Genocea Herpes Funding for herpes cure clinical trials

Genocea receives $30 million in funding for their herpes cure and vaccine clinical trials.

A vaccine or even a cure for herpes gets closer as Genocea Biosciences raises $30 million for research.  The biotech start-up has a proprietary technology to identify and use T-cell antigens to target large pathogens like HSV-2, pneumococcus, chlamydia and malaria, reports MedCityNews.

We were first excited when we heard about Genocea’s clinical trials for their herpes vaccine here.  If you are not familiar , a clinical trial is where they first start testing on people. Their GEN-003 vaccine showed great promise in reducing the severity and frequency of outbreaks in people with genital herpes (HSV2).  They have been testing on people for the last couple of months in various locations around the country.

Well it looks like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Microsoft Founder) and the investment firm of Henry Crown and Company along with others have raised $30 million for this research.  This is a good sign!  The funds will also go for a vaccine to prevent infections related to the bacteria, streptococcus pneumoniae.

What does this all mean?

The good:  The preliminary results of the GEN-003 vaccine must look very positive.  So positive, in fact,  that investors are willing to dump in a pile of cash to continue the research.   We have heard from a person that is taking part in the testing and they also say things are going very good.  If all goes well, a cure for herpes, a vaccine to prevent it or something to lessen the symptoms could be well on its way.

The Bad: Not to rain on anybody’s parade…we just want to keep things in prospective.  All previous attempts at a herpes cure or vaccine have failed. They looked promising in the beginning but never passed the rigorous testing phases.  Even if this does prove to be a cure, we are still years away from a final product that can be sold.  They still have to test the efficacy of lasting effect.  The trial, alone lasts 59 weeks.

What you should not do:  A herpes cure may or may not ever come.  Even if it does, it will be years away.  Whatever you do, don’t sit around and let life pass you by while waiting for a cure.  Join HWerks and meet others in the same boat or just for support, join a regular dating site, just go out with friends and meet people…just do something!  Life is too short and we don’t live forever.

We just want to reiterate, currently there is NO known cure for herpes. You will run across websites and advertisements that claim to have a cure for herpes, they even sound convincing, show case studies and may even have testimonials…but they are all false claims.  We will keep you updated!

  1. Michael 12 years ago

    I recently was confirmed that I have the genital herpes virus and I’m a single male college student in central Florida at the age of 30, Hispanic who is willing to under go trial testing for a cure of some kind to this illness. I’m taking my B.A. in business administration and if possible would like to take part in the trial tests and invest in research and such for this illness. I have no health insurance But I’m willing to do what ever it takes to be cured if possible. Please can someone help me in regards to this dilemma I’m now facing and having to deal with for the rest of my life. Thank you for your time and response back to my questions.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      I don’t see a trial location in your state. You can find the locations HERE. You probably won’t believe it now, but you are going to be OK!

  2. Rudra 12 years ago

    Hi , I am 23 years old guy from India and i am infected by HSV-2.Can i live longer like a normal human ? can i marry a normal girl ? can i be a father?.

    Other wise , sir you please tell me a painless way to suicide.

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Rudra!

      To answer your question…Yes, Yes and yes! Millions of people have HSV-2 and live perfectly normal lives and have children. When you do find someone that you want to date and things start getting serious just make sure to tell her about your HSV. You always want to give a partner a choice and it is unfair to deny them of that. There are so many things out there worse than HSV.

  3. rahul 12 years ago

    hi sir

    can we HSV cure in the coming year or any vaccine to stop these outbreaks

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hello Rahul!

      There won’t be anything new for 2013-2014 that we have heard. We do have an update on the Genocea clinical trial and will be posting something this week here in the blog.

  4. rahul 12 years ago

    hows trial going on is there any possitive sign

  5. ava 12 years ago

    Please update me of any vacines when available

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Ava,
      We will post all of our updates here in the blog section.

  6. matt 12 years ago

    Hey recently tested positive to hsv1 and 2 will this help with 1 as well

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Matt,
      Right now, they are focusing on HSV2. HSV1 and HSV2 are virtually identical under a microscope so there may be hope for HSV1 as well.

