

    I just diagnosed 2 months ago..and it really ruin my life.i feel so hopeless like i thought
    im just the only one have H here in phils but when i later discover this website oh im just one in thousand…Do i have chance to avail that cure? im from philippines and its very far from US..
    hope there’s a cure.. im just 18 when i get this,now im 19 and my lovelife is miserable.i dont want to get my loveones infected specially my boyfriend.. 🙁

    • jp 11 years ago

      A little FYI….i’m new to the decease, but i found relief in use dr bronner hemp tea tree soup….

  122. meka 11 years ago

    @Imafilipina I felt the same way if you read any of my comments from above. Well its only been a month for me now. I had my first ob nov21st and I was diagnosed nov23 when I went to the hospital. I been trying so hard not to worry but its hard. My family and the Lord almighty is my support system. I actually talk to this guy whom i told about me having herpes and he don’t care he still wants me but i do find myself on a daily basis pushing him away becuse i don’t wanna hurt him. I stillfind it hard to believe i have it out of all people. I never was the type to have sex with different guys i always got one guy and wild out. but when I told the guy i contracted it from he was okay with it so the weird thing is i think that bastard had all along. it broke my heart into pieces because im only 19yrs old almost 20.all along

  123. meka 11 years ago

    @Imafilipina ….one more thing keep the faith and God gonna see us all through this tough situation because i know deep down somebody will eventually come across an actually cure to get rid of it all together. Just don’t give up hope for the best outcome. Let us all stick together. I cried for three weeks straight and lucky college is students are on the christmas break because not only am I taking the time to get myself together but i know nothing will come to me by sitting on my ass waiting for a miracle to happen. My sister and I had a talk about me having it, and her response to me was NOBODY IS GONNA FEEL SORRY FOR YOU so don’t let this disease stop you from continuing your education and finding a job or wat ever. JUST LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE IT COULD HAVE BEEN HIV /AIDS!!!!! I WAKE UP EVERYDAY SAYING THANK YOU LORD BECAUSE IT COULDVE BEEN JUST THAT…

  124. amazingace 11 years ago

    This summer I got raped and ended up getting herpes 2. It was a very hard time in my life only being 18 and finding out that you now have an STD, and also having to tell your parents that you became sexually active. Sure at the beginning I thought it was the end, but I’ve meet guys who said they still want to be apart of my life. Yes a cure would be really nice, but think if there is a cure for herpes that doesn’t mean you should stop safe sex, there are so many other STDs. Just wish that a cure would come out for everything so there would be no more worries. Keep your heads up guys. Life goes on. Remember life isn’t easy but make what you can of it.

  125. Wondering 11 years ago


    I take a variety of different medications/vitamins in the morning and throughout the day to help keep my outbreaks away. I’m also new to the disease and contracted it in October so my body is still getting use to it.. Red Marine Algae is a great product that I have researched a lot on and saw many good reviews. It boost the immune system and has shown to help keep out breaks under control and away. The brand that I use is Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae. This also has many other benefits for the body and has even been shown to help prevent/control other viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In addtion to that, I also take Acyclovir (which I don’t believe works that well), Lysine 1000 mg, Zinc, Vit B complex, and Bioflavoniods. Occasionally i’ll also take garlic and vitamin E. Foods to avoid would be things such as chocolate, nuts, beer, and sugary food items because the herpes virus favors these unfortunatly. This is hard for me so when I do eat chocolate or drink beer I make sure to take an extra Lysine pill. Another tip, when buying pills make sure to buy the tablet form because softgel pills have Gelitan in them which the herpes virus favors as well. I’ve also read when you are having an outbreak that some will take an Epson salt bath to help soothe the pain. If anybody has any questions let me know.

    • jp 11 years ago

      thanks wondering,

      I have be reading about saunas, and creating an artifial fever to kill the virus. The theory is the heat will bring the virus out of hiding so the body can kill them…has anyone tried this?

  126. Wondering 11 years ago


    Thanks for responding. I had another question, what was the percentage of efficacy shown on the animals used for this vaccine? I know that on humans it has to atleast be 75%.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      I do not know that the efficacy was in animals but it would have to be up there to move forward onto human testing.

  127. meka 11 years ago

    @Wondering hey what is L-lysine and Red Margine Algae ???

  128. jp 11 years ago

    I’m not sure why people that have Hsv care about the vaccine? If you already have it the vaccine is a little to late.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      If the vaccine could block the transmission of herpes then that is most of the battle. It is usually the stigma of having herpes that causes the most damage.

  129. Ms 11 years ago

    I was diagnosed with this abt a year ago. The thing is that I’ve never hd symptoms. I’ve seen pictures and hear people talk about how horrible it is and it just makes me question if I really do have it. I’ve read that around 80% of people have herpes 1. And almost everyone has some of it in their blood. When I got diagnosed they had to do a blood test because I had no visual symptoms and I had to go to another doctor because the one that I went to prior told me that it was no point because almost everyone had it and that if I had not felt anything then I didn’t have it. That even when he did it he came out with some strain of it. I’m just so confused. I’ve never taken mess for it and I’m so afraid of being in a relationship. Should I go to another doctor and get re tested? Is it worth it ?? 🙁 It’s just crazy to me how herpes 1 seems to be so much more welcomed and acceptable by society when I feel like its even worse. I see people almost everyday at work asking for supplements for “cold sores” and in my mind I’m like yea you mean herpes. But you would never see some asking for an over the counter supplement for genital herpes.

    • Frank80 11 years ago

      MS that is cray so everyone has this in there blood. Thats cray I order dr sebi products he said he cure it I started charging my diet eating more vegs and fruits.

  130. ruth 11 years ago

    Do you know if this will work for hsv1? BEcause I have had this past year chronic outbreaks with herpes 1 and would this possiably work also for people with hsv1?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Right now, they are only doing a clinical trial on HSV2. The good thing is that HSV1 and HSV2 look pretty much the same under a microscope. They just prefer to be in different areas.

  131. Amanda 11 years ago

    I got herpes HSV1 and HSV2 from my ex boyfriend who didn’t tell me. I’ve met an amazing man who I love and loves me for me <3 don't give up.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      That is awesome!! See, there is hope. You just have to keep looking!

  132. Captjack 11 years ago

    I had sex with a women and after 10 ten days I noticed a burning sensation in my penis. I was not too alarmed because I have kidney stones often and have had enlarged prostrate before as well. The burning was sort of stronger though and I usually feel kidney stone pains first. Urinating wasnt a issue it almost felt better when I did urinate. I went and got a blood test done which came back negative for everything. I did get a terrible cold with fever but my kids had strep just prior to me getting sick. So I had one small bump just below my pubic line but I also used clippers to trim up and got too close to the skin so I thought maybe that could be froticulitus. I have what kinda feels like a rash but its not red not real burning no sores just sort of a rash feeling that is still here after 2 weeks. I did end up passing a kidney stone during that whole mess and have been so stressed. I am so worried about it and I feel like I itch all over and my eyes are all puffing in the morning. I also have had fever at night so like night sweats but I have gotten them with kidney stones.

    I confronted the girl I was intimate with she was mad at me and didnt want to talk to me anymore and I told her to get a test. I finally got back with her and she said she tested positive for herpes though she didnt say what kind. When I went to doctor he said I had a virus and not to worry. I told him I had a blood test after being with her and it had been like 14 days and It came back fine but I am still worried.

    From what I have read on here you can be with someone that is positive and not get it yourself. And two with all the other stuff I have going on it could be other issues. I just dont know.

