437737 Herpes spelled out on a Phone

437737 spells Herpes on a phone for other dating sites.

The number 437737 in not actually a phone number, rather it is the word  “Herpes” spelled out by the corresponding letters on a phone.  You are probably blown away by this amazing discovery, right?  Ok, maybe not so much but when we tell you what it can be used for, you may actually be impressed!

Like the Loch Ness Monster, Easter Island and that extra sock in the laundry, the origins of 437737 are a complete mystery.  We don’t know who thought of it but it is brilliant!

This may be the first “Herpes dating” site that you have been to but many of you have also ventured onto the regular dating sites out there with millions of people.  You are kidding yourself if you do not think that those people do not also have herpes and other STDs!  Of course, they are not going to spell out “I have herpes!” in their profile.  Hopefully, they will be honest and tell their next partner.

How can you find others with herpes or have them find you on these sites?  Simple!  Just add 437737 somewhere in your profile!  Preferably, add it to a dating field that can be searched.  Many sites will let you search for certain words in a profile. Then people can search for the number 437737.  If they are searching for it, they know what it means.

So, say that you don’t want to be so bold as to put 437737 right in your profile headline….now what?  Be creative and use it somewhere in your profile text! Here is where the brilliant part comes in!

You can disguise that number in many ways like:

  • “I have 437,737 reasons why I am the perfect catch!  If you want to know more, just ask!”
  • “I am a very busy person and always have 437,737 things going on at once.  But I will make time for you!”
  • “If I could have 437,737 cats, I would.  Since I want to find a date , I only have 2.”

The list can go on and on!  Those that don’t know will probably not figure it out.

Of course, you could just avoid the hassle and join HWerks.  That is why 1000’s already have!




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