  7. Rad 12 years ago

    I havent seen the update of the vaccine, anything??
    just wanted to know how things were going with the trial..

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hi Rad!
      I’ll post something by Sunday about the Vaccine.

  8. Rad 12 years ago

    ok, ill come in on sunday, to see the update!!

  9. Rad 12 years ago

    Hi, Dex
    Did not heard about any news!!

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Hey Rad,
      I am just waiting to hear back from someone that is in the clinical trial. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

  10. skipper 12 years ago

    hope it works..

  11. ALLIE 12 years ago

    I wish there was a site closer to Raleigh NC. I would like to be a test subject also.

  12. Hello 12 years ago

    Dex is there any progress or Information from the vaccine company?

    • Dex 12 years ago

      Not that we know of. This is the slow part where all the participants are just turning in their weekly swabs. It is a 59 week process.

  13. Lily 11 years ago

    Are there any test centers in south florida?

  14. Kaitlin 10 years ago

    I’m very happy they’re funding $30 Million for a herpes cure and I hope that everyone comes together to support this cause. Thanks.


  15. unknown 10 years ago

    Hi I was just recently tested for herpes and my results hAvent come back yet but I am almost certain that is what I have. I am having a lot of trouble coming to terms with this and can’t sleep eat or even move. I am just online all the time looking up different things. I know this thread is from 2 years ago but if there are still studies going on is this study to be a potential cure maybe if all goes well? If so I would love to be a test subject (if comes back positive) there is a testing sight near me. Please let me know. I need help

  16. Dex 10 years ago

    We have not heard anything from the testing as of yet.

  17. Lisha 10 years ago

    Hey I am 34 years old a rape victim who was left with HSV1 and HSV2, I am still trying to cope with my life because I have two little girls to live for and they need me around to care for them because I am the only parent they got. I would like to know how far is the research and testing etc… I am available for any trial test, if I am not in the area where trial is being done, then I am willing to go wherever it is in order to be apart of it. In the meantime I’m stuck by myself single and lonely. Can you please tell me I there’s any hope for me to be cured? Its my girls and God who is keeping me away from a suicide right now.

    • Dex 10 years ago

      Hi Lisha!

      We still have not heard anything, yet. I have said many times…Don’t wait for a cure to live your life. Otherwise, life may pass you by before you know it. Instead, concentrate on your family and take care of you. You will soon realize that herpes isn’t as bad as you now think it is.

      • Rad 10 years ago

        Hey Lisha!!

        Its nice you are looking for answers, right now like dex told you, its better to focus on you and your family for now.

        I know how you are feeling right now believe me!!! Its like the end of the road, ansious, no eating, not sleeping, not focusing, lookingn on internet answers like crazyyyy!!

        And all the answer get you now where!

        Sweety, this is only a virus, like a common cold, comes and goes!!
        You know that chicken pox is family of hsv?? Have you had chicken pox??
        Well if youve had it youve already had hsv on you!!

        Thing is that it will come and goes and in time outbreaks will be less and less..

        Your girls need you!! You still can work, play, take care of you and the girls without any problem at all!!

        And lonely?? Awww i know how you feel honey, been there done that!
        BUT Pleaseeeeeee that its not true, you will find someone that will love you as you are!! And you are normal!! Nothing death sentence to be afraid of!!

        Hell almost 80% of americans have hsv1, and 1 out of 6 have hsv2 in the US!!

        Tell me this is NOT common??? Please honey, concentrate and breath and relax!!

        Just look at cameron diaz, celube dion, tom cruise, kate holmes, derek jeter etc etc!!
        All with HSV and they dont care the go out on the public eye with the blsiters or tell the press about their hsv2… Oh And the list goes on and on and on!!

        So just relax, and start earing healthier, getting in better shape; focus on you and get therapy for to deal with those bad times you had!

        Believe me sweety, it will be ok!!