    I also notice the glands in the left side of my genital area are very hard and it extends several inches. I am thinking that might be a big part of the rash feeling.

    The only spots I really itch are where i got too close with the clippers.

    I know you guys cant tell me for sure I am going to wait till the 3 or 4 month mark before I get another test but from what I have explained does it sound like herpes?

    Had anyone had all these symptoms and not had herpes?

    Just scared.

    • frank80 11 years ago

      I had a burning feeling on my Penis too and one bump what I thought was a bump. I when to the doctor and he told me i Had the virus and put me on meds right away. I had sex with my girl around that time too and she did not catch it. Just my luck i guess. Keep checking every day and always wash your hands after touching your penis.

  133. Fudge 11 years ago

    How did you all go about telling your partner? I was told about 2wks ago and have been avoiding my boyfriend ever since. We have been together over a year but I just dont know if he will accept this. I dont want to lose him but i have a strong feeling that I will. Also

    • Ray 11 years ago

      You can’t not tell him. Meet him somewhere where you can be alone, and tell him you just found out you have herpes. You could tell him where you got it, if you know.

      I had it for over a year when I discovered I had it. I was diagnosed with it a few months after I was married. My wife first accused me of being with someone else, but that was not the case. You can have it for a while and not see any indication of it. I discovered I had it because I had an outbreak, about a year after I broke up with a former girlfriend, who never told me she had it. I found out she did from a mutual friend.

      After a little research my wife found out it can lay dormant for long periods of time. My wife decided to believe me and we stayed married. For 16 years. 🙁 That’s another story…

      I used to get outbreaks a few times a year, then they dwindled down to about one a year, and then less than that. I take valtrex now and haven’t had an outbreak in over 4 years. My wife never got it for me, nor did someone I was seeing for 3 years after my divorce.

      Sorry for the long story, but, you have to tell him. He may leave you, or not. It depends on how much you mean to him.

      good luck

      • Fudge 11 years ago

        @Ray….i am going to tell him, I just am not sure of the right way…or anyway to go about it. I kinda have an idea as to whom I may have contracted it from but im not sure how to explain any of this him. I AM gping to tell him I just am very scared.

    • Chell 11 years ago

      @fudge i had my bf come over to my house and i told him in person just in case he needed time to think about what he wanted to do and could leave if he wanted to. I honestly wasn’t afraid of rejection. I told him everything he needed to know about it. I started the conversation by saying how far our relationship has progressed and that In the future we may think about sex so he needs to know about my condition and i told him he could make the choice to stay or go but either way I’d understand. I made him feel comfortable and that’s what people need and also people will respect your honesty even if they stay with you or not

      • Fudge 11 years ago

        @Chell…Im having a hard time saying it out loud to myself. I know I have to tell him but I just dont know how. Right now I just feel wrong. I know what I have to do, Im jus afraid to do it. Unfortunately this new info about my life has made my confidence and self esteem fall. Thank you for the advice

    • frank80 11 years ago

      I told my girl when I first found out I had it. she has the HVS 1 I don’t know if I gave it to me but we was cool. Now we are not together anymore not because of the virus but because, we could not get long together as a couple. We was together for over ten years. We have a son I live at my own place and she at hers. We still friends. Now I met someone new and I have not told her yet. If your boy friend loves you he we be there till the end with you. The girl I am talking too now I know she will leave me in a heart beat. I am hope that a cure will soon be here I am trying dr sibe herbs med.

      • Fudge 11 years ago

        @frank80….thank u

  134. captjack 11 years ago

    @Ray Did you always use a condom or sometimes did you not use one?

    I honestly cant tell for sure if some of the symptoms are in my head or not. I have to wait a few months to get another test to be sure and the wait is killing me.

    I had a bump like I said but it was right where I got to close to with the clippers which also was after I had sex with the girl. The bump was there for only a few days and gone. No sores and the only spots that itch are where I cut to close and those stop itching when I move. so it feels more like just cutting to close.

    I do have some burning sensations but only when I think about it lol so I just dont know.

    • Ray 11 years ago

      Jack, I rarely used a condom. The woman I caught it from was someone I was with long term lover.

      I never experienced a burning sensation. Just an itching one just before and during an outbreak.

  135. MRUNLUCKY 11 years ago

    I have had hsv2 for 26 years. At first I felt like everyone else when it comes to the bad feelings of having something that there is no cure for. The faster you except it, the better you will feel about going on with your life. I want to be direct and not waist your time with all my past days of outbreaks, so I will say things that might help with dealing with this problem. I am a male, and for me a lot of sex and any masterbation seems to cause my breakouts. I am in decent shape. I have gone as long as 6 months without a breakout to monthly. I have tried no medicine or topicals except alcohol. I do take a multivitamin. To describe what I do when a breakout occurs, FIRST-Symptoms are for me as follows: Light headachs; lower stomach pain like you don’t feel well; tingling to an itch in the area it normally breaks out; Glands hurt badly on both sides of my penis in the crease of my legs, and they swell getting hard to the touch. The gland that hurts the most will normally have the breakout on that side of your deviding line that splits the scrotum down to the anus. Pain or a sore muscle type of a feeling will be present in your gluts around the anus area. I also will see a redish streak like if you had a rash line that shows up in the crease of the leg of the side of the breakout. Also I feel tired. I can sleep longer during a breakout and will. I also get a little short tempered. Letting little things get to me. BREAKOUT-Descriptions are as follows: Pinching pain that can first seem like it is in a bigger area than when the breakout occurs; small blisters show up that are clear and are filled with the H2 liquid (I assume). AREAS-They have shown up on me on different parts of my penis, a few times on my scrotum, and large breakouts have shown up between my testicles and my anus. WHAT I DO- is simple, I fight the pain by getting rid of the bubbles that occur in the breakout area. I put rubbing alcohol in the area, bust the bubbles, mind you, it hurts like hell, but I have noticed a major decrease in pain in the glands and a faster recovery time when I do this method. I then blot the area directly with alchol holding it on the area until I can’t stand it anymore. (1 Minute or 2) Then put a bandaid on the breakout covering it. I forgot to mention I shave the area so the bandaid stays in place. Wash hands after. To those that think this is a little nuts, well, I hate the shit, and I want it gone as soon as possible. (The blisters break anyways.) You might not feel like I do using this way at first, but you will. To me, it helps me cope with the disease knowing I was able to do something that shows a result fast. I have my reasons that I don’t currently use meds or any other topicals. If you choose that method and it works for you, great. Maybe soon, I will trust the medical industry a little more and try another alterative that is currently helping against this disease. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP A STRONG MIND.

  136. Captjack 11 years ago

    Last night laying in bed I had the burning hot feeling that went all the way down my inner thigh to the back of my knee anyone else have this happen to them?

    I havnt gotten any sores or blisters but have a constant rash feeling for 5 weeks now.