        I will be here untill you get better huh!! 😉


        PS, Lonely??? Naaaa!! Believe me i got married with a NON H Girl and
        We are having a blast! So Get ur chin up, deep breath and get you hopes up!!
        Things are going to be better now “pinky promise” :)))))))

  18. Lisha 10 years ago

    Thanks Rad and Dex, guys, you have given me a lot more hope to live.

    I am very concerned about my girls though…. that they might be at risk, given that we share the same toilet etc. and no matter how I tell them not to drink out of my cup, they still do… they are very young so they don’t understand about STI as yet. however I want to know if I can get marry to a none HSV man and have a child for him….I would really like to know whether or not I can get pregnant with HSV2 and have a healthy baby, that is one of the challenges that I’m faced with also. I want to know if the virus only transmits whenever there is an outbreak.

    How would I even tell a man that I have HSV2? Well I am sorry but the stigma is very high so its best for me not to tell anyone else about it. None of my families know about it, not even my mom.

    I am not waiting for scientists to find a cure…. I am waiting on GOD almighty to heal me, I am a Christian and I am praying and hoping for his healing whenever it is convenient to him.

    I uses honey, olive oil and bees wax together to put on the blisters on my lip and thanks be to God it has taken away the blisters from my lip. I am currently taking Vitamin C pills and I uses DMSA Cream on my spine and hips, I am trying to treat myself naturally but I hate to be taking a lot of pills in one day.

    God is going to heal me and when he do, I’m planning to motivate others who are currently suffering from the virus.

    God bless you and please continue to encourage others.

  19. Rad 10 years ago

    Hey Lisha,
    I don’t know if you’ve read about transmission rate of this! Considering using protection and abstaining from intercourse those days, the possibility are very very low!
    Toilets or on bathroom, there is no evidence that it could transmit this! This virus cannot live in the open air, that’s why it dies when it outbreaks, and maintains dormant on your body! So don’t worry about your kids! Just don’t kiss them when you have a visible blister, and don’t share cups (just for precaution) when you have an open blister. If there’s not blister around, chances are very low!
    On the dating part, telling a partner truthfully its not an easy task! You have to wait until things are very serious between you two, and talk to him about this and tell him about the risks, and things that you do to prevent transmission! you will get the hang of this, this is like a common cold, and If its not visible with proper protection the chances are very, very, very low! Hell maybe you will tell him and he will say, I have it to! Or said that has a friend that has it to! (its very common, statistics in US 1 out of 6). Tell me this is not common!

    About your question on spreading this, well it depends on where its located, but mainly the blister must be open for the fluids to pass on! so its kind of tricky, but controllable and mostly predictable, so with caution you can have a chance to protect your love ones easily!

    Having a baby, its VERY VERY Common with this honey!
    Just believe me this is very common, the thing is that no one will go on and talk about this with friends and family. No one in my family knows about this, just my wife!
    On the blisters on mouth from type one, I know you have seen thousands of people with this!!
    Even Celine Dion, pleaseeee! Just look the celebrities on the public eye! THIS IS VERY COMMON!!!
    Back to having a baby, when you are having a baby, the gyn will ask you and you will tell him or her, that you have hsv, and she will put you on a antiviral dose to control the outbreaks, and prevent the transmission to the baby, if for some reason, you have an Outbreak when delivering the baby, they will perform a Cesarean C-section, to prevent to pass this to child!
    That said many, many, many, many (millions of mothers) have done this!
    Again Lisha, This is just another bump on the road, they will be worst things than this in your life!
    This is a small bump, TOUGH?? Yesssss, SAD?? Yesssss NOT EASY?? I KNOW!!
    But this is how life is! This is not life threatening, will not harm you, not harm your family or your partner!
    Honey, you will get through this faster than you think!
    I’ve been married for 3 years and haven’t pass this, and we don’t use protection sweetie, if I feel something funny that it may come up but its NOT visible I use protection and when outbreaks we just chill for those 5 days.

    If you have any questions let me know!
    Hang on! You are doing awesome!

  20. Lisha 10 years ago

    Hey Rad, I researched Herpes and I have read testimonials of victims who says they are now cured! Have you ever tried the Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade? I think you should try it and see how well it will work for you. In the mean time I am replanning my life and I have decided to move from where I am currently living to some where else where I can get remedies for the virus. I was dating a guy in New York and was planning to get marry but after I found out that I have herpes…. I end the relationship, he is devastated and keep texting me but I kept telling him that I a not ready to marry. I t was a good thing that I am a Christian and that I wasn’t having sex with him. We still occasionally text each other. Recently I asked him if he would date a girl with herpes and he shut me up, he said NO! Wow… well that was very painful to hear him say that. I tried to educate him about it and he aid if he have it then he would learn how to live with it, but rightnow he is not dating anyone who has it, he is the only guy that I met whom I fell inlove with after staying away from sex for over three years when I was raped, now only to know that I will never get to dae someone who is healthy and free of herpes, honestly I am trying my best to research and even take different remedies to cure myself naturally so I don’t want to date someone who have it either because I know that I am going to be cure before this year ends…. LOL. Rad please tell me how to tell a guy that I have herpes…..You said wait till things get serious but things did get serious with this new guy whom I met….. but after seeing and feeling the symptoms I took the test early this year and tested positive, how can I possible tell him that I have it? He went and did a full medical and he boasting about his health now I can’t show him mine. I am HIV NEGATIVE BUT HERPES POSITIVE……sigh… oh I need help.

    • Dex 10 years ago

      Hi Lisha!

      There is still no cure for herpes. These sites that sell a “Herpes cure” are convincing but are scams and dangerous. The problem is that people will buy their product and think they are cured when they are not. They then go on to, unknowingly, give herpes to another. The FDA was suppose to shut those sites down but they keep popping up.

      • Lisha 10 years ago

        Hello Dex,
        I am very sorry if thats what you feel and think but in the meantime I am not going to wait on the FDA to approve natural treatments for herpes because I am the one who is suffering and as long as Its not causing any side effects well….. I would say go ahead and give it a try! I want to be cure so badly therefore I am very willing to do anything to be cure and rid of this terrible disease.

      • Lisha 10 years ago

        Hello Dex,
        I am very sorry if thats what you feel and think but in the meantime I am not going to wait on the FDA to approve natural treatments for herpes because I am the one who is suffering and as long as Its not causing any side effects well….. I would say go ahead and give it a try! I want to be cure so badly therefore I am very willing to do anything to be cure and rid of this terrible disease.

        PS: Have you heard anything about the vaccine? why have’nt the Genocea post an updated research for person to see…. what is taking them so long to give the public an update?

        I am interested in the vaccine… although when it comes out…. only the rich and famous will be able to afford it.

  21. jay 10 years ago

    try olive leaf extract and oil of oregano search for this cures

  22. Anonymous23 10 years ago

    Hello have you heard anything else about the vaccine I didn’t find out I had HSV2 until last year my boyfriend of now 2 years informed me that he had little bumps on his penis and that he had never had this before I got tested for it and tested positive for it my heart dropped I kinda think I know who gave it to me because the person I had sex with before him it changed the feeling of my normal vaginal discharge it went from being clear and thin to like a creamy discharge and I get dry faster during intercourse is there anyway I can fix this problem

  23. Rad 10 years ago

    Hi Sandra,
    I know its sad honey!! Just take a deep breath!!!

    Ok, if you have type 1, on genitals well the good thing is that it doent reocurr that much; cause that type doesnt live well on the gens..

    Type 1 one mouth itsssss Soooooooo Common, even Celine Dion has cold sores, i know that you know cold sores are is HSV1!!

    Please relax, everything will be ok!

    Most of the time all those pimples, rashes etc is just that!!

    If you have type 2 oral thats veri rare well the chances for outbreak on oral are almost none..
    So you will be ok honey!

    Relax and if you are having lots of OB, just learn what its causing them and just meds when you have them.

    If you have a h free partner you could start meds.

    You will be ok, i bet its only type 1!! And other things are just in your mind!

    Please relax everything will be ok, type one almost 80% of population of US has them!

    Hope this helps! If you need anything just ask!
    Take Care

  24. Rad 10 years ago

    Ohh and the symptoms of HSV1 in Gens sometimes outbreaks are less frequent and milder! Maybe 1-2 a year some dont have in years.