  137. bianca 11 years ago

    Well I was diagnosed with hsv2 4 1/2 years ago in my early 20’s. Like most, I was devastated. I then found out that the person had also passed hpv to me and I had to have surgeries. I still go througj days where I feel dirty, as if I’m ruined. I have only had 3 minor outbreaks during this whole time, so it doesn’t seem to affect me on a daily basis. But, I too, feel as though I’d give anything to be free from this virus. I have endured lower back pains since my diagnosis and research on forums suggests I’m not the only person who has developed thos issue after contractong hsv. I see pictures of those who have bad cases such as all over there hands, face, eyes, and even other skin areas and I don’t know if I could cope if mine spread. But the biggest obstacle I’ve dealt with is my fear for my children. I have three: two which were born before I contracted the illness and one after. My older two have no signs or symptoms, but my youngest now gets cold sores on her mouth. Is this from me? My doctor suggests I could have given it to her when I kiss her (even though I dont have oral hsv) she says my saliva could potentially touch my daughter and transfer it. She also says there is a 4% chance it was passed during n pregnancy/delivery. But there is also a chance it was spread by class mates at daycare. I think back to a year ago when she had a fever for nearly a week along with blisters all through her mouth. .the pediatrician statedbit was simply hand, foot, mouth…but now I wonder. The guilt of wondering if I could be the reason my child has to live with these painful sores for the rest of her life …maybe she will accidently spread it to her eyes or other places as she is still a toddler….its almost too much to cope with. I pray everyday for cure and wonder what ways I can help speed up the discovery.

  138. bianca 11 years ago

    In addition to my previous comment, for those of you wondering about relationships…. the person who gave this to me was the first person I dated when my kids’ father and I split up…my second boyfriend ever. I wish I could get him in trouble for knowingly passing the disease. It was his ex girlfriend who contacted me and told me to be tested because she gave it to him years ago and knew he had a habit of not disclosing. I had no symptoms but immediately had a blood test done which was positive…this was followed by my first outbreak…of one blister. My youngest child’s father accepted me even after I told him what I had. He was hesitant at first, but came around. He is still hsv negative as far as we know and we’ve been together for 3 years. (My apologies for the typos, I’m having a hard time typing into this web form on phone)

  139. shailu 11 years ago

    If that vaccine works for curing Genital Herpes(HSV-2) Infection, half of the people in the world will be very happy because till now there is no permanent cure for this. I am also suffering from this problem for past 3 years. And eagerly waiting for the news that will completely cure the genital herpes.

    Its very unbearable and most painful problem.

    Please speedup and find something to cure or even kill the HSV 2 virus. I wish GOD bless us for fast invention of medicine.

    Thank you so much.

  140. captjack 11 years ago

    I have had cold sores when I was younger teens probably does that mean I have HSV1?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Most likely, yes as cold sores are almost always herpes. Without being typed by a doctor, there is not a sure way to know. Most people have HSV1 but it lays dormant once you get older. There is a chance that you can pass HSV1 to the oral or genital region of a partner.

  141. Aims 11 years ago


    I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes 8 years ago. My boyfriend at the time randomly passed it to me. I felt dirty, depressed, like my life was over. But then I did my research, realized so many people have some form of the virus, and chose to live my life the way I had always planned. I’m now happily married. My partner is virus free. We have two beautiful, healthy children together, both virus free. Really it’s just one other thing you have to be responsible for. So, if your smart about it, and take care of your self you’ll realize your life isn’t over! Keep your chin up buttercup =)

  142. Lauren 11 years ago

    i just got herpes like two weeks ago and im so ashamed it hurts. im here if you need a guinea pig 🙂

  143. tasha lee 11 years ago

    hey everyone, im 20 and ive had an outbreak in december but the doctor diagnosed it as something else, and since week i noticed i was getting the same symptoms i had in december, only this outbreak wasn’t so bad, its just my vagina swelling and on the right side i notices a few sores… i havent been diagnosed with hsv2 yet but i got tested yesterday… so soo enough ill get the results. so far i believe thats what i have because i have all of the symptoms… I’ve read alot of negative and positive coomments and im glad to say that im prepared to hear anything the doctor tells me whether i have the virus or not… to all the negative people posting comments, you can control the virus, just live a healthy lifestyle and take any vitamins or antibotics that can prevent outbreaks… if your not having outbreaks your almost as normal as before u got the virus, so as long as your treating yourself and the virus, you should be able to live how your were living before… and another things you cant transmitt the virus if you dont have an outbreak. so if your and your partner have unprotected sex and you start gettin early symptoms of an outbreak wear a condom or just restrain from havin sex until you heal up… dont make hsv2 be the end of your life… its not the end of the world

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Welcome @Tasha
      “and another things you cant transmitt the virus if you dont have an outbreak.”
      This statement is not true and one of the main reasons the virus is so easily spread.. Outbreaks can be so slight that they are not even noticeable. There is also viral shedding.

  144. tasha lee 11 years ago

    also another thing. since i havent been diagnosed i havent recieved any prescription so in the meantime i take a sitz bath or the oatmeal bath to calm down any uncomfortableness i have. i think the oatmeal bath makes me feel better… and after i come out i pat my self dry and apply PENATEN to the affected area which is a cream used for babys that have diaper rashes and or skin irritations…. after that i feel pretty good….. i do this maybe 2 or 3 times a day dependin on how down there feels. this doesnt stop herpes outbreaks its just a method i use to soothe my sores and outbreaks… might help sooth you also

  145. godhelpmeplease 11 years ago

    I am so scared and ashamed, I have not had sex in ten years then the girl I finally do have sex with does not tell me about it. 🙁 I am stressed out I cant sleep and more depressed than ever thinking that I am not mean enough to give it to anyone else, and I am to shy to ever even talk about it with anyone else. So I am coming to the conclusion that I will never be with anyone ever again. It is messed up seriously please god let them find a cure and sooner than a few years I can not wait that long feeling the way I feel now. I made one small mistake in desperation to have sex after ten years with out now I am sick to my stomach with worry and stress. Dex you are a bit reassuring but in your opinion what percentage of a chance is there for this to be successfull, and have there been any updates recently to give us more hope. I pray I dont have anything else I am honestly to scared to even go get checked out now. Why me is all I can think I am one of the nicest people in the world and I dont deserve this seriously. God please help and Dex please give daily updates this is such a terrible fate for someone that loves life. 🙁

    • charles 11 years ago

      Join a Herpes dating site, or two, and get on Acyclovir. Your perspective will begin to change. I’ve had this 34 years, and it is a hard thing to deal with, but you do adjust over time.

      • Dex 11 years ago

        Yes, joining a herpes dating/community site helps a lot. Whether you join HWerks or another, you will see that you are not alone. You will also realize that people with herpes are just as normal as yourself. The best part is that all they have in common so they talk about everything. For example, I have learned more about photography, from members here, than I did with my photography magazines. We have some pretty awesome members.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Never feel ashamed about herpes. Anybody can get herpes and people from all walks of life do get it. Most of us didn’t ask for this, we got it from a partner that was not honest about it or they simply didn’t know they had it.
      I don’t have any new info on the vaccine yet. It is still going on.

    • frank80 11 years ago

      Have faith things have to get better Stay away from nuts and stress and u will be ok. I had the virus for over 10 years now and I never had to worry about it until my new job because i was always on meds everyday stay away from stress. Now I am working in a stressful environment and I think i am having ob. Stress is very bad for us

  146. SHELLEY 11 years ago

    Eveline- I feel your pain on that one. I caught the virus after being raped and when I told my boyfriend and I thought he would run. But he was open to listening about the facts. I let him come to the doctor with me and had them answer questions. He was all ears. We took necessary precautions and now we are married with our first child. And guess what? I had her the normal way, no cesarean necessary. So don’t be scared, even though you want to, and if it comes your time having children, don’t hide this fact from your doctors. They will do a very thourough inspection before birth.