    Type 2 in gen are much frequent 4-8 and some more!!

    This said there are exceptions and some dont have outbreaks with type 2 so it could vary.

    And type 1 on oral, are much frequent then type 2..
    Patterns had showed that type 2 orally probably outbreaks once thats all!!

    Cold sores are very common so we all know the appear whenever they want, mostly cause of the sun!!

    Hope you are clear on things!
    Dont feel alone you have people to talk to!!
    We are here for you!
    Take Care

  25. Sandra 10 years ago

    Thank you very much Rad. Thank you for being there.

  26. Anne 9 years ago

    Hey Dex, is there any new information as of 2015? I was recently diagnosed with herpes but wasnt told which type I have. I’m feeling very lost about the the whole thing cause my boyfriend just left me due to his mom being so judgmental about me having this condition.

  27. Rad 9 years ago

    Genocea dna Alliedt Health are working separately studying this on HSV2, if it works on HSV2 it probably works with type 1 also..
    This will not be a cure but a good suppresive therapy.
    They are still in early stages Phase 1 and 1/2..

    You have to understand in order to this reach the market could be from 5-7 years to get approved by FDA, if this gets approved.

    Why im saying this, maybe sounds negative?

    Well please try to understand that this is a very common virus thatits nothing that will kill you and it wont affect your life at all.

    If your boyfriend gave you this well its sad hes backing up..

    Type 1 or 2?? Well if its 1 it more likely be milders and less outbreaks.. If its 2, you the OB will be more, but in many persons there are 2-3 OB per year and some have control of them and have non.

    Its very common to have hsv, so dont worry and forget about the ingnorant people like his mother that are not that educate..

    Hope you get your chin up and start living life as ussual..

    We are always here if you want to talk..

    Best Wishes

  28. nash 9 years ago

    i want to know what is the test i have to conduct to know if i have hsv1 or 2

    • Rad 9 years ago

      Hi Nash,
      Well depends, if you have a blister, you could swab it in the lab, or blood test IGG and IGM for both antibodies Hsv1 and Hsv2.
      Hope your doing ok, hang on everything will be ok!
      Best Wishes!!

    • Sandra 9 years ago

      The test to distinguish what type of herpes you have is called igH.

  29. Angel 9 years ago

    I had a friends with benefit relationship. He infected me and turned his back to move onto other women and encouraged me to start dating other immediately. Well I am seeing a therapist because I cannot believe this is happening to me. So many herpes trials are happening until I pray something gets on the market soon. Can I sue him for infecting and then disrespecting me.

    • Rad 9 years ago

      Hi Angel,
      Sorry To hear that your going through a hard time.

      Matter a fact is that your not gonna win nothing by going to court because of this.

      You knew it was friends with benefits; that is having a friend that could potential have more friends etc.

      Its sad cause people trust in this kind of relationship; but the truth is that without protection and the honesty of a human being Anything could happend.

      At least it was something harmful that wont kill you or do harm to you.
      Angel This is soooo common; that chances are that the next boyfriend you have has it or know someone who has it, family or friend!!

      This wont kill you and definitely WONT Define you as a person!!

      You will still be the wonderful person that you are but with more knowledge and better understanding about protection.

      Please relax, and live your life the fullest!!

      This is a minor bump on the road and you will get through this TRUST ME!!!

      Take Care

    • Dex 9 years ago

      Thanks JK!

      Great link showing that research is ongoing. For those who read it, please disregard the comments. No, there is not some miracle herbal cure for herpes, HIV, Lou Gehrig’s disease and whatever they are claiming. They obviously don’t check for spam.