    • Tasha lee 11 years ago

      @shelley what did you do to make sure your husband didnt catch the virus or your child? I need to know what i should do because thats my only fear

  147. Tasha lee 11 years ago

    @Dex I was also wondering if there is another std that people sometimes confuse with herpes because of the similar symptoms

  148. Joe Low 11 years ago

    I was diagnosed of having Herpes a couple of hours ago. I had a ” tiny spot ” on the head of my penis 1 day after a masturbation. this was 4 days ago. the doctor said i had hsv 1 because the symptom is so mild. i did not have any fever etc etc. I’ve been practicing a monogamous relationship and only have 1 partner (my wife, same with her). Therefore, I am confuse as to how do I get this virus. The Doctor says that i could get it from public toilet or towels or etc.

    Coincidentally, also about 4 days ago I started arginine supplement..which I read could trigger herpes outbreak. everything is so confusing.

    I am super confuse right now because this whole thing just doesn’t make sense. I already told my wife.

    About my “spots” when first i saw it, it didn’t look like herpes at all. more like callus.just one very tiny spot. i actually peeled the top of when i masturbate again (wife was on period). I also didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. I never felt any pain unless when i tried to put like betadine other wound ointment.

    My question is what should i do to really know what i have. i heard that blood test was inconclusive. Could it be that I already had it for years without knowing? if yes where did I got it from?

    could it be that I am having something else not herpes? but then the sore is almost healed.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Well, the doctor is wrong…it is nearly impossible to get herpes from a towel or toilet. (See here). Herpes can look like a lot of different things and probably not the way you think it does. (See here). Yes, you could have had this for years without any symptoms. Where you got it is anybody’s guess.

      • joe 11 years ago

        thank u Dex for your response. the doc gave me an antiviral cream. used it twice but there seems to be not effective except that it’s a bit throbbing painful when applied.

        i am frustrated.

        by the way, hv u ever popped the lesion before? if yes then what it is look like? mine like leave aa tiny hole with a bit blood on it. couldn’t tell if there was a white discharge or anything since i did it while masturbating.

        thank you

        • Dex 11 years ago

          The antiviral cream will take time to work. Eventually, the pain will lessen. Then it will probably itch…oh the joy. Some use Baby Gold Bond powder to help with the itching. I wouldn’t recommend popping them because they could get infected. You can also get herpes on your finger by popping them. Especially during an outbreak, remember to wash your hands often.

  149. Joe Low 11 years ago

    Hi Dex,
    Mine is actually a bit invisible now unless i look it from certain angle i can see a bit reddish discoloration. at this stage is it still infectious? the surface look normal just like the surrounding skin.

    How long usually until the redness disappear?

    Thank you so much Dex. You’ve have been very helpful.

    BTW, I would take a blood test tomorrow just to be sure if what i have is indeed herpes.


    • Dex 11 years ago

      Hi Joe,
      It really varies. A first OB can last a week or more. Others can only last a day. From what I understand, if it is HSV1 then the symptoms will be less severe. Definitely let us know the results of your test. If it is positive then just know you are among some pretty cool people!

  150. captjack 11 years ago

    Anyone else have the glands in there back on left side swell and hurt?

    The lymph glands on my left side of my pelvis is hard and swollen and has been. It seems to give me the most discomfort. When I was sick I first noticed it when I caugh and I did it so hard I think I pulled something there.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Hi Captjack
      Yes, an onset of an outbreak can give you flu like symptoms. Eventually, you will recognize the signs when an OB is coming.

      • JP 11 years ago

        what are the best dating sites?

        • Dex 11 years ago

          HWerks is a great dating site with some awesome people who also have herpes. This is just the outside, the inside is a completely different world.

  151. Kara 11 years ago

    Hi Dex,

    Just wondering when you’ll know the results of this testing and whether or not you have found a cure??

    Keeping everything crossed!!!

    • Dex 11 years ago

      As soon as we hear anything I will post it. Right now, it is a loooong waiting game as the participants go through the 59 weeks of swabbing.

  152. Reba 11 years ago

    Hi all, I have had herpes since 2000, I was 21 at the time, dating a older bad boy that was slept with his ex while we were together , who was sleeping with my ex to be spiteful . It’s a crazy world out there! Anyhow I contracted the H at the very end of our relationship, I found out what he was doing and gone he was. So it took about a month for it to show up.
    I’m 33 now , have been married, divorced and in a fantastic relationship right now, and have two beautiful boys.
    My outbreaks are far and few between these days. Valtrex is a godsend.
    But let me tell you how I delt when I didn’t have insurance ( valtrex is super expensive almost 300$ )
    Every time I showered I would blowdry my vaginal area with the setting on cool.
    Also lots of baby powder , and this may be gross but underwear no matter what it is made of irritates me, so I free ball.
    Also ladies when you have your period, no pads that irritates as well stick to the tampons.
    Epsom salt baths and just plain saltwater helps too.
    AND swim in the ocean whenever possible . Keep it dry down there , lotions do not work!
    Good luck to all.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel , it’s just a longer , more painful tunnel for us:)

  153. captjack 11 years ago


    Dex I have had swollen glands for like 5 weeks now is that normal?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      5 weeks is a long time. Make sure to let your doctor know this. I doubt the glands caused the discomfort.

  154. captjack 11 years ago

    Also can those glands swelling be responsible for the discomfort in that area?

  155. Fry 11 years ago


    Have you heard anything from the person you knew who is participating in the Genocea trial?

    Any new with regard to adverse effects or if the vaccine seems to work?

  156. Dex 11 years ago

    No, we are just waiting for any results. Again, it will be a looooong process.

  157. CAE 11 years ago

    I have lived with Herpes for 17 yrs now, contracted it by the first man I was with at 19yoa, we were engaged, like most of you I don’t know if he had always had it and never told me or if he had cheated on me and that’s how he spread it to me. Needless to say he never admitted to having it and we never married. So be it, after the first initial outbreak I was sick for several months and had several outbreaks that first year. Outbreaks got fewer and after several years I have had no more outbreaks. However, I, like most of you had to change my diet and way of living. I can physically feel the shedding of the virus cells when I am shedding without the outbreaks. I have practiced safe sex and so far during these 16 yrs I have had serious relationships and not spread the virus to anyone else, I have always been up front and honest about the “talk”. It is hard and it never gets easier, I, like most of you have had people say no way and walk out, I just hold the door and let them. My only advise is to be up front and honest, don’t wait for the Heat of the Moment either to have the “talk”, but always before any sex. I always say it in a comical way so I don’t get myself upset, ie. . “I was engaged once and he brought me home the gift of Herpes!, Totally understand if you don’t want to go any further with this relationship but it is something that you need to know, if you are wanting a serious relationship.” Most guys leave or never call again, No big deal for me at this point if sex is all they were wanting. But there has been a couple that were ok with it and we had a long term relationship, always practicing safe sex and I pay attention to my body and how I feel, never have sex when you don’t feel right. I have not been on any preventative drugs since my first year, I changed my diet and stay away from stressfull people and situations.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Great story, CAE! Like you, many of us got this while in a committed relationship. I know others appreciate stories like yours because it gives them hope!

    • bianca 11 years ago

      @CAE like I said previously, ive had this for 4, almost 5 years. Ive never had any outbreaks (that im aware of) just in the past few days I had some unbearable itching and went to the doctor thinkingnit was a yeast infection. She said it appeared to be herpes, saying there was redness where the itching is. She recommended I look in a mirror when I got home so id recognize it next time. But I see nothing. You and several others say you can tell….how? Am I just not very observant or in tune with myself?

      • Dex 11 years ago

        Herpes can look like so many things…or look like nothing at all. I just put this blog up HERE about what it can look like. There is a link at the end that shows some pictures. The problem with herpes is that it is different for everybody and most do not show symptoms or are so slight that they miss them.

  158. Tasha lee 11 years ago

    @dex do people sometimes confuse herpes symptoms with another std? Or is there another std that has similar symptoms to herpes?

  159. joelow 11 years ago

    Hi Dex

    the following are my test results day 6.

    Method ELISA.

    HSV2: both igg and igm for hsv 2 are non reactive.

    HSV1: IGG is 3.52 reactive > 1.1
    IGM is 0.01 non reactive < 0.8

    What do these numbers tell me? My Lab Doctor told me that I was exposed in the past but currently no outbreak. Is it possible to have positive IGG but never experience outbreak in the past?

    At this time, I just want to think that I am currently having no outbreak but was exposed in the past though it was asymptomatic. Also hoping for a false positive result on the IGG.


    Thank you

    • Ray 11 years ago

      I haven’t had an outbreak in over 6 years. But from what I remember of my last 6 or so outbreaks, they always would be in the same place. On the right side of my penis. As an outbreak was coming on, that area would start to itch. After a few days about 3 to 5 bumps would start to appear, turn into blisters, and then merge until it was one blister. I would never pop them or scratch them. when they were in full “bloom” they would be a little tender to the touch, like a burn blister would be. Within a week they would start to collapse. When they were no longer pussy, I would see one or more little scabs, about the size of a pin head. These would eventually fall off and my skin would clear up. This whole cycle would happen over the course of about 2 to 3 weeks, start to finish. I don’t remember any other symptoms like being achy, tired, or tingly.

  160. CAE 11 years ago

    @Bianca it is different with everyone, some people never show symptoms or they are so small or slight you don’t realize that you are having the symptoms. And some have had such a bad outbreak and took several months for the sores to go away. The sores can sometimes look like a pimple if only one appears, usually itching and an uncomfortableness in that area. I have not had the sores appear in 10 yrs, however, when they did there was no doubt for me that it was an outbreak (always painful when they appeared). I can feel the shedding of the virus and it is not the same for everyone. For me it feels like a spider is crawling up my spinal cord when I am shedding the virus, I did not recognize this the first year, because I was having so many outbreaks. However, I started to notice in years 2 – 4 of having the virus that during random times I would feel this weird tingling feeling and it would travel up and down my spinal column at that time I started to document the symptom on my calender whenever I felt it after a while I noticed that it was not all the time and lasted a 24 hour period. I also started noticing that I was more tired when this was going on with my body. Bianca it may and could be different for you, don’t be afraid to understand your body now, You know when you feel good and normal, just remember that, and then when you start to notice when you don’t feel quite right and document what your body is telling you, you will start to notice a pattern that says your body is trying to fight the virus. I think that is what is happening the same time we are shedding the virus as when a full blown outbreak starts. Our bodies naturally trys to fight it every time it becomes active, and after a while you will start to notice when that is happening.

  161. C c 11 years ago

    I have been a participant in the genocea trail in Birmingham. I received the first part of my vaccine in October. I had no problems or outbreaks until about a week ago I could have gotten the placebo or the weaker vaccine. The outbreak I had was very small. I have heard that the group is doing really well. This vaccine is a repressive vaccine ,what genocea is trying to achieve is permanent repression.A vaccine must be 75% effective in the participants tested in order to be approved for the next phase.The results for me and the group will given to us at the end of the study in February 2014..

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Thanks for the update CC! Hopefully, it keeps going well!

  162. Michael 11 years ago

    Hopefully some day all of us will be herpes free. That would be a beautiful day

  163. RJ 11 years ago

    Cc Did they tell you the dose amount?

  164. captjack 11 years ago

    CC permanent repression means its there but you cant spread it or you are just free from outbreaks?

  165. RJ 11 years ago

    Permanent suppression as they have to run the tests to determine if there is still shedding after the vaccine. The trial includes swabbing for shedding so I don’t think anybody knows if this will prevent spreading until they are done with this study.

  166. ken 11 years ago

    Is it true if u have hsv 1 you cant take this drug?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Right now, they are only testing for the HSV2 virus. If successful, it would make sense to go on to the HSV1 as well.

  167. Martina 11 years ago

    Please cure come :)…. Living with it for 15 years now and would love to have a cure…. Keep your heads up people ,my friend got HIV and I know how lucky Im to only have Genital herpes. Stay strong,work out,do Yoga and don’t forget to BREATH deeply. Herpes hates oxygen!! ;)…. Love to all M.

  168. Fry 11 years ago

    Hey CC,

    Did you experience any particular side effects after the first immunization?

  169. jp 11 years ago

    Has anyone try 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy? I been hearing it has cure people. Im on day 10.

    • CAE 11 years ago

      @jp I have read up on all the articles and treatments with the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy too, I know there are doctors offices in larger cities as alternative treatments that use it, I have heard different outcomes. But like you I am trying it too. I figure I have nothing to lose and it cleans out the bodies system and various virus pathegens. So I guess we will find out if it works. I know that my allergies are all clear now, 2 days into it my sinuses started to run, day 3 all clear and I feel great. Nothing wrong with Hope and Prayer that it works.

  170. Karen 11 years ago

    I’ve had herpes for nearly 25 years! Got it in my 20s like most of you are reporting. It was devastating and at times still is, but I minimize outbreaks by taking L-Lysine. You can find it at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Whole Foods, etc. Only when I’m extremely stressed out an outbreak may occur, but it doesn’t last for long. Also, if I do have an outbreak I apply pure lemon oil to the location and that also calms the sores/bumps. I am not married. I have been in and out of relationships. I passed it to one person back in my 20s before I came to realize that I had it. L-Lysine has been a blessing. No known side effects. It may not work for everyone, but there is no harm in trying it out. Also, you’ll need to pay attention to what you are eating and what is going on in your life when you have outbreaks so that you can try to curb whatever it is that may be triggering those outbreaks. It has not been easy living with the idea of having an incurable disease/virus, so I would be the first in line for this treatment if it is approved. Meanwhile I do indeed live my life to the fullest and you can too.

  171. Clau 11 years ago

    Hello jp, I read about that therapy, maybe is one cure. You are in Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. Where? I reading is in Canada, Europe an here in US.

  172. Jack 11 years ago

    I noticed a few small bumps on my chest and it really was itching how in the heck could i have an outbreak there?

    I was with someone who i found out later had genital herpes after 13 days of being with her and I got a test which was negative. I had a cold and rash and I was just so stressed I had it. That was its been 51 days and I keep having issues that could be something else or could be herpes… I dont have medical insurance and went in 30 days ago he said I should be ok.. No lesions no sores on genitals but can a first outbreak last so long? and how on the chest???

  173. jp 11 years ago

    @clau,….its 35%hp, you can just buy it and start on your own.

  174. jp 11 years ago

    @CAE, how many drops and days have you been doing so far?

    • CAE 11 years ago

      @jp, I am on day 8 now, been following the instructions to the letter from the web site, Day 8 is 10 drops, 3 times a day, in 8oz of milk (morning dose), vegtable juice (afternoon dose), and alternate between fruit juice or water (evening dose). I found the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide at the Natural food store spoke with the lady there, she said she uses it and it totally cleans out the toxins and viruses from the body. I was not able to find it anywhere else locally, unless I had ordered online. I hate Distilled water so I am not going to enjoy when I get to that stage, Yuck, but I am going to do it anyways. Research I found said to follow exactly for best results.