  30. Marva 9 years ago

    Genital herpes is a viral infcetion mainly affecting the skin on or around your genitals, which you can catch through having sex, including oral sex, with an infected person.Once infected with a genital herpes virus, it stays in your body forever. Some people with genital herpes have outbreaks of genital sores that keep coming back, while other people have no symptoms at all and don’t even know they have the virus in their body. So it’s possible to transmit the virus to sexual partners even if you don’t have symptoms (though this is less likely than when you have active lesions).Mostly, you won’t know whether or not your sexual partner is infected with one of the viruses that cause genital herpes. In fact, most people don’t know themselves whether or not they are infected. So, when having sex with a new partner, it’s always best to follow these safer sex tips.Protecting yourself and your partnerAlways use a condom during vaginal or anal sex.During oral sex, always use a condom to avoid direct mouth to penis contact, or a dental dam to avoid direct mouth to vagina or mouth to anus contact. A dental dam is a small sheet of latex that is held over the entrance to the vagina or anus as a protective barrier during oral sex. Keep only one side of the dam next to the genital area, remember to keep your mouth on the other side of the dam (don’t turn it over) and don’t reuse it.Note. If you always use a condom or a dental dam during sexual contact, you significantly reduce your risk of catching or passing on genital herpes. However, a slight risk remains because the area of infected skin may not always be covered by the condom or dental dam.If you have genital herpesAvoid all sexual contact during an outbreak of genital herpes, that is, when genital sores are present.Always follow the above safe sex practices between outbreaks, as the virus can be passed on even when no sores are visible. Talk to your doctor about treatment options such as antiviral medications, which can reduce your number of outbreaks and help make them less severe and more short lived. The use of antiviral medications as suppressive therapy (along with condom use during sex) can help reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to a non-infected partner.Discuss genital herpes with your partner. Your partner might consider having a blood test for the genital herpes virus. Even if the blood test shows your partner has also been infected with a genital herpes virus, safe sex practices are still recommended, especially when sores are present.Herpes can be transferred from one part of the body to another during an outbreak, so avoid touching another part of your body, especially your eyes, after touching the affected area. Wash your hands often during an outbreak.

  31. Ann 9 years ago

    Any clinical trials going on now? Any updates?

  32. Dex 9 years ago

    Hi Ann!

    Not that we know of. There are early results of the GEN-003 herpes therapy and we will post those in a few days.

  33. J 9 years ago

    I have been with the same woman for eight years and only been with a five in my whole life. I’m 38 years old and love and cherish the woman I’m with now. She was just diagnosed last week with both 1 and 2, we are both devastated. First thing I did was make an appointment for blood work, now I wait for my results. Her gyno said that she had this for a very long time. From what I’ve researched some people can go their whole life without knowing they have it. I’m pretty sure that my results are going to come back positive. I have never cheated and truly believe she hasn’t either so this is all just mind blowing. To think that after all these years either one of us could have passed this to the other gives each of us a feeling of remorse. I just don’t understand how, after eight years we are just finding this out. I’ve done the research, but it is just still overwhelming. I had tears in my eyes when I told the doctor what I was there for, even after all the research I did on it. She just smiled, asked me if I had chicken pox when I was a kid and compared it to that. I knew chicken pox is of the same viral family but it doesn’t make it any easier. The only thing I could tell her was, “I’m scared Shi#tless.“ And my woman thinks if my results come back negative, then I’ll leave her. Not true I love this woman more than anything. We have only had a few days to process this so all of this is still new to us. We are both just feeling devastated!!

    • Rad 9 years ago

      Im very sorry you are going through this!! Believe me you will pass this and it will get better trust me!!

      Well this virus is very tricky!! And sometimes it stays dormant for many years! That is why there is lots of new people eveyday with this; because the virus can shed without having an outbreak!

      Makes me sad to hear your story; but also happy to know there are people that can bring love first!

      The part of knowing if she cheated or not, its very difficult and you can walk through a very thin line!

      Did she got tested by IGM and IGG blood test??

      Knowing she has both, has she ever got a blister on mouth??

      Many people have had type 1 since babies! So its very common and many times it stays dorman for many years!

      Not going to lie, but there is a high probability that when you get infected for the first time you have symptoms, many just go on with their lives thinking its fungus or other laceration and other just don’t tell..

      I have talk with thousands of people about this and fact is that many did not know their partners had it and they got infected; some times partners dont tell and sometimes partners don’t even know they have it.