  175. Cc 11 years ago

    I was told the best hope was no outbreaks or viral shedding.There are two types of vaccine the dosage is increased in a three part series.There are three groups :vaccine,vaccine with enhancer , placebo.The dosage was increased in three week intervals the last shot was the strongest dose.I had a little light headedness and a funny taste in my mouth first injection.I had a little swelling in my left arm and the next day was a little nauseated.I had no problems in the next two shots.I have not taken it easy on the process either iv eaten lotes of peanut butter and peanuts all the things you shouldn’t..I have not taken any medication since June I do feel it has benefited me.I did ask on my first visit if this vaccine would hurt anything in the future as far as a better vaccine on down the line.I was told it should not Hope this helps you…..take care

    • jp 11 years ago

      @ Cc, are you in the trial? how long is the trail and where and when will this vaccine be available?

    • frank80 11 years ago

      That is good news thanks for the update, I pray this works for u and for every else who is taking the vaccination take care.

  176. LifeIsGood 11 years ago

    Hey everyone, I was diagnosed with hsv 2 january 2012, i got it from my bf at the time giving me oral sex. I deeply sympathize with every one of u, finding out u have it is hard, telling a potential partner is even harder. At first I felt very ashamed and suicidal but after doing some research and reading up on positive thinking I feel a lot more comfortable with myself as a person. Even though the outbreaks and feeling of being “different” sometimes get me down I try to remember that if someone loves me for me then this virus and telling them about it will be just a minor detail in life. I have told 4 men about it before we were intimate and only one freaked out, it was definitely a worst case scenario freak out and luckily it was the first man I told so he sort of broke me in and the way I saw it was that no matter who I told after, it could not get worse than that. I laugh about it now actually bcuz I truly dodged a bullet with that guy. The other men were all accepting and only one of them made the decision to not have a sexual relationship with me, it was definitely very upsetting at the time but now he is my best male friend so ultimately it’s made me more comfortable bcuz I can get his advice and talk to him about anything. Being honest beforehand is extremely important bcuz if there is potential for a long term relationship u won’t have to feel afraid to tell them later or fear that u will transmit the disease. If they don’t accept u it will hurt but life goes on and if they do, u have nothing to be afraid of later. I really appreciate being able to read everyone else’s comments bcuz it is hard at times to not feel alone, I agree that people will try to understand when u tell them but if they don’t have it, they truly don’t understand the emotional effects of herpes. All in all I believe tho that if a person loves u for who u r, they will accept u for who u r. This disease is a harsh but good way to weed out a lot of the potential disappointment and regret a person could go through. This is the first time I’ve spoken openly to unknown people about this and I am happy to comment bcuz I’d like every one of u to know that even though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, life does go on. We r all still human and humans r not perfect in any way, shape or form. The sooner u can learn to accept urself, the easier it will be for u to go on with a normal life. Looks for the positives! If u can find one positive for every negative ull be laughing before u know it.
    @ Dex – is there any testing happening in Canada right now? I live in Alberta and so far every vaccination site I’ve seen is based out of the states. I would love to help in any way possible. Thanks a bunch.

  177. CAE 11 years ago

    @jp, I found alternative doctors in the Houston area that do this treatment, but it requires you to go in every week and get the IV method, so I followed their instructions on doing it at home.

  178. Clau 11 years ago

    @ jp, thanks for the correction. I will gonna tried.

    • jp 11 years ago

      @clau…please read up on it…there is a protocol….you have to work up to 25 drops in distilled water…..35%hp is very strong…has to be diluted. Health stores have the 35%hp. The idea is that the extra oxygen in H2O2 will kill all virus and bacteria in your body. It makes sense, people seem to think the medical establishment is not interested in a cure that they cant profit on. people have said they have been cured using H2O2.

      • charles 11 years ago

        Has this been verified scientifically with blind studies, then published anywhere?

        Side effects?

        I remember in the late 70’s it was going around that rubbing mashed Avacados on affected areas would make the nerve receptors not receive the virus again. So, being dubious about HP 35% treatments via H2O needs much more clairification. Stat.


  179. Clau 11 years ago

    @Cae what is the web cite of 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy, that you find the instructions ? Thanks 🙂

    • CAE 11 years ago

      @clau, web site had the instuctions from the doctors office was at curezone.com. Remember if anyone decides to try this do the research and decide first. I have seen some that say only use distilled water. I have seen some that say you can mix with distilled water, spring water, milk, vegetable juice or fruit juice. I chose the one that uses any of those up to the 16th day, after the 16th day use only distilled water and reduce the drops by 1 a day until you get back down to 3 drops / 3 times a day in 8oz glass of distilled water. Then stay on that dose for an extra 30 days. So I wont schedule a blood test to see if it worked for a couple months. I too have done lots of research and saw thousounds of case studies where it worked, that is why I have decided to try it. There are lots of sites online that have the studies shown, search for Herpe cures or 35% Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and you should be able to find everything you need to decide if you want to try it. And what ever is decided follow the instructions exactly if you are going to try the therapy. Praying for a cure in any form, too many new diseases coming up with no cures for this one to go on without a treatment.

      • Dex 11 years ago

        I would caution that there is not a herpes cure at the moment. The danger is that outbreaks can be very infrequent or unnoticeable. What happens is that people take these “Cures” and think the virus is dead…and that is not the case. They then pass it on to someone while thinking they are cured. Trust me, having someone tell you that you gave them herpes will be something you won’t forget. You are messing with someone’s life. It is frustrating when I run across sites that promise a cure and have “Scientific studies” and I know they are bogus claims. Our spam filter deletes 20 comments a day with people trying to sell their “Revolutionary Herpes Cure.” I realize that many are desperate for a cure and understand why they want to believe there one..but there is not. I know I have said this multiple times but live your life. If a cure comes, great. Don’t let life pass you by waiting for something that may never come.

  180. Clau 11 years ago

    @DEX do you know if in Miami they going to do it?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      No, all we have is the info about the locations they currently have. Hopefully, they get all the people they need at those locations.

  181. Clau 11 years ago

    @DEX, OK thanks

  182. lion 11 years ago

    dear Friends

    i have tested it last december for all. STD s and i got HSV . and i still really cant think how i got it. and the result also came on 2013 1 1 .So the next moment i thought it is gud to be dead. By killing my self. So any way there was a gud friend of myn who is a class mate . And when i told him this he said dont warry and he actually did give me a brain wash . And i thought everything happens to the best . and now i have think of doing my job and give people a gud hand every day as i can . and when i am dead i will go to a gud place. or rebirth . and end of day if there is a cure. it is the best day of people who has HSV getting a releaf . and think it will be the cure .

  183. jp 11 years ago

    @clau, just do a search for 35% Hp cure for herpes…lots of info on the web….some say work up to 25 drops…other have gone as high as 75 drops…depends is you can tolerate it
    1st day, use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)
    2nd day, use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)
    3rd day, use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)
    4th day, use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)
    5th day, use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)
    6th day, use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)
    7th day, use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)
    8th day, use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)
    9th day, use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day
    10th day, use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)
    11th day, use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)
    12th day, use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day
    13th day, use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)
    14th day, use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)
    15th day, use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day
    16th day, use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)

  184. jp 11 years ago

    @clau…..i use spring water…i cant do the distilled….you mix it with juice…i was told not to mix it with anything but water….H2O2 turns iron in food into rust…not good…..where are you getting these instructions?

  185. Cc 11 years ago

    Yes I’m in the trial it is 59 weeks ..I have been told possibly by 2016 . I hope and pray that is the case …I do think they will have a second phase with thousands of participants in the next phase. I have heard positive things about the group study.. it’s an exciting time you guys take care,,,,

  186. Charles 11 years ago

    No, Cc, I was asking about the HP concoction, not the Genocia trials. Good news on Genocia it sounds!!! 59 weeks, why so long?

  187. CAE 11 years ago

    @clau, The Houston Wellness Center, Houston Texas has info on their site

  188. Cc 11 years ago

    Thats true Dex I was told the best we could hope for is permanent repression I’m guardedly optimistic .It is not a cure but I hope it stops outbreaks and viral shedding or lessons symptoms..There is alote going on here in the states and abroad…HOPE

  189. Rj 11 years ago

    Thank you for posting! Did they tell you what dose you received? I emailed the clinical trial personnel and they did say the participants were told what dose they would receive. Another participant who received the 30ug dose said she is doing well so far. How long did your recent outbreak last? How frequent were they before the vaccination?

  190. Trajan 11 years ago

    Is it just me or is everything I’m reading about this not a CURE but a VACCINE for people that do not yet have the virus? ? ? ? That those of us that have already been infected with the virus this will not be of any use to us . . . Am I correct or just uninformed? ? ?

    • charles 11 years ago

      Yes, Trajan, correct. It offers protection to the uninfected, and supposedly stops the infected from passing it, but does not cure the infected. This is my understanding.

    • Dex 11 years ago

      Yes, like Charles said. It is also suppose to greatly reduce symptoms. If you cannot pass the virus then that is the next best thing.

  191. rj 11 years ago

    This vaccine is for HSV2 positive people only to reduce/eliminate symptoms and hopefully stop shedding which spreads the virus. This is a phase 1 study and all the results will not be out until early next year. This is only being tested on people that have the virus and is considered a therapeutic vaccine.

  192. Ciara welson 11 years ago


  193. Jack 11 years ago

    Can you spread the virus to other parts of your body when you shower using soap?

    • Dex 11 years ago

      This is highly unlikely. Soap kills the virus instantly.

      • Trajan 11 years ago

        Ok, so this is going to act as a vaccine for people that don’t have the virus to prevent them from getting it and it is also going to prevent those of us that have the virus from being able to spread it .. Do I understand correctly?

        • Dex 11 years ago

          Correct. They are calling it a “Therapeutic Vaccine” for the FDA clinical trial purposes. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a vaccine that prevents the spread to other people while also lessening the symptoms.

  194. Jack 11 years ago

    Can it spread to the chest then? If so how?

  195. Jean 11 years ago

    I was celibate for 6, nearly 7, months and then I have sex last Thursday…I started getting symptoms on Tuesday and did my Googling. On Wednesday I called and scheduled for testing. Friday I got the full battery of STD testing. Already this has been the longest week of my life. Not the worst, just the longest. I have 6-11 more days of waiting till I know for sure but the doc said that visually it appeared to be what I had feared, herpes.

    The man who gave it to me is someone I love dearly and I don’t believe he knows he has it. I plan on waiting till I get the test results so that I know for sure before breaking the news to him. I am pretty sure I know who gave it to him and kind of want to bash her face in but I will refrain.

    This is really hard to deal with but already I am starting to see that this isn’t the end at all. Just the beginning of being more cautious with my body, eating even more healthy than I already was (I’m a vegetarian.) and staying away from things that could cause a painful outbreak.

    Telling future partners is going to be hard but I was never a promiscuous person in the first place and rarely have new partners so that won’t be a much of a hardship. If a permanent suppressor for the virus is found that eradicates the virus’s ability to spread and cause outbreaks, we won’t need to worry much about that. They were able to do that for chicken pox which is in the herpes family so they should be able to do it for this.

    Sincerely hoping their muse visits them and inspires them in their work finding us a cure.

    I hope everyone living with this can find a way to see that they are still the same person and that their life is not much altered except maybe in the case of those already living an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, excessive junk food, sedentary lifestyle, over-stressed, overworked, unsafe sex…all of those and more contribute to this condition. Either spreading it or causing outbreaks. No one wants that. Maybe this is a wake-up call for some.

    Live life. Laugh and love. Strive for success and happiness and you will eventually find it.

    Herpes should not be the largest figure in the equation of your life.

  196. Clau 11 years ago

    @ JP thanks. I’ll have everything in mind. I first want to see a specalist about this disease. I do all the research possible to ask all the questions. I’m reading a book about the 35% hp. thanks
    @ CAE also think to do that, after making the proper treatment I want a blood test. We must have faith. Thanks for all the information.

  197. Clau 11 years ago

    @ JP thanks. I’ll have everything in mind. I first want to see a specialist about this disease. I do all the research possible to ask all the questions. I’m reading a book about the 35% hp. thanks
    @ CAE also think to do that, after making the proper treatment I want a blood test. We must have faith. Thanks for all the information.

  198. Can't be 11 years ago

    Hey JP I’m curious about the hydrogen peroxide therapy that ur doing . I have read on it but am still unclear on how u take it. Please some one help ; so u pour droplets of hydrogen peroxide 35% and into a cup of distiller water as auggested above and nd drink it 3x daily for 16 days ? So where do I store the peroxide?

  199. Felicia 10 years ago

    Hi all
    Thank you for your posts through my tears today I found strength.
    I was infected in my teens and am now 42 from my second boyfriend. I didn’t get a test with confirmation until 2011. In 1995 I had a swab test on a sore which showed up periodically on my buttocks. I suspected in 1995 it was herpes. The test came back negative. I contained living my life and never passed it on. Since knowing for sure in 2011 I disclose this to partners.
    I have had two men reject me & since I don’t date often I took those two rejections to heart.
    I am a successful professional woman with three beautiful sons who are college grads and a college student. Everyone thinks I am so together but they don’t know my dirty secret. Today I considered suicide after a week of telling a new partner who I have a lot in common with and feels like the best fit of my whole life. I respect his inability to handle it- at least I claim I do but I don’t. I have experienced outbreaks mainly before acyclovir & lysine above my buttocks a red area with tiny bumps. Since acyclovir no true outbreaks. I feel dirty inside. I feel like no one will love me. I feel depressed and all of my life successes don’t overshadow the burden and stigma associated with a man rejecting me.
    I consider myself responsible to not infect someone else. I have given this new man education & information but he says he just can’t get over it today. It’s been 10 days. Everything went perfect before this and no matter what I read today I feel worthless.
    I have to put on a good face for everyone else. And even though I don’t want to die I feel suicidal that I don’t want to continue living with this dreadful illness and have to warn future men.
    I am a miserable person.
    The man I contracted it from as a young teens — I told him 3 months ago. He said he has not told his wife & has had the symptoms for years & never knew. He won’t get a test to confirm it.
    Being honest is a burden.
    I feel my love life really is over.
    If this mr perfect can’t accept me no one else will.

  200. kyle 10 years ago

    I am so sick and tired of my frequent outbreaks!!! I wish they would find the cure or clinical cure very soon! Im so tired of not being able to have sex when I want, and thats pretty shameful. Im not a person who wants to go spread this devil of a virus, and the bitch that gave me this gift was a lying ass bitch and I would enjoy revenge on her. But she’ll eventually get what she deserves, all I want is to be free once more. Please GOD help them find the cure, and release it to the many affected ones!

  201. Richelle 10 years ago

    Hi i was just diagnosed with HSV2 last month. And we went to this clinic that specializes with all these disease. Me and my bf went there every day for 10 days treatment. last day, they checked our blood again and they saw that my bf is cured. and i still need to go there after my monthly period. They say am getting better now. Is it really true that my bf is cured. when he was the one who infected me with that? And i have been researching over the internet that there is still no cure. My boyfriend is African. I am Filipina. They say my immune system is poor. i had an abortion month before the treatment. is it the reason why i am weak. I still can’t get over with the fact that my bf is “cured?”And am not. By the way, we are currently in China. I don’t know if they really have cure here.