      Ive seen people without an outbreak for 10-15 years; also people taking suppression meds not having outbreak for 20 years!

      So its something that could happen but its something you should talk and just lay things straight!

      Either way, love is the biggest part that could hold you guys; so trust your heart but be objective!

      You will be fine my friend! Happiness doesn’t come by itself, you got to go get it!

      Hope you could have peace of mind!

      God Bless

  34. Nani 8 years ago

    Hi All,

    Am 31 male from India. Last December2015 i have HSV 2. Am married and had a Kid. I know am a fool for getting this and before this i had Bells Palsy sep2015. Is there any serious problem in future because of bells palsy and herpes. Because of it my family will effect a lot. I dont want to suicide because i Love my kid and my wife. I dont know how to say them and how they will react on this.

    Daily i am crying for having herpes. Daily am going through all the site for herpes cure. Some people are saying ayurvedic (Neem, Olive , etc ) and homeopathy will be cured form herpes. But i think it will not help it.

    And i want to know, if i kiss my kid or if we share eatables or saliva my kid will be effected with herpes.

    Please any one help me in the info

  35. Dex 8 years ago

    Hi Nani!

    Currently, there is no cure for herpes. Other websites will claim there is and will even look legitimate with “Studies.” So, I will repeat it again…there is no cure for herpes at this time.

    That being said, you now have a choice to make. You can continue crying or you can start living. Eventually, you will do the latter. You can choose when that begins! You will get up every morning, get dressed, go to work, raise your kid, etc…just like before. Life is still going on around you. Having herpes may be less than ideal but is only a small portion of the bigger picture!

    I had to Google Bells Palsy and I highly doubt herpes will cause any adverse effects.

    HSV2 is genital so you won’t be able to pass it via saliva or kissing your kid. Just be smart about it. If you are having an outbreak and touch it, wash your hands.

    Keep your chin up!

  36. Clare 8 years ago

    I’m currently taking antidepressants, because I just can’t take this anymore.
    I constantly get little outbreaks on my body and mouth and really bad outbreaks on my genitals once every couple of years.
    I get nerve pain, burning, itching, when I take some meds. Aciclovyr tablets don’t seem to do anything.
    The antidepressants are giving me the worse nerve pain in my genitals, arms legs, mouth, eyes. But are lifting my mood slightly, hence why I haven’t stopped taking them yet.
    I’m nearly having a panic attack at the thought of this getting worse as I get older (I’m 30). I have had this since I was 17 and it just gets worse and worse.
    I’m worried I might go blind in time and have constant outbreaks on my genitals. I just wish there was something out there to get rid of this !!

  37. Dex 8 years ago

    Hi Clare!

    I am sorry how you are feeling. Many of us can sympathize because most of us have been where you are at one time or another. Stress management is the key and it is a huge trigger. Managing your stress is also good for you in the long run. I know it sounds too simplistic but it really does help. For me, personally, it acts like a silent alarm. When I start getting stressed, I tone it down a notch. Remember, you only have one you so take care of you.

  38. John 8 years ago

    I own a small skin care co. By accident I came up with a product that makes cold sores return into the skin in 6-8 hours
    Do you know how i can get a grant to have the FDA test it?

  39. Dex 8 years ago

    Hi John!

    You would probably need to reach out to one of the research facilities. Fred Hutch is working on something now for herpes.

    • John 8 years ago

      Thank you

    • John 8 years ago

      Thank you very much

  40. Denice 8 years ago

    Are there still volunteers needed and will they be coming to Atlanta area?

  41. Dex 8 years ago

    Hi Denice!

    We don’t know of any ongoing studies looking for volunteers at the moment. As soon as we do, we will post it.

  42. Kathleen 7 years ago

    Any updates on any of the trials going on? Any updates on a cure?

  43. Dex 7 years ago

    Hi Kathleen!

    If you live around Lexington, KY then Central Kentucky Research Associates are still accepting volunteers for a clinical research trial of an investigational therapeutic vaccine for HSV-2. You can contact Greta BonDurant at 859-264-8999, ext. 42 or are welcome to visit their website at:

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