  202. Dex 10 years ago

    Hello Richelle!

    Unfortunately, there is not a cure for HSV1 or HSV2 at this time. The symptoms will disappear for a time but the virus is still there and can reoccur at any time. Since you are in China, is it possible there was some sort of translation miscommunication? While a vaccination/cure for herpes is being tested by several companies, nothing has been successful as of yet.

  203. D.A.W 10 years ago

    Ive had HSV2 for 7years now. It is not easy catching this at any age. I had to wait until I got older (late 40s) to catch this humiliating virus. Fortunately for me, I was already involved in a relationship with someone that loves me very much and chose to stay with me. They got tested and didnt have it. Thank goodness. Im still with this person, but we’re going thru so much drama, we might be splitting up. So that will leave me (almost 50) alone and scared to tell someone else. So, I will keep praying to God that He will allow a vaccine to be made to delete this virus. I am tired of thinking that I am being punished for my bad decisions. And even more afraid that I might die alone with it.

    • Ray 10 years ago

      I discovered I had it when I was 41, shortly after I got married. And I didn’t get it from bad decisions. I got it from I girl I had known for years and was living with. Only she never told me she had it. I have since divorced from my wife, nothing to do with herpes, and she never got it from me. I dated someone for about 3 years after that, and she never got it from me either. I’m in my early 60s now, and I’m alone. I’ve tried dating, but always have to have that “talk”. At which point they all split. 🙁

      I wish I could offer words of encouragement, but I have none. Other than keep on trying. I’ve been trying to meet people on herpes dating sites, but with little luck. There’s almost always a big age difference, or geographical one. But I keep on trying.

      Let’s pray to God that they do one day find a cure.


  204. Melissa 10 years ago

    This article was originally posted more than 2 years ago…. Has anyone heard of any new updates? How the trials went? Is the vaccine being distributed yet? I know we are all ready for a solution to lift this heavy weight from our bodies and minds.

    • Dex 10 years ago

      Hi Melissa!

      Yes, the study has been quiet because they are still testing but it is moving forward. I will post some additional information in the next few days.

  205. Ashley 10 years ago

    I would like to be a volunteer.

  206. Mark 10 years ago

    Hey Dex, can you send me a link to the update on all the research being done? Thanks!

  207. Dex 9 years ago

    Hi Mark!

    We were supposed to have an update weeks ago but things got crazy over here. I will post what we have so far this week!

  208. tyra 9 years ago

    hi, i was diagnosed with type 2 for about a 3 months now and every since I feel ugly. I caught this illness with my first sexual partner and only partner. I am only 19 years old. im not mad at him because he kind of warned me that he might have herpes but he never had signs of it. And he was never forsure. When he went to the doctors they didnt find any at the time. at the time it was a rumor going around which is true now that his ex has herpes. I was to nieve to ever think that I could catch this. I feel like i will have to be with him for the rest of my life because of this And he feels the same way. I dont want to pass this on and if i we break up i feel like ill be lonely for the rest of my life because i wouldnt have the guts to tell a new partner. I have been doing research everyday trying to find ways to cure this. I know that there is a cure out there somewhere and i will find it and i wont rest until i do. I cant stand this disease. I want to rest and be happy again.

  209. Tammy 9 years ago

    Met the man if my dreams then had my 1st outbreak. Now he is not even talking to me and we got along sooo well. It hurts a whole bunch. Why is society so ignorant about this infection. Lots of people have it and it’s easy to get and people who have it don’t even know. So why is there this mentality that we are some how dirty and have reached out death sentence??? That’s what I hate about it. I can deal with taking supplements to ease flare ups. It’s societies view of me and the infection that hurts like hell!! If a man ever loves me in spite of this he would be quite special. Doesn’t look like a cure is coming anytime soon.

  210. Maggie 9 years ago

    I was diagnosed with HSV-1 and HSV-2 when I was 17 (2008). After I was married and had my now (6yr.old) I was told I had it. So I ended my marriage BC I found a book with 145 names of women that he had slept with before me and a blood test from 2000, stating he has this std. I was so pissed! He swore he didn’t have it. My kids didn’t catch it, thank god! But now I lay down every night thinking I’m goin to be alone. That I’m damaged goods. It was fair to me that he kept this from me. I hope there is a cure….some people should have to tell you by law, they have something. Its ruined my life, my future relationships and a chance of being happy.

  211. tomas 9 years ago

    @maggie. Sorry to hear your partner wasn’t honest but that is the reason getting blood tests in person with your partner is SO IMPORTANT BEFORE sexual activity. Skin to skin contact can spread it as well. (no sex required) That said, life is not over. Everyone must move forward and try to live a life as best they can. You are not alone. Stay strong and pay attention to research on this issue. Hope a cure comes about soon!!

  212. monica 9 years ago

    There are laws regarding revealing STDs and informing partners. You may file a lawsuit if not informed and you contract an STD such as lifelong Herpes. There is statute of limitations differing per state. It is referred to as ‘personal injury’ in most cases.

  213. Seleste 9 years ago

    I was recently diagnosed with herpes not that long ago but this guy I really loved and trusted but I guess he was seeing other girls behind my back and caught her herpes and gave them to me.. I felt like my life was over cause I’m only 18… I believed the no man would ever want me cause I have herpes but knowing that people are still out here still trying to find a cure keeps my hopes up! Please don’t give up on finding a cure! I would love to have my future babies the natural way!

  214. Olivia 9 years ago

    Hi all! I was diagnosed with HSV2 like 15yrs ago and it is just one of those things… Where you have good days and you have bad days. I’ve noticed though, that as I’ve gotten older my outbreaks have almost completely stopped. There was a time there when I would get an outbreak every time I got my period( sorry guys)and what a pain, literally that was. As if menstrual cramps aren’t enough. But yes. They have almost pretty much just stopped so that’s the bright side and the longer you live with it, the easier it becomes and you eventually start figuring out how to avoid them and get rid of a bump the minute it starts coming. You’ll also know by simply having a certain spot begin to itch constantly. As far as the valtrex goes, I’ve never taken it daily, I’ve only doubled up on the pill when I’ve felt an outbreak coming on then it nips it in the bud by like the 2nd day. So yea. Initially it’s depressing and you stress over dating if you’re single and your babies if you don’t have any but it does get easier.
    Hopefully they will find the cure because life is hard enough to deal with as it is, we shouldn’t have to worry about this super annoying and embarrassing disease.
    So let’s all be optimistic and look forward to a cure!!!!!!! XOXO

  215. angel 8 years ago

    Any updates on the Genn-003 vaccine? This original post was years ago. Is it still looking promising and when will it market?

  216. Sadie 8 years ago

    Sad since I got this from a person I thought cared. He was in the limelight and was messy. I got burned in the end. D.A.L. took something from me and it hurts. I feel in love with a DJ who damn sure didn’t love me

  217. GOKHAN AKCAKARA 8 years ago

    I wait cure from Turkey…

  218. Suffering 7 years ago

    Please send updates God please help us we a cure

  219. Precison 7 years ago

    If the trail is safe can they do at doctors in hospitals in Mississippi? Have lived with this herpes for 10 years. Can’t find date girls with this….. need cure immediately! Thanks

    • Dex 7 years ago

      Hi Precison!
      We don’t know of any yet. When trials are looking for volunteers, they usually reach out to us for people in their area.

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